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Enjoying the journey, by Michael James


Enjoying the journey

There can be a tendency to get frustrated with where you are whilst waiting for what you want to manifest. You can also begin to wonder if you’re doing something wrong- or negatively compare where you are to where other people are. This is self-criticism and keeps you feeling stuck. Where you are is temporary- it’s no big deal!

Self-acceptance right here and right now is the key to begin moving towards everything that you want.

Example: I make peace with where I am. I am where I am and that’s ok. I am doing well. I relax and accept myself now, knowing that things are always getting better. I can love and accept myself right here and right now exactly as I am.

When you are travelling to your holiday destination, it takes a little time to get there and that’s fine. On the journey you are excited and looking forward to where you are going- whilst at the same time accepting where you are. In other words, you are not beating up on yourself for ‘not being there yet’. In the same way, when we are committing to ‘doing’ our affirmations and trusting in the Law of Attraction, there will still be a short period of time before what we want comes into our experience.  

Example: I can relax and trust that the Universe is bringing me all that I want in the perfect way and in the perfect time. I can relax and trust that everything is working out for me. I relax into the knowing that all is well.

It is also wise to remember that it is the good-feeling journey that we are looking for in life, rather than the actual manifestation. We might think “I’ll be happy when…” I get the money or the relationships or whatever. But this is backwards thinking. Our life is happening now and we must make an effort to feel good now. The only reason we even want the manifestations at all is because we think we will feel better when we get them.

Feeling a little better makes your life a lot better. It is reassuring to know that as you deliberately choose better-feeling thoughts, the added bonus to the better feeling is that situations, people, places and things that will delight and surprise you when they arrive are on their way, too. So relax and enjoy the journey!


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Michael James

Michael James

Michael James is an uplifting author, speaker and in-demand ‘life coach’ who teaches self-empowering techniques which allow people to live their best life. He has written the book Lighthouse and released the audio Relax, Release and Let Go. He also offers one to one coaching. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google Plus | Instagram | Pinterest

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