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“I just wanted to let you know that your last Law of Attraction session has already worked wonders for me, thank you! I am filming my first short action film in April playing the title role and although it’s only a short film, it’s exactly the type of thing I want to be doing and with a great up and coming director. I’m also extremely calm and relaxed even under pressure and have lots of time to enjoy and appreciate – It all happened very quickly!”

“Several years ago I started with my further education. I progressed through my studies doing all of the coursework. I cannot tell you how difficult I found the coursework due to dyslexia/dyspraxia, but I got it all done and was feeling really pleased with myself. After handing in my work I discovered that my tutor had managed to lose all of my coursework. At first I felt furious as I had put so much energy into doing it and didn’t know what was going to happen or how I would manage to do all the work again. However, then I remembered what I knew about the Law of Attraction and I thought I have a choice in how I reacted to this situation. I had learned that my tutor was going through a very challenging time and had a drinking problem, and I thought this person is suffering enough already and that we all make mistakes. So I decided not to report them as I knew that would probably lead to them losing their job. Together over a little while we managed to pull together all of my coursework again and I went on to get my qualification. I said goodbye to university and my tutor and over the next few years set about setting up my own company and I also wrote two books which I was looking to get published. Then one day I was travelling home from a meeting and I happened to bump into my previous tutor on a train. She came up to me and said that she wanted to thank me for giving her space and showing her kindness during a very challenging time and that she felt that had had a significant positive impact on her and that she was now living a more successful fulfilling life. She then asked what I had been up to and I said about the books that I had written and that I was looking to get my books published. She said that she worked for a publishing company and that she would be pleased to put me in touch with them and to put in a good word for me. Not long after that I got a meeting with the publishing company and they liked my books and went on to publish them! It is true ‘thoughts do become things’ and had I allowed my thought to focus on anger, frustration or revenge then I would never have had the chance meeting on the train, published two books and started successful companies. I felt that this experience was a wonderful reminder that even in very challenging times if we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, if we do our best to be positive things will always unfold in a positive way and that the universe will show us how much we are loved and will always take care of us. I know that all of my successes, the regular occurrences of meeting amazing people the out of the blue wonderful phone calls and emails are because I have a belief system that tells me, ‘I have the power in me right now to get what I want in life’ this of course is a belief system in Law of Attraction….”

“I was looking for a new job and someone at your group was looking for a new member of staff. What’s more, they were sitting right next to me! Thank you for helping me along with an incredible career manifestation and a new friend, all in one… Another day I was feeling a little down so I wrote on the Universe List: ‘Bring me soothing new feelings’ and ‘Help me fully love my life’. I checked my phone and there was a voicemail from a friend I hadn’t heard from in ages, saying she’d just been thinking of me and wanted to treat me to dinner and a yoga class.”

“I am a trader and I wanted to share the following story to hopefully inspire others. Before I came across the Law of Attraction Centre’s work I had made no money trading during March of this year. After applying the techniques shared by the Law of Attraction Centre I made £40,000 last month in May. In addition as there were financial challenges we had gone down from two cars to one car in our family. However, I had been regularly visualising being in my dream car (a Mercedes SL) and at the weekend I was in the Jacuzzi at a hotel (another thing I had been visualising) and my friend offered me use of their Mercedes SL. I now believe more than ever that thoughts ARE things.”

“I felt it was time to leave my current job, which I was doing for one day a week, as it wasn’t leading where I wanted to go. But I wasn’t sure if I could afford to let it go as it paid well – but got on with my ‘inner work’ regardless: I started appreciating my existing job, I also put on the Universe List ‘Bring me the perfect job for me, easily and effortlessly’ Within a very short time – weeks, really- I was offered one-day-a-week’s work – on the same day – within an area that is closer to my life’s purpose. I was able to easily help find my replacement and it all worked out very well and without effort.”

“I’m a writer of fiction who has never had much success and I was tired of it. I had been reading about how writers start writing- and as much as I saw all this advice out there, it seemed ‘divine inspiration’ was the way the best and most influential material seemed to come, just like everything else: the Twilight books came to the author in a vivid dream, and Harry Potter ‘downloaded’ to JK Rowling on a train journey. They didn’t really do anything- they just got on with their lives and allowed the inspiration. It reminds me of the Universe List– where I have ‘my side’ and my role is to get on with that leaving the rest to the Universe. I love this process and so I decided to apply it to my writing. ‘Download an incredible book to me and get me an incredible book deal’, ’make the process fun and enjoyable’. As a result I decided to step back- and within a short while an idea came when I was on a night out, just three weeks after this I wrote a chapter (or rather it seemed to write itself) and I now have a literary agent with a contract certainly on its way. Fourteen years of ‘trying’ vs. ‘letting it be’. Thank you for the inspiration and tools you share to allow me to connect with my Inner Wisdom.”

“I urgently needed professional new photographs of myself for a magazine article – so I put it on the Universe List: ‘Bring me fantastic photographs at an affordable price’. A friend contacted me about photographs she’s had done, and got me an incredible discount with the photographer. Two days later, I was at the group and someone asked me if I knew anyone who needed professional photographs- as there was a spare space available at a session that very week – for an incredibly good price!”

“Following a workshop, I did a Focus Wheel around a job and the day after a guy called me and it sounded like he was reading from the centre of my wheel, like a script! He told me what I put word-for-word- which included offering me a very high rate of pay. Again, exactly the same figure that I put in the centre of my Focus Wheel.”

“I have many mini stories… One is about my best friend: She has been waiting and wanting a job close to her house for a good few months. She has been moaning about her current job the whole time, but wouldn’t listen to me when I told her to look for positive aspects in her current job. One day when we talked, she told me my life is so interesting and hers is like a routine. She then said – quoted ‘I want adventure and excitement honey. I want to love deeply and feel passion.’ I guess she went into the zone  at last at that moment because I was so touched to hear that from her. The next day two jobs she had wanted found her at the same time and now she has her job offer! They were lined up in her vibrational escrow the whole time waiting for her to get in.”

“One of my new beliefs is that ‘everything I need to know is easily shown to me’.  I was watching Dragon’s Den on BBC iPlayer. A woman came on and was presenting an online shopping website. As her pitch progressed, one of the panel- Theo Paphitis- asked if she owned the and the .com of her company. The woman said she did. Theo asked her how she’d managed to secure .com of such a good/popular name. The woman said she checked it every few months and one day it was available- easy as that. The panel seemed surprised and asked how much she paid for it. £20 she said, and the panel were amazed. In that instant I thought of a .com address I had wanted for the last three years. I had resigned myself to thinking that I would have to make the owners an expensive offer. I was feeling an inner excitement- and intuitively knew this was a sign- and immediately I checked the .com. And it had just recently become available! I knew that it would be very popular worldwide- and so immediately purchased it. And it cost me £20…”

“I love the Universe List process- it always works for me. Recently, my son was struggling for money and I wrote ‘please bring him financial independence’ on the Universe’s side. Then on my Appreciation List I wrote ‘Thank you for my son’s financial independence,’ really feeling it as done. Within a week he was offered (and accepted) two new jobs.”

“I was concerned about my business as I wasn’t getting the orders I was usually getting. I then began reading some negative news about my area of business and before long I had convinced myself that everything was a disaster and it would only get worse! So I meditated- and then did a Focus Wheel with the centre saying ‘My business is incredibly successful, money and opportunities constantly flow in’. And I began: ‘David (a friend who runs a successful business) said how amazing the business was’, ‘I love that I got such an amazing review in the local newspaper’, etc. I felt so much better within this twenty minute practice. Later that afternoon I got an email telling me how amazing my service was and then three orders came in at once. I didn’t ask with words- but the Universe clearly ‘heard’ my vibrational shift…”

“I’m a writer and I decided to follow your techniques around finding my life’s purpose. In visualisation, I kept ‘seeing’ my book in Waterstone’s books shop – I didn’t try to see it, the vision just came to me – I could see the title, the colour and even the font used in the writing. A couple of days later, a friend of mine told me she had a ‘dream vision’ about me. She saw a shop full of my books! When I asked her to describe what they looked like, she described exactly what I had seen!”

“I was feeling unsure of my next step in self-employment and finding it hard to encourage myself into action. I felt as if I could do a thousand things- but was unsure where to start. The resulting feeling was I was doing nothing and feeling this horrible feeling of boredom and inertia and the days were going on and on. I put on my Universe List to help me out: ‘Bring me more clarity, fun and adventure’. Later than afternoon, a friend called and said she was procrastinating and she wanted to come round so I could help her with her ‘next step’- strange, I thought, as this was exactly how I was feeling! When we get together my ‘stuckness’ passed. We had a great time- she shared contacts with me and I shared ideas with her. Then I realised that her visit was the answer to my prayers (as I was the answer to hers). We agreed to get together regularly and the ideas are flowing.”

“I was looking for a new image to use in my business materials, but thinking about it wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I meditated. In meditation, I saw a very unique and specific image and felt satisfied that this was the kind of artwork I wanted. Then next morning, I was on a popular social networking site and, looking through a friend’s photo album, I saw the exact image that had been revealed to me in meditation!! What’s more my friend had painted it- and had been manifesting that her business increased and more people saw her art…. so it’s a win-win situation, as it always in when the Universe sorts it out.”

“Newly inspired a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something different, so I revamped my Vision Board with sections dedicated to areas of my life. For the ‘work’ section, I wanted to increase client bookings, so I copied blank appointment sheets and completed with client names choosing qualities I wanted them to have, like Mr Harry Happy, Mrs Claire Cheerful, Mr George Grateful, Miss Donna Delighted. I assigned them therapies (that I want to do more of), I wrote how much they paid and method of payment, I even chose to add corresponding receipt slips. Before each working day for a week, I changed the sheet with dates, times and details in ink and put them on my new board prominently positioned making them frequently visible. This was all new for me because when I tried this several months ago, I had one sheet in pencil, unchanged, hidden behind a door, no names, no dates, consequently no focus. This time I didn’t mind it being seen, so when my son asked what it all meant, it was fun explaining it to him. This past week has been amazing, provoking comments from other staff, one even said ‘no one is ever this busy on a Tuesday, what are you doing?’ I felt good before but this feels fantastic. One client even booked a rarely requested treatment which I love doing (which I had on my Vision Board) and three clients on one day rebooked before they left. It is by far the loveliest week I’ve had with the happiest clients I’ve ever had too… For the record I have indulged over two years of advertising, websites, promotions, professional business advisors, interviews, talks, letters, emails, phone calls, offers, samplers, reductions, freebies and directory listings collectively producing little or no results.”

“Someone had expressed an interest in investing in my business- a large sum of money. This very opportunity had been brought to me by the angels (I wrote my request on the Universe List), which is a story in itself. I needed this investment to pay for some vital business materials- and the deadline for that was coming up and I still didn’t have an answer from the potential investor. I put on the Universe List ‘Remind her about the investment and inspire her to invest- if that’s for both of our highest good.’ Within literally a few minutes of writing I felt a real sigh of relief and the phone rang. Yes, it was the potential investor I had just written about telling me that someone at her business seminar kept calling her ‘Victoria’ (which is my name) no matter how many times she corrected her. After the fourth time- she remembered me and figured it was ‘a sign from the angels’ to contact me with a decision (she never usually talks about angels). And the decision was ‘yes’!”

“Working with the Law of Attraction Centre has been so amazing to me. The Law of Attraction Centre’s techniques and ability to help me create my visions and attract the things I needed in life was incredible. I literally turned my life around! With giving 100% focus to the Law of Attraction I attracted the perfect management deal, publishing deals, record deals, good people I needed to find in my life and it even made me become a stronger, more centred at peace person. I truly believe the Law of Attraction is amazing and will be a member for life.”

“My working visa was coming to an end and I desperately did not want to return to Australia after living in London for two years. I was convinced that I would have more of a chance launching a music career in London. Michael convinced me to release my resistance to leaving and I’m glad that I did because my life has changed significantly as a result. After years of unhappily working in corporate communications in Australia and London, I auditioned and was accepted into a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance back home in Brisbane. I am now a jazz singer performing regularly as well as teaching singing and piano- my dream job! I have also just been invited as a guest singer at a prestigious concert in Osaka, which will be taking place in March. All expenses paid. I love my life back home in Australia and look forward to travelling back to London for gigs. Thank you! I’m extremely grateful for the work that you do.”

“I attended your group a few weeks ago and found the energy incredible. This past week I was in the middle of a complicated situation at work where there were just too many things going on. Although I, as the manager, usually try to do everything myself, this time I couldn’t- and that’s when I remembered the Universe List– I realised I didn’t have to do it all myself! I noted down all the things that I could do- and then handed over all the things I couldn’t. Just writing this list brought me into connection and I felt more confident about everything. Afterwards, over the next few days, everything I wrote on the list got achieved. As I look back I realise the situation at work happened for a reason- to help me discover the power of this list- which I will be using a lot more often from now on.”

“About to give up my dreams to dance, I found The Law of Attraction Centre. With your coaching, whilst you initially taught me to ‘make peace with where I am’, what happened was I reignited my life purpose to dance and- to cut a long story short- I am now a part of The Royal Ballet. I think this may be one for your ‘Success Stories’…”

“I was unhappy in my job and had been trying to find another – but I was getting no job offers or even interviews. I had smartened up my appearance, studied body language techniques, read books about getting jobs – but still nothing – and plus I wasn’t even sure whether to stay in my existing profession or try something else entirely. Then I found your workshop and your approach – and with that, meditation. Initially I wondered how it would help me, but then I heard from others in your group who had been studying (and meditating) for a longer time and also read your Success Stories. I realised it was my lack of self-belief in myself that was blocking it – but then the next step was what to do about it. Plus I had a lack of knowing what I wanted to do. You explained that the real me did know what my life purpose was and was already in this place of confidence and my job was to ‘tune in’ to this, through the techniques you taught me. This made a lot of sense to me – and so I gave the practices a go, every day without skipping a day. Within a much shorter time than I would have thought (about four weeks), I got a promotion to a different department within a different sector of my existing company. It felt like the job I had been looking for and a lot more ‘me’. It has better pay and is much more fulfilling. And it came to me – without me having to look anywhere or even take an interview.”

“I was feeling really out of sorts before I attended your group a few weeks ago, following a friend’s recommendation and a gut feeling that said ‘go’. I’m so pleased I did. Everything you said made sense and I started to feel better. Two days later, I got the interview for the job I wanted- they hadn’t been in touch for months and I had sort of written it off. And now, they’ve offered me the job. It sounds small, but it happened just when I began to feel better, so the whole thing is not only great for my career but it’s given me more faith in these teachings. You’ve also helped me relax a lot more on the subject of relationships, and improvements are happening in that area too.”

“I have recently received a publishing proposal for my first book. I was absolutely amazed. I am not going to publish it yet for a number of reasons, however I feel I am on the right path and I do believe it all happened because I applied the tools I learnt mostly thanks to Michael and Tracy’s workshops. I feel so grateful!”

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