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Law of Attraction Success Stories: Body Image

Law of Attraction Body Image

“I had a relentless battle around the way I looked going on since I was a teenager – and your article on body image was one of the biggest initial steps to help me realise that I could change this pattern, no matter how long I had been thinking like I had been or how impossible my own self-criticism was telling me it was. So thank you for that. It’s an on-going process, but asking the Universe to bring me hobbies, distracting myself with focusing on the blessings in my life and meditation has been key for me. I also joined a sports club and even a dance class which someone recommended to me. Also what really helped was something someone mentioned in another success story: to only look in the mirror when you feel confident. The result is my body not only looks better than I can remember it ever looking, but it feels great, too, helped by the fact that I don’t fuss about it so much. And another quick note: the Universe List has been a vital part of my day if worries about my kids come up – it’s truly amazing how relaxing that list is and how it really does work.”

“I never felt I had a particularly good dress sense and thought that it just wasn’t one of my strong areas. I had previously had many makeovers but had always reverted back to my usual wardrobe that was shabby to say the least… Until I started writing on my Universe List ‘Bring me a wonderful sense of style’ and ‘Bring me some fantastic new clothes’. Initially, I started to be guided into shops that had just the kind of thing I was looking for, in my size- at a fantastic price, often on discount. Then a few months later a friend I had known for ages said she needed to tell me something- and went into this whole critique such as her not being too keen on my shoes and some other items of my wardrobe, and thought I would look far better in different clothes- and would I allow her to buy me some! After immediately feeling offended with her comments- I then realised that this was a direct answer from the Universe, taking me up to a new level. I thanked her and she took me shopping. I feel very different, comfortable and secure in my new look- it’s a change that seems to be permanent.”

“I was with my son and went into a chemist to get an anti-ageing face crème. I got chatting to the woman behind the desk about it and said she couldn’t believe that he was my son as I looked in my early twenties myself (and I’m twice that age) and we looked like brother and sister! I know it wasn’t a ‘sales talk’ because she actually talked me out of buying anything… I’m finding this kind of incredible comment more and more frequent since doing your work.”

“You are bringing clarity to the Law of Attraction in a way I have not encountered before. Following inspiration from the success story emails about physical beauty- which gave me ideas to change in ways I had not really thought were possible- together with the workshops, I have used your techniques to become more like the person I always dreamt of becoming as a teenager. It’s funny how worrying about it and trying way too hard took years and got me nowhere- but a simple refocusing and star guidance from you has led me to see actual changes. You have also made me appreciate those years of worry for the focus and gifts they brought me, rather than having regrets. It’s great to be able to just be myself.”

“I have started getting a lot of compliments at work and in my social time; people saying that I look younger and more attractive, that there’s a glow about me. It amazes me the potential of this. And my secret? Just as you said in your recent article: ignoring the mirror when I didn’t feel good, appreciating my life in-general and choosing to think confident thoughts was my secret. I’ve noticed similar changes in other people ‘doing the work’ and I recommend everyone gets themselves to a Law of Attraction Centre workshop!”

“Since coming to your groups I have begun to feel confident and actually like how I look. I say ‘actually’ because for much of my adult life I couldn’t even look in a mirror without criticising myself – and this had begun an obsession. This change, for me, is a miracle. The main thing that did it was gradually filling my mind with appreciative thoughts- and meditating. And on this subject I want to say a big ‘thank you’ for your new meditation recording – I had always struggled with ‘down moments’ and your voice and the music was just what I was looking for… Other relaxation audios weren’t shifting my mood and this did so thank you!”

“Some months ago, on the Universe List, I asked the Universe to ‘get my body in shape’. I had been ‘trying’ to do this for as long as I can remember and nothing very much had changed. Within a matter of weeks, I found myself attracted to different foods. Then a friend contacted me about having a free guest pass at their gym, so I went along. Four months later and I count the gym as one of my favourite hobbies- and I am eating foods that not only taste good but feel good for my body- without feeling I have to sacrifice anything. In other words, the Universe seemed to sort out all my cravings and procrastination, making the journey fun and effortless. And now my body looks and feels fantastic. I have tried other things on the Universe List– and many of them have happened in an effortless and sometimes surprising way.”

“I read many of these success stories but there was one area I was stuck on. I didn’t like the way I looked- and I’m talking about my actual physical features. And this was my point- short of surgery, what could I do!? But I read something inspiring in the success stories and in Michael’s articles on this very subject and decided to give the techniques a go. I had noticed that taking photos from all angles or checking mirrors just put me on a downward spiral- it wasn’t changing a thing- so I tried to only look in mirrors when I felt good (rather than to ‘check’). It is so true what Michael said that we see so many different images of ourselves in the same mirror- which means our perception must have a great deal to do with it. Anyway- I followed the guidelines I learnt at the workshop to the letter- I read and re-read the success stories and had some one-to-one appointments to get my mind clear. I didn’t want to leave any gaps this time as this was a source of stress I’d had my whole life. It wasn’t always easy and I had many ups and downs, falling down and then picking myself back up again. I am reporting back to say I feel different, I look different- and it’s not just perception because other people have noticed my changes (someone even said my cheekbones were looking very defined and wondered if I’d had ‘anything done’!). I know it sounds amazing- but I’ve given up asking ‘how’ and plan to continue on with these techniques in all areas of my life.”

“I’m incredibly confident and attractive. Who would have known? I was frumpy and I didn’t like myself- Not only did I feel unattractive- but that is what I saw when I looked in the mirror. It seemed other people agreed- because I never got complimented or asked out. I did a Focus Wheel regularly, writing “I am attractive, good looking”. I wrote on the Universe List “Allow me to feel great about myself”. Then I got on with new hobbies and interests, to replace my ‘hobby’ of criticising myself. Now (and it took a few months of dedicated practice), old friends don’t even recognise me. I look physically different and far younger. I have a fantastic boyfriend and am complimented all the time. This may sound vain and trivial (though I’ve learnt not to care so much what others may think – but in truth, my self-attack was ruining my life and delaying my spiritual mission. Now I feel free, light and loving my life. It’s a totally different life!”

“Thank you for your clear guidance on the Law of Attraction. I had read so many books and seemed to be getting opposing and over-complicated instructions- which was driving me mad! The clarity I got from your workshop was peaceful in itself- and now the changes are showing up, too. I was never considered attractive- by myself or others, but after realising that beauty is ‘from the inside out’, I distracted from constantly working on my outward appearance and concentrated on feeling more attractive. And it has absolutely worked, as the looks, compliments and dates have proven.”

“I wanted my teeth whitened and was wondering how to do this. So I put it on the Universe List. A few weeks later, my friend said she was getting her teeth whitened. She had ordered a kit and spare treatments for me! I had also asked the Universe to bring me more things to appreciate so this fulfilled this too- it went straight on my Appreciation List.”

“I am really getting the power of feeling beautiful rather than trying to ‘make myself’ beautiful. I had practiced feeling unattractive and ‘bland’ for much of my life- so I have to admit my change of belief didn’t happen immediately. In fact, initially feeling attractive was an unknown feeling. I couldn’t just forget about this subject as it was important to me- so I used the Focusing Process… And the results have been the greatest gift, after just a few weeks. Firstly because my daily (and sometimes hourly) battles with the mirror have stopped- which makes the day a totally new and relaxing experience. But also I have discovered a really exciting confidence within me- which has spread to other areas of my life. My appearance has changed for the better, I look younger, more toned and slimmer (even though I have hardly increased my workouts). And one amazing manifestation I wanted to share: I had an unsightly blemish on my skin that I have had for as long as I remember- kind of like a birthmark. And it’s not there anymore. It disappeared. I know it sounds impossible but the evidence is right there…”

“I have lost more weight in the last three months than I have in my entire life. My skin is clearer, my hair is thicker and my teeth seem whiter. People have commented on how young I look. And how did I do all this? (I made no deliberate changes to my diet- despite trying every diet in existence in the past- and none of that made much difference for me). What I did was a Universe List, writing on the Universe’s side ‘Bring my body into perfect balance, make my body beautiful and slender, make me more youthful and beautiful’ and I also did daily Focus Wheels with the centre being: ‘I am incredibly attractive, youthful and I feel great in my body’. I started doing daily Lists of Appreciation of all the good in my life- my family, my career- which distracted me from my incessant criticism about my appearance. Another tip- initially, when I passed a mirror, I would sometimes ‘zoom out’ rather than looking in-detail, to help me stay in my good-feeling place. It took commitment and practice but the results are incredible- and obvious for all to see. In short, it was worth it!”

“Despite reading so many self-help books I still couldn’t shake an issue I was having about my body. It seemed the more I read about the power of thoughts, the more I obsessed about my thoughts and I seemed to be even more negative than before I had discovered this! Then I found The Law of Attraction Centre. And, after a few months of processes my body is better and I look better. There are less lines on my face, thicker and more beautiful hair. People say I look in my twenties (and one person thought I was 19 or 20)- when I’m actually many years older than that! The best beauty treatment for me didn’t come out of an expensive jar or operation- but in the extended silence of meditation, in the allowing of the Universe Lists and the joy of the Focusing Process. I also think meditation is vital and love your CD (Soundscape) and the Abraham Hicks Getting in the Vortex CD. Your workshop has potentially saved me thousands of pounds on cosmetic procedures!”

“Today on my appreciation list I started thinking about how far I’d come. I used to be so insecure about my body that I wouldn’t wear t shirts- everything had to be baggy and plain. And I rarely dared to look in the mirror. I was also constantly criticising myself for everything- and I didn’t like this planet very much- finding it frightening and unfriendly. When I realised it was my thoughts about the world and myself that were the problem- it was like walking into another life: a total revelation in my thinking. I now dress well and feel that I look fantastic- and it seems quite a few other people agree, too! I also feel privileged to be living on this planet. How I did this was gently beginning with daily meditation and the Focusing Process on feeling attractive and confident, together with lists of appreciation. My message to everyone is to come to go along to these events as soon as you can- as I wish I had discovered The Law of Attraction Centre years ago. (However, I do believe in perfect timing). If someone my age can do it, entrenched in as many habits as I was- so can anyone!”

“When I’m out-and-about doing the processes I learnt at the workshop, it’s not unusual that attractive men start talking to me and asking what I’m doing; And the other day I was in the park with my youngest son, and I heard a group of teenagers refer to me with a word I hadn’t heard before which I later found out from my eldest son was quite a compliment. And, for all of you who want to know- both the situation of attractive men approaching me and people complimenting me is a new thing for me- at one time in my life not long ago I couldn’t even look in the mirror without feeling awful. I feel it’s totally because I do Focus Wheels and Universe Lists every day on being (and feeling) attractive.”

“Thank you for showing me how to let go and surrender. I loved the quote by Eileen Caddy I heard at one of your workshops: “Don’t force anything. Let life be a deep let go.” -and I want to share an experience I’ve had with the teachings: Feeling unattractive for as long as I know (and obsessing about it, trying to change it, trying to forget about it but not succeeding, reading all kinds of self-help books, trying so many expensive cosmetic treatments – I could go on!)- and so I decided to give the techniques I learnt with you a go. It required some effort to start a new daily plan at first. Part of me really resisted but I carried on any way. Every evening I listed all the things that were going well in my life- and I discovered there were so many in what I had thought was a pretty awful life (I now realise it was just because I was totally focused on the ‘awful’ parts of my life). I listed all the times that I had felt attractive- and I repeatedly handed it all over to the Universe. Now I get compliments all the time. I even got asked out in the supermarket last week, for the first time in my life.”

“This is the second time this year that someone who was cutting my hair commented on how thick my hair was and how it was difficult to cut because of its thickness. This is from a lifetime of being told I had thin hair and increasingly noticing my hair thinning. When I discovered the Law of Attraction, I then put so much effort into ‘trying’ to make my hair grow- and to no avail. Plus, it was stressful. Now that I have pretty much forgotten about my hair obsession, it is growing back, slowly but surely. Some people would find this astounding as hair isn’t meant to regrow at my age (and as a male) – but it feels perfectly normal to me.”

“I get frequent comments about how much younger I look- All I did was ‘get in the zone’ and it seemed to happen because of that. And I want to share another, light-hearted success story which may sound trivial but I feel it’s a good example of the power of appreciation. I started a daily practice of appreciating my life exactly as it is- and this is just one of the many wonderful things that has happened: I have not purchased any new clothes for a long time but it feels like I have a magic wardrobe. What I mean by this is that although I might be wearing the ‘same old’ clothes I have had for years- somehow they’re not the same. It seems like I now have a ‘Bond Street’ wardrobe and I seem to discover new items of clothing every time I look. It’s not just me- friends even comment, telling me they how much they like my ‘new, designer’ outfits. I know this may sound a bit much- but it’s kind of like the story of Jesus and the loaves and the fishes. In this story, Jesus was presented with five loaves of bread and two fish and, through appreciation and giving thanks, the food multiplied into thousands feeding a whole village. This seems to be happening with my closet as I discover more and more amazing clothes! And I want to add I didn’t specifically appreciate my clothes. I started appreciating my life in general, every evening before I went to sleep and first thing in the morning. Because I’ve learnt that when you are in the zone, miracles happen on all subjects.”

“Thank you so much for the workshop! After several months of doing Focus wheels on the subject of having my ideal body, surrendering this request to the universe (with the Universe List) and writing things I appreciate about my life every day- I am starting to see huge changes for the better. Yes, my diet is different now- but I never consciously changed it. I just found that by coming into alignment I gravitated, without any effort at all, to the perfect foods for my body. It was the same with exercise- I have been ‘trying’ to go to the gym for 11 years- and by that I mean I’ve been thinking about it and ‘beating myself up’ for not going. With a few effortless synchronicities, I found an exercise that I really enjoyed. I now have the kind of body that I can’t stop looking at and I know it’s attractive to others, too. Better than all of this is that I accept myself- and that feeling came long before I manifested the body I wanted, which is probably a key point.”

“I was looking back at pictures of myself the other day from ten years ago and was fascinated to see I look very different now – much more attractive, happier and even younger than before. I had heard people had changed the way they looked and had even seen it through people at your workshops- but I felt sceptical, until I saw the changes in myself (seeing the photos reminded me how real this change was). Your work has also helped me really accept who I am and love myself no matter what others say. I always found it hard to reconcile my spiritual and sexual self (which I’m sure can be an issue for anyone, regardless of their orientation), partly because of misunderstandings within my religion. After I put your techniques into practice, and feeling a total unconditional acceptance through your groups, I have moved into a place of real self-respect.”

“I noticed quite a lot of grey hairs coming through. I forgot about them- didn’t give them any attention. I continued to do the processes (I did a general focusing process on being youthful and attractive- and a list of appreciation) and feel so much better about my life in general. Now I notice I just have one or two grey hairs- the rest have turned back to my natural colour. I can’t explain how this happened- many people don’t think this is possible- but it happened for me.”

“I was in a coffee shop and there was a guy sitting next to me who had exactly the kind of body I wanted to develop. I was going to ask him about his gym routine but I felt that he might get the wrong impression. Within ten minutes he started explaining, in detail, his full gym routine and everything to do with his workout, to his girlfriend, even though she didn’t seem interested. It was as if the Universe had heard my request and answered me almost immediately.”

“Although this sounds hard to believe, I actually have less lines on my face since discovering your Centre: I used to be in a constant battle with myself and life and it made sense to me that having less stress would make my skin more relaxed and possibly slow down the ageing process but I wasn’t so sure it could actually youthen the way I look. The thing was I knew this in theory but had no idea ‘how’. Your techniques showed me that- plus the story you told us about the weight loss and the woman looking a decade younger inspired me – so I went for it, practicing regularly. I began to add to my Appreciation list all the times I felt beautiful. After a week I actually felt much lighter around my face and realised I was smiling more, especially when the mirror confirmed what I’d hoped! And it’s not just my wishful thinking – other people have noticed, too, and given ‘unprovoked’ compliments. I have to add that I also started doing physical exercise, but even this change in my routine came automatically as a result of doing my morning lists and the meditations. It’s like you don’t need to worry about the ‘how to’, just get on with the techniques and the Universe will take care of the rest.”

“There was a film star I had been compared with about four times in my life… and that’s in the past 18 years. The last time was about two years ago, so it’s hardly a common occurrence. However, I saw a video of him, was tired of feeling not particularly great about my looks, so decided to Universe List it and also repeat the statement “I look like (actor’s name)” – like an affirmation. I didn’t try to believe it – I just repeated it over and over. I did this for two days. And then, that evening, a very good friend I’ve known for ages said: You know who you look like. Who? I said with a smile, having a feeling what was coming. And yes, she said that actor…”

“Thanks to your work, my life has improved so much! I have lost loads of weight – like back to the size I was when I was in my 20s! Which is one of the things I focused my universe list on – I have a different relationship with food now and I am very focused on my gym routine – which is what I asked for. It’s funny as it was something I asked for every time I do the lists but I don’t want it as badly as other things and therefore it has come much more easily without my even realising! It’s like it crept up on me and suddenly I am thin! Ha ha! I also asked for confidence in setting up a business and am now a few weeks away from launch. I have found people who can help me with photography and systems and everything is just happening much easier.”

“Since I attended your event almost fortnight back I have done your techniques. Sometimes I had doubts but then I thought if the techniques have worked for other people, then they must work for me. Around two days ago I read your article ‘Keeping the Faith’, and I also added into my daily practice the focusing process. I wrote in my focusing process ‘I manifest my desires and I have full faith in the techniques and processes’. I have now noticed that on the sides of my head (temples) where I had almost no hair, that hair has started to grow. I wanted to regrow my hair before I attended your event but then I lost hope, now I have seen the results and I have full faith that I will have full hair on my temples. I kept checking my temples to make sure I was not dreaming but doing so several times I thought I would let you know. Thank you very much for this and I also thank the universe each time I see that my hair has regrown. The second thing which happened to me today while I was out shopping was that when I passed by the lane where someone I wanted to see lives but I don’t know which house, I just said once, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I see him today’. Guess what? I was coming back from the supermarket and there he was just at the end of that lane and I don’t know why I looked around as I was not thinking of him. I was so gobsmacked, I did not know what to do, wondering whether I should call it a coincidence or the universe’s response? But I knew somehow that it cannot be a coincidence so I thanked the universe.”

“I had begun affirming about having the kind of body I’d always wanted, but didn’t know where to begin. So I followed your advice, using processes to connect me to my own inner knowing. Every time I felt doubt, I came back to the process. I didn’t feel I had to work out what to do, just keep on doing the processes, as I’d heard about similar approaches from other people at the group. Within a few weeks, a gym promotion at a gym I’d wanted to join just across from my work came up through Groupon. I went along and soon met a new friend there who started guiding me through the right exercises I needed to get my gains. We’ve become gym partners and I’m since well on my way to the body I want, already seeing huge changes. It all seemed to happen automatically when I got into my flow with your processes.”

“I had been worried about my weight for as long as I know, and nothing was working. I had tried all kinds of groups and diets – and even read books about how I could think thoughts to make myself lose weight. But I had seen virtually no results, and it had got to the point where I had gained weight and was fed up. I found your group ‘at random’ and instantly felt guided to keep attending. I realised that my battle was the real problem – a constant sense of dissatisfaction and trying to change my body was actually what was blocking me, and yet I was scared to ‘let go’ of it and didn’t know how to. Your techniques were the ‘how to’ I had been looking for and while it wasn’t always easy, I’m now at a body weight I am happy with and better still I feel great about myself, for one of the first times in my life. I still keep up the meditation and the appreciation lists because it feels so good to do it.”

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