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Visualisation Tips

Relax into your vision. Go into detail- imagining how your vision feels, looks and smells. Gently ask yourself, ‘how would it feel if I was living my ideal life’? Remind yourself that the universe will take care of the ‘how’ and your only role is to focus on ‘what’ you want. If you find it […]

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A simple question to change our focus

It sounds very simple but rather than asking ‘What isn’t going so well in my life?’, try asking yourself ‘What IS going well in my life?’ As soon as our focus changes what we experience also changes, and more good for which we can feel appreciation comes into our lives.

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Life is always in motion

Although we can sometimes feel stuck, the universe is actually responding to the thoughts that we are thinking in every single moment and all that is happening when we feel that things aren’t changing is that we are thinking the same thoughts. The good news is that by incrementally changing our thoughts to match what we want, our life […]

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