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Do you want to feel good, improve your health and relationships, find more success and enjoy more abundance in all areas of your life?

Would you like to empower yourself with a proven, practical and enjoyable approach to life?

The Law of Attraction Centre is the largest and most trusted international organisation of its kind dedicated to teaching practical and effective personal development that works.

First established in 2003, the Law of Attraction Centre has organised over a thousand groups and events to date. Join us to experience for yourself how good your life can be- meeting inspirational and friendly people along the way.

The open-minded philosophy we teach has been described as ‘the teaching at the heart of all spiritual paths’, and yet transcends any one belief system. People from all backgrounds resonate with it as it is so simple and freeing, non-judgmental and self-empowering.

Through proven technology delivered through workshops, groups, retreats, free online meditations, coaching packages, online training and products including books and audios, The Law of Attraction Centre’s objective is to share life-changing tools that encourage self-empowerment, improving the quality of people’s lives and helping change the world for the better. A world full of people who feel good makes for a good-feeling world.

The Law of Attraction Centre has a large collection of success stories across a wide range of areas of life experience.

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