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Law of Attraction Success Stories: Regaining Health

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“Following just a few one-to-one sessions and consistently applying the written practices and meditation you taught has changed my life. I’ve managed to balance and improve my health, particularly allergies. With the current hot weather I have my proof – because my experience of hay fever, which used to be so bad it caused me to stay in all the time, has got a whole lot better. And I look better. This year I have not had to take medication and my symptoms, when they have appeared, are minor. It’s exciting to realise I can fully enjoy the summer for the first time in years.”

“I went to your workshop and heard what you said about trying the techniques for 30 days. Something made me commit to doing it this time- and the effects have been incredible. One of the main changes was with my migraine headaches- which had been a constant in my life, occurring every other day on average. I had tried numerous self-help techniques, physical therapies and medication and nothing was working. Your workshop was about three months ago and I’ve only had one or two headaches since then which didn’t last long- which is a miracle.”

“I was worried about someone who was experiencing less-than-good health. From this place, my advice wasn’t being followed… And I was frustrated. Worse, my friend was considering a procedure that I didn’t agree with because I got the impression that there were so many things that could go wrong . The whole thing was stressing me out. Then I realised I needed to surrender my attempt of control: I instead put it all over onto the Universe List ‘Allow me to see the truth in Jane and see her enjoying perfect health’ and ‘Allow her body to come into perfect balance’ and ‘Allow her to find her own path’. I went into appreciating my life and life in general. Within a few weeks of not interfering, I got a message saying that she had spoken to a wonderful doctor who advised her against the procedure and she had found a better solution. She was feeling confident and sounding great! Thank you, is all I can say – I’m sometimes in awe of this process.”

“I was diagnosed with a pretty serious condition. It was one of those ‘labels’ where the word itself makes people feel fear. And yes I was frightened, initially, what with all the medical staff fussing around me and constantly badgering with me with sympathetic ‘Are you sure you’re OK?’ type questions. But I had been practicing the Law of Attraction processes, which gave me a kind of ‘mental muscle’ strength of focus. I also attended every workshop I could. I distracted myself from the pain- and I didn’t talk about my supposed condition. I distracted myself from what ‘they’ had said was my outlook and odds. I watched a lot of comedy. I went within, meditating regularly and deeply. I appreciated my life, bringing my focus onto only what felt good. I began to change my habits of thought. Yes it was work, but it didn’t feel like work. It was fun and life-giving! What a wonderful, loving, beautiful gift of change I was discovering. Now I realise personally that there are no bad experiences. Several months later, what people see as a ‘miracle cure’ happened. But it was hardly a miracle- It was simply me aligning with who I am- and the inevitable happened. I wasn’t even surprised by the results, really. The doctors, of course, were baffled and confused…”

“I was driving in the car with my dad, actually he was driving, and he wasn’t at his best health. He pulled over and asked me to take over driving for him as he suddenly got very ill. I switched seats with him and knew I had to make a choice quickly to either go down the road of tension, anxiety and anticipation, or I could keep myself calm. A story quickly came to me that I had read recently about someone seeing a sick family member in a healthy state and their health improved when she created these images. So as I’m driving, I envision my dad playing football with his grandkids (future grandkids at that!) and happy and laughing. Instantly – not more than 10 seconds – he said, “Oh, I feel so much better. I think it’s passing”. And that was the moment that I truly believed.”

“I dropped something heavy on my shin and felt the pain go up my leg- it was so painful it went to numbness. I stayed in the place of ‘In the zone, my leg has just got stronger than ever’. I refused to look at whatever injury may have been there, and closed my eyes, resting into the space within. Then I went through a list in my minds of everything I appreciated about my life- including my wonderful physical body. After a few minutes, I got up and walked around fine. I looked at my shin and there was just the slightest red mark. I knew, logically speaking, that this was not possible. Within hours it was as though nothing had happened.”

“I had an important event the next morning and was awoken in the middle of the night with food poisoning symptoms. I instantly knew what had caused this unease but knew that dwelling on it would get me nowhere. I was fearful- but I believed in what I had learned about the power of the Universe (I refer to it as ‘my angels’) – and as unpleasant as I was feeling, knew this was an opportunity to put what I had learned about the Law of Attraction to the test. My body in-pain and my mind racing, as often happens when you’re feeling ill-  I knew that surrendering was my best option. Aloud I said ‘please help me’, ‘allow me to receive the wellness’ and other similar requests. Then, in my mind I ‘saw’ a Universe List with the two columns. I knew my only job was to relax. I focused on my breathing, the sounds outside- I completely distracted myself. Within moments I felt this comforting feeling wash over me and within about ten minutes I felt relaxed- and well. A few hours later, I got up to prepare for my day feeling wonderful and refreshed (amazing since I’d had just a few hours sleep)- and all the more so due to this ‘miracle’.”

“My headaches have completely stopped thanks to your advice- and I had suffered with them frequently for much of my life. And it’s the Universe List and the Focus Wheel that really helped. On another subject, when I added your visualisation technique to my routine- in addition to the gym- my body has transformed in several months more visibly than it has in three years of ‘just’ working out. Friends and even strangers have commented on how great my body looks.”

“After hearing something at one of your workshops, I decided to see if it would work for me: I had hay fever and wanted to see if this work could offer relief to the symptoms. I first realised the irritation that I was feeling towards someone and how it always seemed to come to my mind and emotions before I got an ‘attack’ of symptoms. I did processes on this thought and meditated. I even thanked the hay fever for alerting me to this unwanted belief. Now, several months into the season, this is the first year in ten that I have not had to carry a bagful of medication to work with me and hay fever symptoms are rare.”

“Last night I put on my Universe List to bring me clear and healthy skin. Weeks ago I had bought a discount voucher for 3 skin treatments. With upcoming headshots being done next week, I booked in for one treatment a few days before. Today I got a call saying they needed to reschedule the appointment, and I got worried that my skin would not look as good for the headshots. When we looked at rescheduling, I ended up getting a same-day appointment today AND time for a 2nd one, both before the headshots. Looking forward to having GREAT skin in my photos!!”

“I was worrying about the health of a family member, my mother: I had been giving her lots of advice and books about the Law of Attraction- but she wasn’t doing the work or listening to me. I had a telephone conversation with her and she was fearful- and I felt powerless to help. Since that call, my mind was turning the problem over and over, seemingly in the hope of finding an answer- and yet I was getting nowhere. So I decided it was time to ‘let go and let God’- and give the processes a serious go. I realised that shifting my own perception was all I could really do… And so I began a Universe List, writing ‘Angels’ on the Universe side: ‘Allow her to find her own way and feel hopeful and happy and well’, ‘Bring her body into perfect balance and wellbeing’; ‘Take away my worry and replace it with appreciation and confidence.’ etc. Then I realised it was time to get on with my side of the list no matter what: I extended my appreciation list to 100 things, daily. I began focusing on other areas of my life. After just a short while of this distraction, I found that I could think of her and feel good, expecting good things (I didn’t ‘try to forget’- I just absorbed myself in the processes, on repeat.) My new determination was to find good things in my own life: ‘My kitchen, well-stocked cupboards, wonderful food, sound system, my bed, pillows, books, my paintings, my sports’. Nothing is more important than that I feel good, I repeated to myself. In about four days, I got a call- it was my mother and she sounded ‘back to normal’. She explained that she was feeling fantastic after discovering a new book and holistic practitioner- and all was well. I could feel the calm in her voice and felt that ‘all is well’ knowing myself. Thank you, Angels.”

“My friend had a painful case of arthritis and had received a diagnosis with not much hope. I went round and she was sitting in a chair, unable to move, and devastated and miserable. She’s in her late seventies and although she has always being fit and well- this time she had pretty much resigned herself to it getting worse and worse and then just fading away- not helped by some things her GP had told her! I told her this didn’t have to be true for her and we would find a way to turn it around. She argued and really looked so defeated that I initially didn’t know what to do. When I next visited, we had a laugh about something or other and this laughter inspired us to watch old Laurel and Hardy comedies. We also did some Law of Attraction processes- the Universe List and a few lists of appreciation. She felt so good- in fact we both did- that we agreed to do this regularly. Now- just a few weeks later- she’s up and about with hardly any pain, looking great and feeling great. The doctor was bewildered when she went in for her check-up- and just told her to ‘keep doing what she’s doing’!”

“I had suffered with a bad knee for several years. I had just assumed it was ‘the way it was’ and something to do with getting older, I guess. Then I discovered the Law of Attraction. I distracted myself with the processes. I did lists of appreciation every evening and meditated regularly. I started thanking God for the pain, seeing it as a symbol that ‘help was on the way’ and healing was in progress. I imagined myself running and enjoying sports. I totally distracted myself from thinking about my knee- which had become a bit of a focal point with it being constantly on my mind. Now- no pain and no injury. My body feels as agile as it was when I was in the sports team at University! These processes really, really work but you have to do the work!”

“A guy I personally know had a stroke and lost his ability to walk. This was many years ago and ‘they’ said it was permanent. I shared some simple processes with him, about aligning his energy through appreciation (feeling good). He did them consistently- and now he can walk again. It doesn’t seem possible, I know, but I witnessed it. It’s certainly increased my faith in the power and possibilities of this work!”

“This is the first winter I can remember where I haven’t been affected by ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’- all since coming to the workshops- they keep up my momentum. I was reading in the Law of Attraction book that all I have to do is find something- anything- to appreciate- that’s all I have to do. So in the middle of a very grey day on a train platform, I was inspired to look straight upward and there was this incredible, huge billboard advertising holidays in Egypt, with a beautiful picture of the pyramids on it… Yes, I do still have ‘contrast’ in my life but I am realising that contrast is simply an opportunity to do the processes- so it’s all good.”

“I wanted to let you know what happened since I attended your event earlier this year: I used to worry a lot and this was affecting my health- I had a lot of physical symptoms. I had been to many practitioners and nothing worked. Your workshop explained in simple terms what was going on and more importantly, you very clearly explained what I could do to help myself. I followed your instructions and virtually no worry and a great feeling body. Simple… And amazing! Thank you.”

“I was in the middle of a really intense situation, and coupled with that I got injured. I was finding it really hard to ‘think positive thoughts’ or ‘visualise’ or some of the other things I had read to do- and then I found your group. The relaxation I found there was like ‘flicking a switch’ -and although I understand the importance of a daily routine of the processes, which I will do, my injury had gone by the time I walked out and I can’t explain it but- I knew what to do to resolve my situation. A few days later, and all is still resolved and the injury hasn’t come back. Thank you.”

“Something extraordinary happened in your recent online event about Finding Love. I signed up to improve my relationships but I had also had a health concern happening. Midway through the seminar you started talking about health and healing and the forthcoming event you are doing on that, and I thought to myself that this was random- and I needed to listen. After doing the exercise, I felt a tangible shift in my body and the symptoms, which had been near-constant for months, faded out. After the webinar I did a meditation and the symptoms had completely gone by the end. I’ll be listening to your event back and paying attention- all of this and also my relationship to look forward to!”

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