Law of Attraction Coaching

“Michael’s one-to-one sessions have changed my life – and I don’t say that lightly… A leader in his field.”

“Tracy’s coaching is brilliant, she is an expert at empowering people and assisting them in positively transforming their lives.”

Law of Attraction Coaching
Have you ever felt that you want to move your personal life, business or career forward but are not sure how to? Are you looking for the next “big thing” in your life but are not sure where to turn and what to do next? Maybe you are looking to make some small improvements in certain areas of your life and want powerful techniques to assist you?

The Law of Attraction Centre’s pioneering, intuitive and practical approach to coaching works with you in building your life toward what is truly important to you. Our clients want to make improvements in their personal and/or business lives and we provide them with powerful programs to help them clarify what it is they want, and give them the tools to achieve those desires – we help them to live their best life.

You have the power within you to get the happiness, relationship, success, health or indeed any other life improvement that you want, and we would love to show you how. In an uplifting environment, you will be inspired to realise your potential, release unwanted habits of thought and move into well-being on all subjects.

Michael James and Tracy Friend have witnessed impressive and often dramatic results across many subjects including addictions, health, self-esteem and many more. They have individually been described as ‘teachers of teachers’, with clients including leading professionals in the fields of health & well-being, business and sport. Please click for a large collection of success stories.

What can I expect from Law of Attraction Centre Coaching?

✓A safe, non-judgemental atmosphere which allows each person to clarify their own individual goals & intentions and talk freely and openly.

✓Self-imposed limitations or blocks are identified and support and gentle, intuitive guidance is offered to allow a rising above these limitations.

✓You will receive a bespoke programme of tools tailored to your unique desires and goals.

✓Please see the individual pages for Michael James and Tracy Friend for more details of their unique approaches to Law of Attraction Centre Coaching- Coaching that works.

✓Online coaching is available anywhere in the world (on Zoom or Skype).

For details of the Law of Attraction coaching packages including ‘Aligning With Your Dreams’, ‘Increasing Business Success & Abundance’, ‘Love Relationships’, ‘Physical Well-Being’ and ‘Body Confidence’, please click here.

Please email: and / or fill out the form below for more information about coaching.

Please note that it is necessary to be aged 18 years or older to participate in the coaching.

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