Law of Attraction Success Stories

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Material Objects

“My computer had a virus and I didn’t know what to do – I couldn’t even run anti-virus software. So I relaxed and asked for guidance… It was interesting that although I’m very aware of the Law of Attraction teachings that when it came to something which I use so much not working, I didn’t feel very hopeful about a quick solution. I started trying to figure out how to repair it and found on the internet posts of other people who had a similar problem and it all looked very complicated to resolve. I decided to switch the computer off and to go away and meditate. After meditating I thought about how this occurrence made me feel and I realised it was a feeling of being under attack. I thought about what the opposite emotion was and came up with feeling loved and looked after. I began to do a Focusing Process on the feeling of being loved and looked after. After completing this I returned to my computer and was guided to do a search on how to resolve the problem. I found a YouTube clip with clear instructions and I followed them and my computer was perfect again. I love how anything can be changed when our thoughts and feelings change.”

“I often use meditation and some of the other techniques I learnt at your workshops before I go shopping and the difference is incredible. Rather than rooting through rails of unwanted clothes, I find that I’m led to very specific sections which have the perfect item for me, always in my size – and often on discount.”

“The kettle wasn’t working. I tried other plug sockets- and still nothing. Then I thought about changing the fuse, but couldn’t really be bothered. I asked the Universe to mend it, and when I switched it on it worked and has worked perfectly ever since.”

“I really wanted one of those fold-up bicycles yet did not have the funds to get one. I cut out a picture of one and put it in a beautiful little storage box I had brought for myself. What I like about this ‘Magical Creation Box’ process is, unlike a vision board, the images are out-of-sight (rather than on the wall) and so I’m not constantly reminded of what I haven’t yet manifested. Whenever I saw a fold-up bike around London, rather than feeling envy, I appreciated it. This went on for several weeks. My birthday was coming up and my parents- who hadn’t bought me a present since my teenage years- suddenly announced that they were buying me a present. And yes, it was a fold-up bike- just like the one in the picture in my ‘magical’ box.”

“I was in my favourite toiletries store in order to purchase a new pot of face moisturiser. The one I wanted didn’t appear to be on the shelf and I asked the shop assistant if it was available and they said it had run out. I thought ‘never mind’ and decided that perhaps I’d try a different one instead. I picked up one from a differently labelled pile and quite remarkably it was the one I had originally wanted! The shop assistant couldn’t believe it!”

“I was guided to get a friend a certain present for her birthday, but when I went to the only shop in the area that stocked it- it was out of stock- and it was the day before her birthday! The shop told me it would take at least two weeks to get more in. I went out to get her some sort of consolation present but couldn’t find anything, arriving home with just a card for her. I went online and ordered her gift, and I texted her to let her know it her present would be late- possibly at the weekend or even the following week. She was fine about it- but it wasn’t ideal. The next morning, during meditation and prayer, I had the image of an angel saying to me ‘Aren’t you going to ask for the present to arrive’” So I did, realising both the ‘impossibility’ of this (as I had ordered it after last post had left) yet also the ridiculousness of thinking this was a ‘too big’ request for the Universe/angels. About an hour later, there was a noise at the door and post had arrived- with the present!”

“I wanted a certain car which was on my Vision Board (and had been for nearly a year). Just a week after your workshop, as part of being headhunted ‘randomly’ with a new job offer (which is a very good job) – I was offered to choose from a selection of very high standard cars for my company car. And one of the choices was the car from my Vision Board… even allowing me to get the exact same colour and finish as the picture of the car on the board! I look forward to driving it along to your next event.”

“My teenage son wanted a desk for his bedroom and even though I wished to support him and improve his studying environment, the requested purchase just wasn’t in my budget. He waited patiently for several weeks until one day I felt inspired to forget the expense and together we looked for his ideal desk online. He does not directly study the Law of Attraction but lives it instinctively and once again he definitely knew what he didn’t want and clearly knew what he did want. He had specific criteria, for colour, material, shape, configuration of shelves, size of cupboards, as well as the depth and width to suit his style of working and to fit the space in his room. After much browsing, he chose one and his excitement grew enough for him to also ask for a black leather, high backed, executive, height adjustable, swivel office chair. I wanted to oblige but as they cost as much as the desk, I offered to consider buying one at a later date. He disappeared and I settled down to place my order on the computer. Suddenly, something inspired me to just have a quick peek at one of the London classified pages. I wasn’t keen because I’ve previously endured long periods of tiresome searching and besides, had already found something perfect for my son. However, I followed the urge and there on the first page was the exact same desk for sale at a tenth of the price. I called the vendor who surprised me by saying that it was in perfect condition, unused and he was just selling it for his brother, who needed the space, so this was a wonderful bonus for us. When I said that I’d be there the next day to collect he said that as I was coming so soon he’d add a chair for £10 if I wanted it. What kind of chair? A new unused, black leather, high backed, executive, height adjustable, swivel office chair. Bingo! This success story could easily end there but there’s more. I asked a friend to hire a van to collect the furniture with me. When he arrived he added to my abundance and financial joy by telling me that the van had been returned late by the previous clients so as it was not available for him to collect at the booked time, the company gave us free rental as compensation. What a result!”

“I’d lost one of my favourite earrings about three months ago. It had been so long that I assumed it had gone in the washing machine or bin. One night, after attending one of your groups, I got home and was feeling particularly good. I suddenly thought of the earring and mentally ‘asked’ where it was. Immediately, I ‘saw’ that it was in a pocket of my trousers. I thought that was strange as I would have checked all of the pockets- but the guidance was so clear. I checked my trousers, a few jackets and outfits- nothing. I looked under the bed- and then realised I was ‘searching’ again, as it didn’t feel effortless. I closed my eyes and again ‘felt’ that it was in a pocket. In that instant, I looked at the bottom of a drawer and went straight for a pair of shorts. Before I checked the pocket, I smiled imagining the success story that I would be submitting to you… I put my hand in the pocket- and there it was! Thank you for helping me discover the amazing direct guidance I have within me.”

“I’d been thinking about buying some headphones for a few days but hadn’t got around to it. I did however go and buy some iPod speakers that I also needed. When I came to pay for the speakers there was ten pounds off which I hadn’t know about and then I was told there was a choice of a free gift as well which included some very good headphones! I instantly realised that the reason I had being delayed in buying the headphones was because the universe knew that I would get them free with the speakers. Whilst this was quite a small manifestation it gave me further evidence of how all this works.”

“I have really been understanding the value of staying in a vibe of appreciation no matter what is going on around me: Even when it seems almost illogical to stay happy, I more often manage to and it’s amazing how problems swiftly sort themselves out. A little trivial but practical example was when I walked out of my house to go to the gym. As I’m yet to get a gym bag I put my clothes in a plastic bag and rather than complain I had the thought ‘How great that I have a bag’. Within moments my friend noticed my bag and said ‘do you want another bag?’, handing me a nice new cloth bag she had just been given but didn’t need. I was filled with appreciation as I transferred the clothes to the new bag. Ten minutes later I was on the train with my friend who I was going to the gym with and he said ‘surprise!’ and pulled out a brand new rucksack he’d bought for me. I again moved my clothes into the rucksack; two bag ‘upgrades’ coming in moments and all because I’d stayed in appreciation. I know it’s a small example but it showed me the power of how this stuff works.”

“Looking for a particular piece of furniture for my flat, I remembered meditation. I had been ‘searching’ around everywhere; thinking, trying to work out where I could find this piece, which was a chair to match a sofa I had that was quite rare. So I put on the audio I got from your group and went within. Within twenty minutes, a friend came to mind. I called the friend and they mentioned a website where I could look – and on the site I found the kind of chair I was looking for – and it was free, all I had to do was collect it!”

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