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Meditation 101 Live


Please press the “F5” key to refresh the web page and connect to Meditation 101 Live
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Information about Meditation 101 Live:

  • Please do not join the meditation whilst driving or operating machinery.
  • Please note the audio will only be playing at the times at which Meditation 101 Live is scheduled. Please click for the full upcoming Meditation 101 Live Schedule
  • At the scheduled broadcast time, if you see the following message on the media player “The Station is down. Please try again later.” please try refreshing the web page or copying the link into another web browser to access the meditation through that.
  • Please click the play button on the media player to refresh your page and connect to Meditation 101 Live at the scheduled time.
  • The number of meditators displays the number of people currently on this web-page and therefore shows the live meditators when the broadcasts are happening.
  • Continue your meditation experience with the Meditation 101 MP3 download
  • Also available: most Saturdays 9am – 10am, Online- Group Meditation 101 For Well-Being & Awakening, with Tracy Friend Please click here for more details and booking
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