Being Kind to Yourself, by Tracy Friend


Being Kind To Yourself“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

Self-kindness is often thought and talked about in terms of kind actions that people do for themselves. However, from a Law of Attraction understanding as it is ‘thought’ that creates our reality, the greater influence on how we feel is the thoughts that we are thinking and this includes thoughts that we think about ourselves.

Being kind to ourselves is actually our natural state of being and we would be thinking kind thoughts about ourselves if we hadn’t picked up any contradictory beliefs. From a place of thinking kind or aligned thoughts about ourselves, positive actions and choices would naturally be inspired.

Giving yourself space to just ‘be’ through meditation is perhaps the most powerful way to be kind to yourself. In meditation doing your best to ‘sit with’ anything that you might be experiencing enhances self-acceptance. In this self-acceptance there is less resistance and your beliefs naturally start to align with sources view of you which leads to positive transformation.

Another valuable method is to identify any thoughts that you think repeatedly about yourself that don’t feel good. The Law of Attraction explains that they don’t feel good because they’re not true and are in disagreement with how the source part of you views you. It is therefore useful to identify what the opposite good feeling thought/(s) might be and to do your best to practice those.

As the broader, source part of you only thinks about you positively it can beneficial to ask to be given the perspective that the source within you has about you. An example of this sort of request is “Please allow me to see myself as you see me” or “Please align my beliefs about X”.

Finally, even having the intention to be kinder to yourself can begin to pre-pave the way for positive shifts.

When people do their best to be kind to themselves this leads to them having more energy and resilience as they are in alignment and flowing with the broader part of themselves. This also results in them having greater access to their inner guidance about what is right for them and being better equipped to make decisions and take actions that are for their highest good.


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