Making Peace With Where You Are, by Tracy Friend


Making Peace With Where You Are“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

The above quote seems to be applicable not only to making peace with ourselves whether that is an aspect of ourselves or an emotion or a sensation we might be feeling but also to making peace with other people and situations or experiences. I find it a fascinating phenomenon that by making peace with things rather than them staying as they are, a space is created for positive transformation.

People might sometimes feel that there are things that they couldn’t make peace with or accept. However, the Law of Attraction explains that the broader part of us, who we really are is always in a state of peace and we can make peace with anything by shifting our thinking. Making peace doesn’t mean that in a passive manner we ignore our preferences and settle for things as they are, rather making peace is an active process in which we deliberately focus to improve how we feel, free up our energy, begin to go with the flow of life and regain our power. In this more free flowing state solutions can start to be revealed.

In addition to the Law of Attraction having many useful tools to help people focus on what they would like to experience in the future, it also has several valuable techniques to assist people in making peace with wherever they might currently be experiencing. A very powerful tool that can be helpful in making peace is focusing on the positive aspects of any challenging situations or uncomfortable feelings. Whilst this might initially feel counterintuitive, by looking at the positive aspects it enables you to relax more into whatever you are experiencing which lessens its grip and opens up the possibility for solutions and positive changes.

An example of the Positive Aspects of a particular situation/feeling:
– This is helping me to learn more
– This is giving me the opportunity to come into greater alignment
– This is assisting me in becoming more allowing

Another technique to help you align with making peace is to ask yourself, ‘how do I think it would feel if I had made peace with this?’ When we ask the mind a question, it goes to work on finding an answer so even if we don’t initially think of how it would feel if we had made peace with this, we are beginning to lean in more of a positive direction and to create new more positive patterns of thinking.

Tips for making peace:
i) Remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ as everything is always in motion and changing.
ii) It can be helpful to ask the universe for assistance in making peace with a request such as “please help me to make peace with this situation/experience”.
iii) Remind yourself that there is a solution to everything.

It can be relaxing when thinking about making peace to know that it is not necessary to get all the way to that state to begin with but rather to just start focusing in that direction. Very often the solutions will then just appear but if it is necessary to make any decisions the Law of Attraction states that this is best done from a place of alignment. Therefore by doing your best to make peace you will have a clearer mind and be able to make more effective decisions.

For anyone who would like further assistance in making peace with where you are, Michael James has created the CD with booklet ‘Relax, Release and Let Go’. For more information please see:


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