Deepening Connection through Silence and Love, by Tracy Friend


Deepening Connection through Silence and Love“The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still.” A Course In Miracles

Many spiritual traditions recognise the value of both silence and love on the spiritual path for deepening our connection to our true self.

Silent Meditation

It is not the silence itself that is beneficial but rather that in silence it can be easier to gain a greater strength of focus in meditation as there are less external distractions. It is helpful to use an object of focus in meditation that we don’t have a lot of thoughts and beliefs about such as the breath, sensation in the body or repeating a mantra. Other objects of focus that are sometimes used include observing our thoughts or emotions but the breath and sensation in the body can sometimes be easier to begin with as they often have less of an emotional impact on us.

Although it might sound paradoxical, in meditation through the observation of that which is constantly changing and based on conditions such as sensations in the body or the breath, we open ourselves to assistance from and align more deeply with what can be called our true self or source which is changeless and unconditional. As we open to this assistance any beliefs that aren’t serving us are unravelled and brought into alignment. For this process of aligning to occur we don’t have to do anything other than to keep our awareness on the object of focus whilst maintaining the balance of our mind.

In relation to this if we notice any habitual reactions that our mind has and do our best to calmly observe them, these will begin to lose their momentum and to be deactivated and we will respond less on ‘auto-pilot’ and more from our true self.

A further benefit of meditation in silence is that it leads to us becoming increasingly sensitive to our experience of life through our senses so that we begin to experience life more fully.

Meditation Focused on Love

Meditating in silence whilst observing the breath or sensation in the body is sometimes described as a non-conceptual practice as we are not focusing on a mental concept or idea but rather we are focusing on what we are actually experiencing. Whereas focusing on cultivating love is sometimes referred to as a conceptual practice as we are directing our mind to thoughts of love and appreciation regardless of what we might be feeling or experiencing in the moment.

Meditations focused on love usually involve focusing on receiving love and/ or on having an intention for love to radiate out from yourself to other people.

The benefit of focusing on love is that in doing so our mind is directed to thoughts that match the thoughts of our true self, which is always in the frequency of love and appreciation. As we focus our mind in this way, through the Law of Attraction we will then have access to more positive and loving thoughts about our past, present and future and attract more of what is wanted to ourselves.

The Relationship Between the Two Practices

In addition to the separate benefits of the practices of meditating in silence and meditating focused on love, both practices also support the other practice.

Focusing on love, helps to remind us what will be the result of the non-conceptual meditation practice which can in turn help us to relax and let go more into that practice, as we know more deeply that there is an intelligent, loving source which is always there for us and that it is our true nature. Whilst, meditating observing the breath or sensation in the body assists in removing any beliefs that may be hindering our ability to love and this makes it easier to find loving thoughts and feelings in meditations focused on love.

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