Growing in Trust, by Tracy Friend


Growing in Trust“…a sense sublime Of something far more deeply interfused,    

Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,     

And the round ocean and the living air,      

And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;     

A motion and a spirit, that impels      

All thinking things, all objects of all thought,        

And rolls through all things.” William Wordsworth

Trust might be defined as ‘a trust that the Universe is aware of us and that life is unfolding positively for us’. It may also be thought of as having guidance that we can trust which guides us about what actions, if any to take and when to take them.

Trust based on our past experiences

We might have had some previous synchronistic positive experiences or signs that we feel can only be explained in terms of source energy assisting us. These sorts of experiences can help us to have a sense of trust based on our logic and memory of these past experiences as we might think there have been things that I’ve wanted that have manifested or gone well previously and therefore what is currently wanted can manifest or this current experience can also positively transform.

Trust based on hearing about other people’s experiences

Hearing about other people’s positive experiences with the Law of Attraction can also increase our trust to a certain degree however this doesn’t always shift our point of attraction to a large extent as for our point of attraction to shift we have to transform our thinking in a more active, dynamic way. Therefore having trust based on our past experiences or based on hearing about other people’s experiences may be described as building hope rather than having trust.

Trust as a present moment knowing

There is a level of trust which can be described as a present moment knowing that all is well and that we’re being taken care of. This level of trust is usually a vivid, tangible feeling that even if we don’t know how things will transform or how wanted things will manifest, there is a knowing that they will. It is also normally a very relaxed state to be in as we feel more unconditional about whatever we’re experiencing as we know that things can always positively transform. Often this feeling of trust cannot be explained in words or explained logically but there is simultaneously a feeling of not needing to explain it as the knowing is all encompassing.

This present moment trust can be explained from a Law of Attraction understanding as being due to the fact that we’re tapping into the broader part of ourselves that can see the bigger picture which includes seeing that what we’ve asked for already exists energetically and seeing how we can get from wherever we are to wherever we want to be.

Developing Trust

From a Law of Attraction perspective if we hadn’t picked up thoughts in opposition to who we really are we would naturally trust that all is well. The good news about the fact that it is only contradictory thoughts that hinder our ability to be in a state of trust, is that those thoughts have been learnt and therefore can be unlearnt.

By having a regular Law of Attraction practice in which we either distract our mind from anything that is challenging us or cultivate thoughts that feel good and that match how we want to feel and what we want to experience, our trust will naturally start to increase and we will subsequently also see more and more evidence that we are being taken care of.

Writing Universe List statements can help to increase our trust. We could write statements such as: “Please bring me evidence that the Universe is aware of me and taking care of me.” or “Please allow me to know that what I’ve asked for exists energetically and that it will manifest.”

Another exercise that can increase our trust is to write a statement such as “I have complete trust that the Universe is aware of me and taking care of me” and to then remember and write down past specific times when we have felt that way. By remembering those past, best experiences that match that feeling, it makes those thoughts active within our mind which through the Law of Attraction then begins to draw to us more feelings that match that emotion or more experiences that elicit that emotion. Although in this exercise we’re focused on past, best experiences if we’re doing this as a regular practice it will take us from trust based on a more logical basis to trust that is a state of knowing.

When doing the Law of Attraction exercises we don’t have to try and make ourselves have the feeling of trust as it will arise naturally as a result of doing them regularly. However, we won’t necessarily get to a place of trusting all at once but by staying focused on how we want to feel and what we would like to experience, there will be an increased strength of energy which will then lead to us having more trust and more experiences that increase our feeling of trust will manifest.


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