The Law of Attraction and the Physical Body, by Tracy Friend


The Law of Attraction and the Physical Body

“Listen with love to your body´s messages. It is telling you all you need to know.” Louise Hay

The Law of Attraction explains that everything to do with the wellbeing of someone’s physical body is a result of the thoughts that they are thinking. The body in its natural state with someone thinking positively would be in perfect alignment. When thinking positively the body is able to effectively communicate with and receive guidance from divine intelligence which knows exactly what to do in order to keep it in complete balance. However, contradictory thinking hinders access to this guidance and the flow of life force energy through the body.

The Law of Attraction can be utilised to assist the body in returning to a state of complete health and wellbeing and also to change body image. It states that anyone can get from wherever they are to wherever they want to be on any subject including the physical body and that the only requirements are that they have desired a particular improvement and that they align their thoughts to match what is wanted.

There are several different Law of Attraction techniques that can be utilised to help the physical body to come into greater wellbeing. Firstly meditation is very powerful as it distracts the mind from any contradictory thinking which facilitates the flow of energy through the body.

Another powerful technique is the ‘Body Appreciation Process’ in which you can make a list of all of the parts of your body that do look or feel as you want them to. By focusing on the parts of your body that are in alignment and as you want them to be, this will shift your point of attraction and assist your body in coming into greater balance.

A further method to improve the physical body, is that if there is a particular area that isn’t as you want it, you can ask yourself “how does this make me feel?” and then focus on finding the feeling place of the opposite, positive emotion. As an example the opposite emotion of how a particular physical condition makes someone feel, may be feeling “relaxed and knowing that all is well” and they could then focus on remembering any times when they did feel “relaxed and know that all is well”. This method works by tackling any imbalances at their root ‘thought’ cause.

As we are obviously with our physical body all day every day and intricately aware of how it feels, in order to change our thinking about it, it can take doing the Law of Attraction exercises regularly for a little while in order to tip the balance of thinking and to make the better feeling thoughts more dominant. Although it may not always seem like it, your physical body is constantly changing in response to your thinking, therefore even if things have been a certain way for a while that is only because your thinking has been the same and as soon as your pattern of thinking changes your body will also shift to reflect the change of thinking.

It is important to note that you don’t have to know ‘how’ your body will align, but to just practice thinking more thoughts that match what you want and the Law of Attraction will take care of how it comes into greater wellbeing.

For anyone who would like further assistance in positively transforming their physical well-being and health the Law of Attraction Centre offers ‘Physical Well-Being’ coaching, for more information please see: In addition, the Law of Attraction Centre has released the visualisation ‘Happy Body’, for more details please see:


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