Law of Attraction Success Stories

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Positive Spiritual Experiences

Positive Law of Attraction Experiences

“I heard someone saying in the workshop about giving to others and how good it felt, so I’ve been looking for ways to make other people’s lives better which feels very good. I ended up feeling guided to give some of my friends and family gifts including money, more than I normally would have done previously and it felt really great to do this. A few days after, I was owed some money and ended up being paid double what I thought I was owed, which covered the money I had given many times over. This wasn’t why I gave to begin with, but a nice bonus that has given me more faith that it’s true that giving is the same as receiving.”

“I see butterflies when I’m feeling particularly in alignment. I was getting a train to the hairdressers and feeling in a very good mood. Out of the window of the train, I saw butterflies in about five different locations and made a point of acknowledging them in my head by thanking the universe. I arrived at the hairdressers and there was some confusion about my appointment and they didn’t have a record of it. We rescheduled the appointment and I thought I can’t be feeling this happy and things not unfolding well for me. I glanced up at that moment and saw a sign that said ‘downstream’ and thought I could just continue to go with the flow, like going downstream. I went to a café and then a very personally significant song came on, which is rarely played! I love these many reminders that we live in a loving universe.”

“I was stressed out about something and, later that morning, I walked past a van which had ‘In God we trust’ printed on the side of it. I thought this was interesting, and a sign perhaps for me to surrender and trust the Universe more. A few hours later I walked past a guy who had tattoos and on his neck was a script that said ‘In God we trust’. I thought to myself ‘Thank you Universe, I get the message!’ and when I got into my office, I took out a sheet of paper and delegated more things on my Universe List including asking for solutions to the dilemma I had. By the afternoon it had been resolved in quite an extraordinary way.”

“My mum was visiting and I put on the Universe List ‘Bring us a great day’. The week before she arrived, I met someone who offered me two complimentary tickets to an amazing show at an art gallery and we had a great day… I also started giving better tips in cafes and restaurants than I used to, simply because it felt so good imagining the joy of the staff discovering what I’d put on the plate for them. An added bonus which I wasn’t even looking for is that the money has been coming straight back to me in the form of gifts and other surprises from all over the place.”

“On my way home I came across this amazing cat – with 3 black marks on its head, two on its back and a black tail. Just round the corner from my road. After the Law of Attraction group I was talking to a new friend about how we can use the shadow side of ourselves to fuel our path to enlightenment, and the more we do this the lighter we become and the more we attract like/light minded beings into our life. It felt to me that this cat was a reflection of my thoughts about this process and what my understanding of finding your own inner guru through meeting teachers who guide you inwards (gu = dark & ru = light). In Sanskrit Gu, darkness/denseness/obscuration, and Ru, light/lightness/radiance; literally a preceptor who facilitates a shift in consciousness. It also means “teacher” or “guide” in the religious sense. What a fantastic guru the cat was!”

“A friend gave me a beautiful table cloth that they had made for me to use at an event that I was organizing. I was using a room for the event that I hadn’t used before. I started setting up for the event and when I got the table cloth out, it was the exact length of the table. I love being reminded how connected we all are.”

“I have been meditating more consistently on a daily basis and have noticed many more quite small yet meaningful things happening. One was that I thought it would be nice to go the theatre. It was a subtle desire and I felt inspired to let it unfold rather than taking action. A couple of days later a friend mentioned that they had a special offer of half-price tickets at their local theatre and asked whether I would like to go with them!”

“I was speaking to a friend and encouraging her about the importance of meditation, but she continued to talk about her problems. So I said again, ‘Sometimes the best thing we can do is be quiet and meditate’ – and the phone cut out at that very moment, leaving us with the quiet I was talking about! She immediately called back, so I was sure she hadn’t put the phone down on me…. I love the Universe’s sense of humour – and perfect timing. Another thing: Whenever I get to bus or train stations, the transport I want always arrives within moments. I rarely even check the times now for local journeys because my intuition is so on-track.”

“I was on Facebook and guided to share an inspirational video with someone I had been dated briefly a few years before. I was filled with thoughts like ‘what will he think if I send this?’ – as we hadn’t been in contact recently – but I sent it anyway. I heard nothing, but a few weeks later I saw that the video had been reposted on his Facebook wall with a message along the lines of saying ‘Someone sent me this and it really saved me from a negative rut, so I wanted to share it with everyone in case it helps you too’. I felt wonderful and realised that, by following my ‘inner nudges’, such benefit comes.”

“I was feeling bad about something and saw a feather on the pavement. It may sound small but it gave me such a sense of ‘all is well’. This happens all the time through uplifting words from friends spoken at the right time, smiles from strangers- little things that are huge in their effect and meaning. Your work- and the weekly meditations- are helping me put into practice the Zen principles I was brought up with.”

“I was walking through the park in a really relaxed mood when I saw a squirrel on a railing feeding himself, and looking at me intently. I walked over carefully and he didn’t move- even allowing me to stroke him. He dropped the food he was holding and reached out his paw, as if to ‘shake hands’, and I held it! At first my logical mind was thinking ‘he must be ill’ because I had never seen a squirrel doing that. But then two people walked past, immersed in conversation, and the squirrel raced off at lightening-speed, clearly fully healthy!  I’m fully aware that this may be hard to believe- as it sounds like something out of one of those live action Disney films- but I promise you it happened. The only way to explain it, perhaps, is that I once heard a spiritual author saying that the only reason animals run away from us is not because they are afraid of us- but because they can’t stand our ‘all over the place’ vibration. One time several years ago, immediately following a two hour meditation on a woodland retreat, a group of us had the experience of deer walking up to us, close enough to be stroked.  The fact that this kind of thing happened to me again let me know that my meditation and processes are paying off. And it’s true, my moods are now mostly balanced and calm.”

“I was reading a book about the Archangel Raphael which said that whenever you ask to see a sign from this angel, you always get one. Signs included seeing the name ‘Raphael’ around you and seeing or perceiving green light. I did the Universe List process, and under the Universe side (where I usually write ‘Angels’), I wrote ‘Bring me a sign of your presence, Archangel Raphael’. That evening I was going to visit a friend in Knightsbridge. I’d been there many times, and on this occasion the tube exit at Harrods I usually leave by was closed. So I took another exit. Then I found myself crossing the main road and going down a narrow street, thinking it would make an interesting shortcut. I looked up, and saw a sign ‘Raphael Street’. I felt goose bumps and I knew this was the answer to my prayer. The following evening I was at a friend’s house, and my friend suddenly said ‘I know this sounds strange- but I keep seeing green lights all around you!’ This was doubly strange as she has never talked about seeing lights before.”

“Thank you for the consistent feeling of peace and eagerness I get from your workshops. This is the best thing I have found in years and it thrills me to watch my life transforming. Just a little story- I was in our car on the motorway with my husband driving when I looked across and saw an incredible bird of prey, hovering. It was probably the most amazing bird I have ever seen, huge and beautiful. I love birds and I am usually excellent at recognising them- but I hadn’t seen this particular one before. I spoke to my husband, and I was sure it was a red kite, despite them being so rare. My husband disagreed and thought it was a buzzard. This discussion went on for a few minutes and suddenly a huge lorry passed us with the writing “RED KITE” written on the side of it….”

“I love continual reminders of the Law of Attraction, such as getting back what we give out and seeing our reflection in others. While walking home from work I noticed a woman walking towards me and I thought to myself how beautiful she looked with her lovely hair and gorgeous eyes. As she passed me she said ‘lovely face’, unsure that I heard her correctly, I stopped and she paused too. She continued, ‘you, I was just saying you have a lovely face’. Well how great is that, there was I thinking just that about her and she not only thought it of me but felt inspired to say it out aloud. I am fortunate to be complimented often by men just passing by and while I love it there is something really special about compliments from another woman. I thanked her and thanked the Universe.”

“I got on a tube train and noticed an attractive guy standing by the door. He was striking and wearing a very distinctive outfit- a tartan red shirt and vintage camel-coloured suit and reminded me of one of my favourite movie stars. Suddenly, a woman with a little dog got on through a far door and the dog ran down the carriage, making a beeline for this guy, causing him to step back. When I looked, I saw that that they- the dog and the guy- were wearing exactly the same outfit! The dog too had this tiny little red tartan coat (in the same tartan) with a camel-coloured trimming. The guy looked embarrassed and tried to move away from the dog (as you would if you were at a party and someone was wearing your outfit). But the dog kept following him- it was hilarious. He looked at me and it was our unspoken ‘in joke’. Several months later, I was in a bar over the other side of London… and there was the guy! The line about the dog wearing the same outfit was a great way to introduce myself and the relationship that followed had many positive aspects.”

“I decided to meditate for longer than normally after hearing something someone said at a group- and I had the most magical day. I have been living in the centre of London for years- but today found things I had never discovered before (and I am always walking around the city). I walked down a side street and discovered a new art gallery, a new stately home to visit… I was totally guided to the right places, discovering about eight spectacular places I had never seen before. Also, my intuition seems to be getting clearer. I had a strong vision of seeing a friend being interviewed for a television programme- so I told her in a text message. That evening, she contacted me to tell me that the producer from the very programme I had ‘seen’ had called her ‘out of the blue’ just an hour or so after my message to ask her to appear on it.”

“I had a run of situations where I’d think of someone and then they’d turn up to one of my events. I shared this with a friend (who was one of those people) – and she said that that the same thing was happening to her, too! As the week continued, I found myself walking past people I had been thinking of, including a couple of well-known actors.  I love these synchronicities, which I feel is life showing me I’m ‘on track’.”

“I was browsing in a quiet book shop just enjoying the moment and from a high shelf I chose a small book sitting on its side in the middle of a pile. With no one else around I flicked through the pages of unusual designs and settled on one page that really had my attention with its specific configuration of lines, triangles, hexagons and numerous circles. While transfixed by this particular arrangement of shapes and wondering how I could recreate it on paper at home, a voice said, “oh, that looks interesting, is it sacred geometry?” I looked up to see an absolute vision with a beautiful warm smile, bright clear eyes and a charming handsome face. I showed him the cover and indeed the title was ‘Sacred Geometry’. He then said “that is interesting”, as he reached into his jacket pocket and removed an A4 sheet of paper, unrolled it and showed me the exact design which was on the page that I had open and had been staring at in this little randomly chosen book! He told me why he carries it around with him and we talked for ages while he showered me with compliments, asked me about myself and really listened with interest. He openly shared much about his life, his childhood, his family, his work, his goals and his dreams. I thank the Universe for bringing him into my experience, it was a joy to meet this lovely man and revel in the enchantment of such a delightful conversation with an absolute stranger.”

“I love the A-Z Appreciation process. It makes me feel so happy and relaxed. I was walking down New Bond Street, appreciating the wealth and beauty in my mind: “A- Abundance, B- Beautiful clothes, C- Cartier, D-Dolce and Gabbana…” Whilst I was doing this, I strolled past Tiffany and noticed that in the window was an A-Z window display! There were heart shapes surrounding writing: “D is for Diamonds… E is for Embrace… L is for love… I is for Irresistible”- more ideas for my blissful process! What a wonderful instant manifestation.”

“I was reading an article about a model, Erin O’Connor, who was in a series of Marks & Spencer adverts- and I remembered a particular advert from years ago that she was in. I liked the music on this advert but I couldn’t remember the lyrics to look it up on Google…. Later that same day, when I was in a changing room trying on clothes, the song came on! (And I wasn’t even in Marks & Spencer). It was the first time I’d heard it since the advert (I later found out that that was back in 2006). I love how the Universe seems to be always at hand to answer my questions- even seemingly trivial ones like this. Ever since I came to your workshops my life seems to have become a series of magical events like this- so thank you. (The song, for everyone who wants to know is Make me smile (Come up and see me) by Steve Harley).”

“A couple of weeks ago while walking along a London high street I noticed two dogs, one tied up outside a shop the other tied to the kerbside railings, both barking and jumping and pulling on their leads towards each other across the pavement. Leaving little room between them, they seemed to control the pathway as several people stepped off the kerb, choosing to walk in the road to go around them. I was not brought up around animals and was taught by significant adults to fear all kinds of dogs but since following the teachings of Abraham/Law of Attraction, I understand that well-being flows. I was feeling good and expected to stay in my Vortex, so their behaviour did not bother me, I just accepted that they were communicating and doing what dogs do. I approached, they stopped barking, ceased jumping, eased off their leads, allowing me to pass. Once clear they resumed their barking, dominated the pavement, pulling on their leads and lunging as before. I didn’t need validation but if I did that would do nicely!”

“I had received an e-mail that took me ‘out of the zone’ and was unsure what to do about it. As I have often found in these situations, the Universe always does know exactly what to do. That evening, I was at the gym and I went into the chapel (I know it sounds strange but there is a chapel at this particular gym). I mentally asked for a sign to give me more faith. I opened up the prayer book at a ‘random’ page and in front of me was a Focus Wheel, drawn out on the page! In the centre of the wheel was an affirmative statement about having more faith and belief. Around the outside, someone had written evidence for that, such as ‘When I felt lost last year you were there for me and it all worked out’ etc. When I looked through the rest of the prayer book- every other page was filled with conventional prayers written out.”

“I have been consistently doing the Law of Attraction techniques for about six months now. There have been several wonderful manifestations, I see more and more evidence of my alignment and my wellbeing has significantly increased. A recent positive experience was when I was driving in my car and I was inspired to look at the clock and it was 11:11 and the temperature was 11 degrees celsius. I quickly took a  picture and I thanked the universe as I was reminded that I am being supported and guided.”

“I thought I would practice applying the Law of Attraction by imagining a vegetable that I fancied eating that was native to where I from originally, ‘a chayote’. I am living in England currently where they are not very common. I wanted to see if the Law of Attraction would bring it to me without me seeking it out. I also decided that not only did I want to manifest the vegetable but that I wanted it in a meal so I imagined the taste of it cooked. A month or two later I was at home and my flat mate said that I could take some of the stew that she had made into work for my lunch. When I started eating it I realised that there was chayote in it and my flat mate is not even from the country I am from! Whilst this is a fairly simple manifestation it reminded me that everything would be good in all areas of my life and that life is on my side.”

“I walked home after your group last week and the centre of London was glowing- I felt love for everyone I saw – It was a moment of enlightenment and I wanted to thank you for that as I feel this way every time I visit! And a success story that happened to me: I was walking along the road in a fantastic mood – as I had just done 30 minutes of your techniques in a cafe. Suddenly, I went into a vision where I ‘saw’ a friend I hadn’t seen for ten years; and I intuitively knew I was going to see her. I even planned in my mind what I was going to say to her. I went into a meeting, and forgot about this vision. When I walked out I turned around and there was this friend, waiting for me in the lobby. She said she had had a sudden thought to look me up and come and see me and she asked me why I didn’t seem surprised. I told her about the vision and we went to a restaurant and had a wonderful time.”

“I was talking about the appreciation list and I mentioned flowers as something I really love- at that point I was really appreciating them. In the evening two friends came to dinner and they both brought a gorgeous bouquet! I had also bought some roses so now I live in a greenhouse…”

“I was running toward Waterloo station to get the tube, and I got to the gate where you swipe your travel card and realised I hadn’t got my card, which had been in my hand. I had recently put money on it… I took a deep breath and calmly walked out and back down the street, thinking that in the rush hour someone was bound to have picked it up – but I brought my attention back to my breath. My eyes caught something and there, in the road, glinting in the street lights, was the familiar blue of the travel card, with hundreds of people walking past it. I calmly walked out and picked it up. It’s amazing that it was in the road, as that was far from the wide pavement I was walking on, but I figured the Universe placed it there so I could easily spot it away from the crowds. Life seems to work out in my favour – and I have many examples like this – since attending your groups.”

“I was at a spiritual group and a white butterfly flew into the room. I had been at another group in the same room a few days before and had seen a white butterfly out of the window. I thought it was positive as I associate butterflies with good things happening as I have previously seen butterflies in the most unlikely places and good things have occurred afterwards. This experience felt doubly significant as just prior to going to the group I was listening to a recording from a spiritual teacher that I like and they were talking about how animals and nature can give us positive signs. I love these reminders that we live in a loving universe that is aware of us.”

“I was doing your techniques in the most spectacular café and thinking about miracles when I turned to my right and a book called ‘miracles’ was left on a table, seemingly waiting for me to discover it. I read a few pages and it was exactly around the specific subject I had been thinking about. And the other day I saw someone semi-famous but wasn’t sure it was them – until a friend loudly called them by name from across the street. These instantaneous answers are getting quicker and more magical. There was also a quite amazing healing – which I will share at the group or for a future newsletter… I am feeling a real childlike sense of adventure about Life – and although this city is not new to me, I feel like a student on my first trip here – and I feel/look that young too from doing this ‘work’! Thank you for helping me rediscover the fun and excitement of Life and realise that it is easier than I was making it.”

“I was thinking about someone who means a lot to me and at that moment a bird landed on my bedroom window sill and stayed there for a few minutes looking in at me. At the same time someone close to me texted to say hello. Later on I met up with them and I mentioned about the bird on the window sill and their message coming in and how I felt that this was a positive sign from the person I was thinking of. They then said that they had been inspired to text me because they had just seen a white bird. I love knowing that source is always aware of us.”

“I have been seeing more and more evidence of the power of being in a state of positive emotion. Whilst some of the experiences are quite simple things, I was reflecting that regular occurrences of these sorts of things makes for a very happy life. The occurrences have included meaningful conversations with strangers on buses, buying things in the supermarket and the total cost having all of the numbers the same such as £4.44 without me having tried to make that happen, getting to several different pedestrian crossings on the same occasion and them instantly turning to green, and feeling strong appreciation for friends and them sending me kind messages.”

“There was a school of acting play I really wanted to see however I found myself with only a short time before the performance, at home and not ready to leave. So I said to myself: ‘Using the Law of Attraction, I am going to the see this play and get there on time’. I continued to get ready but at some point it occurred to me it was now physically impossible as the theatre was too far away. Then I thought: ‘Regardless of this, using the Law of Attraction, I am going to see this play and I’m going to be on time.’ The question came into my head, but how can I be on time, when it is physically impossible? I then remembered that the school of acting, put on their plays at various theatres. Perhaps I had got the venue wrong and it was at a closer venue? I checked and sure enough, it was at a much closer theatre. I finished getting ready, but it took so long, I noticed it was now only theoretically possible to get to the closer theatre on time. I would need: a) to get a bus straight away on leaving my home, (I did), b) it would need to go straight into the city centre without hardly, stopping, for anyone (this was very unusual) and c) the usual traffic jam, would have to be missing (it was). I arrived with a few minutes to spare and was not surprised to hear, the person selling me the ticket, say: “You’ve got the last ticket”. I went in and there were only a few seats left. I saw a seat I wanted; hoping to get to it first. I rushed toward it; while thinking the person I had decided to sit closest to, might be part of the synchronicity. Just as I was about to sit down on the seat I had selected, I noticed (to my amazement) that I had chosen to sit next to one of my Facebook friends, who I had done my acting diploma with years ago and hadn’t seen for 3 yrs! In the intermission and later on, on Facebook, I and my friend, talked about issues interesting to him. Unbeknownst to him they were also issues I was dealing with, concerning my Law of Attraction visualisations/perfect life, and he was able to give me practical insights I had been wanting for years into those areas, some of which related to the course he was now on.”

“Forgiveness had been on my mind. I used your techniques and got into a place where I had moved beyond the anger I was feeling. Later on I knew that there was a page about forgiveness in one of my favourite books- I picked up the book, opened it ‘at random’, and there was the page, ‘The healing path of forgiveness’. I love little signs like this that show me I’m never alone.”

“I met up with a friend who was telling me about the steel band he plays in. As he was talking, in my mind played the intro for ‘Under the Sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and I was telling him how much I loved the sound but that strangely I hadn’t seen a live steel band for years and wanted to. He mentioned that he plays in Brixton and you often see steel bands there- though I have been travelling through Brixton most days for about four years and haven’t seen or heard any, perhaps due to my bus route.

The very next day as I was feeling very connected, I looked out of the window of the bus (on my normal bus route) as it passed through Brixton and there was a distinctive looking couple I recognised from Oxford Street where I had been- which I thought was a funny ‘coincidence’ seeing them again. Then I saw someone else I recognised from my shopping trip (and it was a very busy day). Then suddenly I heard a familiar instrument and a familiar tune… It was the sound of steel drums and yes, we had passed at the exact moment they were playing ‘Under the Sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. What are the chances of that?!”

“I love the synchronicities that happen which feel like an indicator that I’m on track. I was away for a few days when I read a random passage in an inspirational book which I noticed was numbered 8, I was staying in room number 8 and then I went to do some shopping and the total bill came to £8.88.”

“I was waiting to do an educational course with a particular popular teacher who rarely taught in the UK. It seems that he was never going to take a course here in London- he hadn’t for years- and was based in the US- and there were about 60 or so possible leaders so the odds that he would take a class were small. I made peace with the fact, and followed my intuition and signed up for the next course anyway. It was led by a teacher who was ‘ok-ish’- but my guidance had still said to go for it and book on it. A week later, a friend told me that something had been re-arranged and the leader I wanted had ‘swapped’ to lead the course I was doing! It was amazing how I followed guidance, stopped ‘needing’ things to change- and then they did.”

“I have been doing the Law of Attraction practices regularly for a while now and so many amazing things have happened that have really reinforced my faith in the Law of Attraction.

The other day I walked around my hallway, stairwell and landing with a paint brush and bucket making a mental photo of the painting job that I plan to do and shortly after one of my friend’s sent me photos of her stairwell, hallway and landing proclaiming she had just finished painting at 11.30 at night! Then I was inspired to send my friend a quote by Desiderata about being a ‘Child of the universe’ and she said that the quote was read on her wedding day, which I had no idea about.

I have been focused on a creative project and working with gold plating and a real coincidence was that I spoke to a friend and she told me that her Dad works with gold plating and that I should get in touch.

I wore my polo neck with angel wing crystals on the back. I went to the swimming pool on the same day and a man jumped into the pool with angel wing tattoos across his shoulders in the exact same shape and size. Also, whilst at the pool I saw a lady wearing the same swimming costume that I have!

Finally, in meditation I have been experiencing nudges across my shoulders blades as I asked for protection and I feel like I am surrounded by angels.

With all of these experiences, I feel comforted and confirmed that I am guided.”

“I had to be at an appointment at a certain time, and I had just heard an announcement that the train I had booked got cancelled. From practicing your techniques, I automatically stayed calm – and when I checked I saw the train I had booked was going a long way round anyway. The train I was able to get instead was an ‘upgrade’ – a fast train that got there even quicker than the earlier one I’d booked. Plus a guy got on and sat next to me and I could feel there was ‘something there’- we’ve exchanged numbers and plan to meet. On my journey I got a message asking if the meeting could happen twenty minutes earlier, which was now possible due to the earlier train and the train cancellation. I love how things which seem a ‘problem’ turn out to be on my side, when I am able to get out of my own way and relax. This happens in many areas of my life nowadays thanks to your work.”

“Meditation has given me a lot more intuition. I had spoken to a friend about a well-known person I kept seeing around London for the past 8 years- though we’d never spoken. I found myself saying to this friend, who was mentioning him too, ‘I have a feeling we will meet him soon when we’re together and speak to him’. The very next week we were at a famous landmark together, miles from London, and who should come walking up to us, that very person- Just the three of us were there! We spoke briefly… I don’t know what it all meant… But it’s woken me up to just how vast and incredible Life is, and the power of this work.”

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