Developing Mental Strength, by Tracy Friend


Developing Mental Strength“When every physical and mental resource is focused, one’s power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously.” Norman Vincent Peale

Mental strength is often viewed in terms of being able to endure unwanted situations. However, from a Law of Attraction perspective mental strength is not about tolerating unwanted conditions but rather about our ability to maintain our alignment and to feel positive irrespective of conditions.

Benefits of Having Greater Strength of Mind

As we develop increased mental strength we tune to the source part of ourselves which is always mentally strong and we receive increased universal assistance. When we are mentally strong we also have the ability to think differently to the thoughts that a particular situation may evoke from us and as we think more positively, what is manifesting in our life positively transforms in response to our focus.

Habits Cultivate Mental Strength

Mental strength can be cultivated by having a regular practice of training the mind. By tending to our mind day to day and doing our best to shift our thinking even in the presence of subtle not good feeling thoughts this assists in not activating any momentum of unwanted thinking. Also, in this state it is almost like any not good feelings thoughts ‘bounce off’ of us.

Questions to Promote Mental Strength

Whilst the Law of Attraction explains that action is less important than the thoughts that we are thinking and how we feel, we usually feel more positive when we feel that we have choices available to us. Therefore, if you are in a challenging situation asking yourself ‘What can I do in this situation?’ can be beneficial.

It may also be helpful to ask ‘What is going well in my life?’ to stay positively focused.

Finally, asking yourself ‘What good feeling thoughts can I think about this?’ and to then practice those thoughts can assist in staying mentally strong.


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