Bali Retreat Experiences

The Bali retreat has been a true blessing to my life and it will always be recognised as a positive shift and valuable experience. I’ve continued my meditation and Law of Attraction exercises on a daily basis and I’ve been feeling the benefits of it. I am (and I will always be) very grateful and appreciative to you for everything you have shown / taught and guided me with, in terms of the Law of Attraction and meditation teachings. Finally, I wanted to share with you that you’ve really touched my life with your beautiful and joyous spirit, you’ve been a huge light on my journey since December 2015 when I first came to your Glastonbury retreat. I came back from Bali feeling a better person, a blessed person and more importantly a changed person. Your words, explanations and visceral being were all testament for me to know and trust that I will get what I want for my life and I’m very happy and clear about that.

The Bali retreat was a perfect ‘time out’ in a beautiful location, but a ‘time-out’ with huge purpose, and intense sensory memories… when I start to meditate I often get an image of the exquisite flower decorations on the wooden floor of the roof-top shala.

The week wasn’t just a delightful holiday but an opportunity to be inspired by like-minded people and to get really practical ideas on transforming one’s world. (I was able to put this into practice on the day I left, and moved to a less secluded hotel at the beach. I was initially disappointed with my new spot, but was quickly able to use one of the exercises to TOTALLY appreciate it.)

Before I went to Bali I was of course trying to practise Law of Attraction principles: occasional meditation, reading, writing down intentions each morning and 5 appreciations each night – I thought I was doing pretty well! Now I’ve been meditating twice a day (and I so look forward to the ‘after-work’ one!), plus writing at least 30 appreciations each day…as well as other practices I’m still working on…(like transforming my attitude to giving presentations). This has been so helpful in a time of huge change in my workplace, but has also been a great source of creative ideas.

Thank you so much!!! This is an ongoing journey for me!

Have just returned from a wonderful week of LOA at the Bali retreat with Tracy Friend. The location was fabulous and Tracy is an expert in her field. I had a fair understanding of LOA but needed this information evaluated at a higher level so that I could pick out the most critical things to focus on. Tracy did just that and I came away with a clear understanding, a great tool box and a plan of action to ensure LOA works for me in all areas of my life. Aside from the excellence of the seminar I had a fabulous time, met some very nice like-minded people and had the opportunity to see some of Bali which really is a beautiful place – would highly recommend.
Thank you so much Tracy it was such a good week and I’m so grateful for your energy and knowledge.
Since the week my mind is in such a different place and everything seems sharper and brighter.
Things that have happened already:
– We talked about leg room on the flight. I secured seat 1A at the front of the plane with loads of leg room.
– I decided to refresh my mind on a spiritual book that I had read previously and I searched in the airport book shop, the spirituality section. It wasn’t there but on walking to the cash counter to ask, there it was in a random book section just looking at me.
– The book was Rp198,000. I had tipped some people earlier. How much Rp did I have left randomly? Rp200,000 – perfect change for the book.
These are perhaps small things but it just feels like things are flowing in the right direction. I’ll practice the techniques every day and along with meditation and the principles of the book I bought. I feel I have a superb platform for growth and success.
Update six weeks after the retreat:
Last week I was sat in economy on an Emirates flight. I was approached by a stewardess as I sat down and asked if I wouldn’t mind moving seats as a gentleman wanted to sit next to his wife (she was next to me). I said “sure” and it only turned out this guy had a business class ticket!! Upgraded to business under those circumstances … 1:10,000 I’d say!
I’m meditating most days and practicing LoA written techniques religiously (only missed 3 days since Ubud).
I’m generally living in the realm of possibility and positivity rather than worrying about my pressures and what could “go wrong”. I’m excited for the future but also enjoying the now.

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