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Law of Attraction Relationship Success Stories

“I’m having a real transformation with my family, and it all started with putting pen to paper from something I learnt through The Law of Attraction Centre. I had had a heated ‘discussion’ with my father and didn’t feel good. What’s more, it was a pattern that had been going on for about 15 years. Although I really didn’t want to appreciate him, I knew it was my way back to inner peace. And so I just got on with it. Firstly, I appreciated myself for where I am: being angry. I reminded myself that everyone gets angry sometimes – babies, even a certain guy getting furious in the temple two thousand or-so years ago! And so it’s ok to get angry sometimes. When I had calmed down some more, I began: ‘He does want the best for me,’ ‘He has been generous with giving me money when I wanted it,’ ‘I’m sure there’s a gift in this situation,’ ‘I remember him saying how he sees how capable and intelligent I am,’ ‘We did have that great conversation about meditation the other week.’ It’s no word of a lie when I tell you I got back to feeling great in ten minutes. And I anticipate a relationship shift with my dad.”

“I was having problems with a cashier in the local bank – and I followed your advice of not only appreciating him but also appreciating the situation itself. I wrote things like “He was friendly that time I saw him…” and “I love that he’s given me no choice but to do the mental work and practice non-judgement and loving everyone.” Even though we had had some run-ins in the past, this last time I walked in he joyfully said “Happy New Year!” and beamed at me (and I’ve never seen him smiling before). It was as if he’d decided to ‘wipe the slate clean’, too, and now I look forward to going back there (and I’ve discovered he’s actually quite attractive, too- so who knows where that will lead).”

“It is apparent you’re living what you teach and it’s always good to be around the energy of the Centre. For years- actually, decades- my mum’s perceived judgement of me had constantly sent me into moments of anger and resentful silence when I visited her and my family. I say ‘perceived’ because I could see where I was contributing to it, though I was in a habit of blaming her and it was like a stuck record! Having delayed it for too long, I wrote down a list of everything I liked about her. I even spoke to my friends who liked my mum –  and asked them to tell me what their experience of her was. After just half an hour of my first attempt of writing this down, I welled up thinking of how I had misjudged her and how she is a wonderful person. The next visit was completely different, I stayed longer than I usually do and I think I only got irritated one small time in the whole trip. I had a lovely time. I will be committing to this on other subjects, too.”

“I’ve been a lot more accepting of my children’s decisions. They’re adults now- but it took a long time for me to give up trying to advise them and change them. Since I put my focus onto my own changes, they seem happier, more on-track than ever and we all get on better in a natural, unforced way. The main thing I did was write lists of appreciation about them and consistently do the Universe List. It took time and quite a bit of going ‘forward and backwards’- but it’s undoubtedly working.”

“I had been struggling with the relationship with my parents for 15 years or more. It had made me frequently ill due to all the stress- and was draining. After years of self-improvement courses, which seemed to lead me deeper into the problem with no answer in sight- I found The Law of Attraction Centre. I did a couple of workshops and one-to-one sessions, and followed what you’d said in a group about acceptance and appreciation. Although I wanted so much to prove how ‘right’ I was- and saw any kind of acceptance or appreciation as ‘giving in’- I was so impressed with the success stories that I decided to go for it. I can’t begin to tell you how much initially I didn’t want to find the good points in ‘them’- but what a great decision to do it anyway! Rather than the relentless fixing- I looked for the good in the situation (and the people involved), as it was. I felt a peace I hadn’t felt for a long time within just a week. This Christmas, after years of stress and arguments, I actually look forward to visiting my parents- which is a triumph in itself and shows how much things have changed. I feel more empowered and I realise how much my ‘war’ had been blocking my good in so many other areas. I recommend to anyone to go to the events and perhaps have a one-to-one session. It is priceless!”

“Thank you for the morning meditations and the workshops- they have changed my life- and I don’t say that lightly. My daughter was stressed out and not wanting to hear me talk about the Law of Attraction. And so I used the Universe List: ‘Allow her to feel fantastic about herself’, ‘allow her to find her own way’, ‘bring her wonderful, exciting new ideas and experiences’ and ‘allow me to fully believe in her wellbeing’. Then I settled in to my meditation. It took me time to get into the silence, but when I did, it was powerful. Just an hour later my daughter was uncharacteristically happy. She had just received a call from a friend and had decided to start a new business based on a subject that was one of her passions. I’m amazed by how powerful and quick the solution came in.”

“I really didn’t like my work colleague. She was spiteful, obnoxious, rude to people… the list of her bad points could go on and on. One day it got so bad that I realised it was time to make a list of her positive aspects. And it was really, really difficult. I couldn’t think of one thing initially! I persevered, knowing that this was my only way- she may have not deserved the list, but I did. Finally, I found a few things. And within less than a week of doing this, tonight, I have come home from work after having a great conversation with her- we really got on well. For the first time in the eight months I’ve known her! This may sound small- but it is the moment-by-moment that makes up our lives. This, to me, is a miracle.”

“I went to a new dentist that a few friends had ‘warned’ me about. Sure enough, she was very blunt and demanding- just as I had been told. Then I remembered something that someone had shared at one of the groups: ‘if you don’t like someone, they’re not going to like you’- or rather, ‘if you like someone, they always like you back’. And so I started to imagine her as the person she was instead of just a ‘grumpy dentist’. I thought, ‘she has hopes and dreams and wants to feel good, she’s got a stressful job and she’s probably got a lot on her mind- I’m sure she’s usually very likeable’- and good-feeling things like that. Then I thought of how talented she was (and admittedly she was good, technically, at her job). On my next appointment, I was met with her beaming and welcoming me in. She smiled, asked me how I was and the whole experience was great! It’s been the same on every visit- a pleasant and friendly experience.”

“I was having problems with one of my main suppliers- they are rude, didn’t do the job right and on and on. Suddenly I realised that this was an affirmation- and I was contributing to their poor behaviour. So, without thinking I suddenly thought of writing lists of appreciation of all their good points. This was for my own good- as I was feeling stressed with feelings of resentment. I sat to write and all the good flowed. I decided to send it to them as a ‘thank you’ letter. They were thrilled to have received this- and ever since my experience with them has been wonderful. It makes total sense that when you genuinely look for the best in someone, that’s what they will mirror back to you.”

“I was worried about a member of my family. I had brought him a stack of ‘self-help’ books, CDs and even tickets to lectures to help him- but he just wasn’t doing the work. He wasn’t listening to me! After your workshop, I realised that it was also me who wasn’t trusting the Universe- I was thinking I had to ‘save’ him all by myself. Of course me trying to control everything wasn’t working. So I stepped back, and wrote on the Universe’s side of the Universe List ‘Allow Mark to find his way… Please uplift and inspire Mark to feel good.’ I then got on with ‘my side’, distracting myself with the processes. Within two weeks he seems to be ‘getting it’ and genuinely seemed to be happier… and all by himself! I now understand that the best thing I can do for those I love, apart from praying for them, is to heal myself and shine as an example, rather than trying to get someone else to ‘do it’ when I’m not even ‘doing it’ myself!”

“My mother and I have struggled to get along with each other (as I’m sure many people have).  She no longer lives in the UK and even when we would see each other for short times when I visited back home, it could be very stressful and upsetting. Along with my Appreciation Lists that I had started to write every day, I started to list each and everything that I loved about my mum. Noticing and focusing on the things that made me smile rather than any of her ‘weaknesses’. I also added to my Universe List: ‘Bring me a better relationship with my mother’. Things have improved greatly. A lot of it has to do with me ‘letting go’ of the things that I cannot control and just focusing on the good more than anything else. I feel very differently about her and our relationship and am going with the flow. Now that she is in town to visit, I’ve shared with her all the things I’ve learned through the Law of Attraction Process Groups and we do the processes together every morning. We spend time meditating and each write our own lists of Appreciation and Universe Lists. I think this is a real turning point for us and hope and pray that she too makes these processes a daily practice when she’s back in her own home.  Of course we are still mother and daughter and VERY different people, but accepting each other for who we are and really taking a moment to ‘chill out’ is helping. The Universe List has helped me ask for the things that I need within me like ‘more patience, more understanding, the ability to forgive etc.’ and I think it is working. I’m definitely making the most of the time we have and being present rather than living in the past.”

“I was very stressed about something. I kept thinking about this person who I thought was the source of my stress- and it was consuming me. I alternated between fear and anger at this person. I knew I ‘should’ do Positive Aspects but I didn’t want to. I tried reading books about being assertive and setting boundaries- but nothing helped. Eventually, I meditated on this and knew I had to love this person. So, gently, I began thinking about something small I liked about him. I liked his shoes and socks. I genuinely did! His shirts. He had nice eyes. Then I stopped, and got on with appreciating my life. After a bit of searching, I was able to go to his personal qualities- which I had previously thought as being ‘just awful’. I began to remember times he had been generous and made me laugh. Then- and it was just about five days since I did this- he called me, apologising and telling me that he’d been thinking about me. We resolved our differences and hope to meet up again soon.”

“Just to let you know that I have done some ‘lateral thinking’ at your ‘Opening to Abundance’ workshop. Whilst I will never say no to a new fat pay rise, what I was really wishing for was abundance of friends. In the last few years most of my London-based friends went their separate ways, and I have been missing my close support network very much of late. So, in the space of a week since the workshop: A friend had his flight cancelled and came to stay at mine for a day… One of my best friends who currently lives abroad had a last minute work commitment that took him back to London… My other best friend who now lives in Greece rocked up in London for the week ended saying her husband may be transferred from Athens to yes you guessed it, London. Welcome to the Law of Attraction for the globalised era!”

“I have a remarkable teenage son whose many positive qualities make him a joy to live with. His thoughtfulness, tidiness and attention to cleanliness are a joy to behold and his manners impeccable. He works hard at college, studies hard at home and in his report this week, tutors describe him as ‘a joy to teach’.  He is remarkable because this is the same boy who for more than four years (yes four years) at secondary school, concentrated on bucking the system. His temper was frightening, he had a faithful group of friends, teachers were afraid of him and he never considered reading a book or writing a word. Just getting him through the school gate was an issue, keeping him inside was another.  Well known to the authorities and lacking respect for anyone, my son’s offences were numerous and varied and I lost count of the number of times he was suspended/excluded for days at a time from school sometimes twice in the same half term. His school gave up on him, he underachieved in every subject and during our many meetings they warned that he would not be entered for any exams, yet the more they threatened the less he cared. Unaware of his whereabouts, waiting for him to return home day or night, home visits from police officers and attendance at police stations were not uncommon. At the time I was also reaching less than my full potential, I was in despair in several areas of my life and used every ounce of energy I had to try to fix myself as well as fix him. I tried everything to help him but he resisted and when a teenager resists it is very strong. I received advice from a number of sources and even my daughter accused me of leniency but I knew that they were pointing me in a direction that I didn’t want to go. I knew the kind of parent I wanted to be. My health suffered but in the middle of all this I thankfully discovered and believed in the seemingly simple yet effective teachings of Abraham Hicks.  In my desperation I surrendered, decided to let go of trying so hard and use the power of my thoughts to make a difference.  I hardly knew where to begin to find positive aspects related to my son as he offered nothing. I had to work really hard at it and in my determination began to find even the smallest things.  I became skilled at appreciating absolutely anything and everything about him and I rejoiced in his response.  Believe me, this really is a long long story but suffice to say that with just two terms left at school, he turned his life around, discovered an interest in his education, knuckled down with so much energy that he surprised everyone with his excellent GSCE results.  He is now thriving at college, has changed his circle of his friends, developed an overwhelming passion for all things mathematical and is a grade A student loving his subjects, producing 100% results in his exams including an accelerated A level maths class. He talks of ‘when’ he goes to university something I never thought would be in his experience. My inner guidance got us through. Now people tell me that I’m ‘lucky’ to have such a wonderful teenager, little do they know…”

“Thank you for helping me bring my family together. After your workshop, I gave up ‘fixing’ everyone and trying to get them all to think more positively- and began to change myself, writing daily Positive Aspects of everyone. Within six weeks, without a word of trying to corral them into alignment, everyone and everything seemed to align with my optimistic vision. Another small thing- I had put ‘Bring me Lady Gaga’s new album’ on my Universe List. On that same visit to my family, my sister gave me a copy of this very album which she was inspired to buy me- and I’d never seen her be generous before!”

“I was checking my email and a friend who I hadn’t heard from for a few months popped into my head for no apparent reason. About ten seconds later, I received an email from the same friend. I love these sorts of experiences that remind me that we are creating our own reality and that the universe is lovingly taking care of us.”

“I had the idea to be more kind to those around me – and also to myself. I’m finding that the more I focus on making everyone around me feel great, the better I feel and the more good I attract into my life. I genuinely feel a lot happier and more ‘in the flow’ since my meditations and appreciation lists. An example of this ‘flowing in harmony with life’ was when I was in a coffee shop and saw a wonderful, free table near the window, so I moved. Just as I was clearing away my things a woman with a pushchair moved in to the seat I was leaving: ‘Thank you, you’re so kind’ she said, thinking I was kindly giving my seat up for the one she wanted. I smiled and realised how amazing it was that I was naturally inspired to move to a better place for me, which also helped her! I realised it was the perfect metaphor that when we get happy with a right intention, it helps everyone around us.”

“I have been doing LOA focusing process for a while now and I am always delighted to feel the relief they offer and in relatively short spaces of time to really see them turn situations around that just seemed so chronically out of whack. Nothing could quite prepare me for my utter surprise though of having worked every single day for a few months on improving my relationships with my family. I felt a lot of relief from the focus wheels and that motivated me keep it up as an absolute priority, in my daily practise. It wasn’t all perfect I still had some contrast from the family during this time and we don’t even live in the same hemisphere! – but I listened to what Tracy advised – not to focus on what I didn’t want and continue with the focus process and appreciate whatever I could find about them and to just keep going. Well in the post arrived a Christmas Card – that in itself was evidence that something had shifted – in it was a heart felt message from my Mother. A phone call followed and to my amazement I thoroughly enjoyed the annual phone call (which I used to dread) and it was really so warm. It has got easier and easier to remember actions and feel genuine appreciation for my family. More cards arrived from Aunts and Uncles that I already felt good about but don’t normally send cards. Its like all the good vibes just keep snowballing! I’m even planning a family holiday! This is a fundamental shift! Amazing!”

“I was having challenges with my manager at work and work in general. I started practising writing positive things about my work and manager. To begin with I could only think of about five things and I felt like I was really scraping the barrel. Over time I could think of more things to add to the list and I noticed that as the list got longer and longer that I started to feel happier and my attitude towards my manager changed. My manager and I also started getting on a lot better and the relationship transformed so much that it’s as if it’s a different relationship. I went on to have a good end of year appraisal with really positive feedback whereas only six months before I was asking to move teams.”

“As I was walking home last week after the group I felt incredible; clear minded and connected like I don’t remember feeling before. Then someone from my past came into my mind, someone who I hadn’t forgiven, which threatened my good mood. At the same time a question came into my mind ‘It’s your choice- do you unconditionally love him- or ruin your mood?’ it said. Something caught my attention and I looked down and on the otherwise spotless, pristine Chelsea side street was a single word written in chalk which gave me my answer and brought tears to my eyes: ‘Love’, it said. So I did.”

“It was a pleasure speaking to you again this morning on our coaching call. I still cannot get over the sheer simplicity of Law of Attraction in action. We were talking about a wonderful friend of mine and then during the conversation as we were focusing on things that I loved about our friendship such as ‘his words of wisdom’, ‘our spiritual connection’ and ‘how we bring out the best in each other’, he just happened to ring me at the exact same time we were talking about him. This still brings a smile to my face on what just happened. Amazing!! This again, just shows me how simple the LOA is and just by applying it, miracles do in fact happen on a daily basis.”

“I had being trying to ‘fix’ my sister for so long I had totally gotten oblivious to the fact that my approach clearly wasn’t working. I learnt from your workshop that I needed to love her exactly as she was; to look for the good in her, however difficult it was. Although it didn’t make sense that she would change if I ‘just accepted her’, I had nothing to lose, so I did daily lists of writing what was working in her life, or what had worked in the past, or good qualities in her. After a few weeks, I started believing in her again. And then something strange happened: Just as you said, when I stepped back but kept on loving, she found her own way- and everything changed naturally to the very outcome I was ‘trying’ to make happen for years. Through the whole situation, another moment comes to mind: At one time when I was feeling a bit low about things, I turned around and there was a car with an angel wing painted on it. I’m starting to ‘get’ that the whole of Life is on my side and looking to help me out with messages like this, all the time. So I make an effort with your techniques to observe these signs.”

“I was looking to connect with a friend to invite him to an event but I’d lost touch with him. I’d tried everything and couldn’t work out how to get hold of him. On top of that, we’d lost touch due to a misunderstanding and I’d often thought of him and how I wanted to sort it out. After a few months of trying to work it out ‘my ‘way’- I kind of gave up on it. Then I remembered the Universe List– something I’d learnt in one of your workshops that I hadn’t tried. I wrote on the right hand side ‘Bring me together with Alan, if it’s meant to be’ and ‘A wonderful relationship with Alan’.

Then I got on with ‘my side of the list’- which meant taking my meditation and appreciation lists more seriously (meaning, actually doing them!). A week later I was in the middle of London and I heard a voice that sounded familiar… And yes, for the first time in 8 and a half years- it was Alan. We went for a coffee and he laughed about what happened before (the ‘misunderstanding’). Equally as good as this was the excitement of the power of the Universe List, which I will be doing regularly from now on.”

“This Christmas was a miracle in itself- as we got through it with not one argument! This doesn’t sound much, but it was major when I think about how it used to be. For a long time I didn’t even speak to my family, but finding your group I found a way to not only forgive them but also to love them. As a result, all of my relationships have improved- which I don’t think is a coincidence. Things other people are doing don’t bother me, and I’m happy to let others be themselves. As a result, I feel free myself. I’ve got a new passion for life and I look forward to bringing this clarity into the new year; it feels less like ‘just a new year’ and more like a whole new beginning.”

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