Cultivating Peace of Mind, by Tracy Friend


Cultivating Peace of Mind“How do I become still?
By flowing with the stream.”
Lao Tzu

Peace of mind is often considered to be a state in which we are thinking less or not thinking; however, from a Law of Attraction understanding it isn’t so much about how much we are thinking but rather what we are thinking.

We ‘flow with the stream’ or ‘with who we really are’ by matching our thinking to the thoughts that the broader part of us is thinking. As the broader part of us is pure positive energy and has become everything that we have asked for, we can cultivate feeling peaceful by practising positive thoughts and by thinking about the presence of what is wanted.

Although there is still thinking in this state there is a sense of the mind coming to rest as we are ‘up to speed’ with who we are and moving in the direction of who we’ve become.

Inner Peace Brings Outer Peace

“In a mind clear as still water,
even the waves, breaking,
are reflecting its light” Dogen Zenji

When we feel peaceful within, this permeates out into our life and we will then attract more things that will support us in feeling peaceful.

In addition when we have inner peace even things that we might formerly have considered challenges don’t impact us to the same extent or solutions are revealed.

Achieving Stillness

Whilst inner peace can be achieved without silence, silence often assists in finding peace. Having a regular meditation practice can help to cultivate inner stillness. Although it is particularly beneficial to meditate in the morning as it sets the tone for the day some people find it useful to also meditate in the evening as it ‘cleans the mind’ so to speak of what we have experienced during the day.

If we notice a thought that seems to be hindering our peace of mind, if we can identify what the opposite emotion or experience to that might be and if we can then think of any times we’ve had that positive experience or felt that positive emotion, this will begin to shift our thinking.

Following what can be called inner guidance or intuition also assists in cultivating inner peace and leading us to situations and experiences that will maintain our peace of mind.

For anyone who would like further assistance in cultivating peace of mind, Michael James has created the CD with booklet ‘Relax, Release and Let Go’. For more information please see:


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