Free Online Meditation

Meditation 101 Live – Worldwide Free Online Meditation

Meditation is a foundational practice for living a good-feeling life and meditating regularly brings a greater sense of peace, focus and inspiration.

Free Online Meditation

Meditation 101 live webinars have been bringing relaxation and peace to people’s lives across the world since 2010. With meditation and visualisation, these powerful free 30 minute broadcasts feature beautiful sounds and music to uplift, energise and inspire.

• Experience the benefit of the enhanced collective energy of meditating with other people, whilst being in the comfort of your own home or office.

• Each meditation includes an introduction, followed by a time in which to meditate in whatever way is easy and natural to you.

• You are then guided through a visualisation enabling you to focus on living your ideal life.


Truly inspirational, loved it, thank you.

Really loved being able to just switch on and meditate.

Schedule: Meditation 101 Live takes place every six hours at 7am, 1pm, 7pm & 1am, UK time every day

At the scheduled time please click to join Meditation 101 Live:
***Please note: Meditation 101 Live won’t be running again until Tuesday 3rd October 23, apologies for any inconvenience

Please note that the meditation and visualisation are pre-recorded to ensure sound quality however participation with other people from across the world is live.

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