Presence and the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Presence and the Law of AttractionLove is paying attention.” Thich Nhat Hanh

According to the Law of Attraction, all of us have a broader non-physical part of ouselves which is pure positive energy and which expands into more as a result of our life experiences.

We are always physically present but our experience of life depends upon the extent to which we are also spiritually present which may described in terms of how much of the energy or consciousness of the broader non-physical part of ourselves we are allowing to flow through us at any moment in time. When we are spiritually present we have a deeper and richer experience of life, life feels more meaningful, we feel our connection to everyone and everything, we feel supported and more of what is wanted manifests. In addition, when we are in a state of presence it positively impacts those around us.

Cultivating Presence

The presence of our real self is always there for us but we have to be on the right frequency to experience it. From a Law of Attraction perspective we can cultivate presence by either distracting our mind from anything that is challenging us or through focusing positively on our past, present or future.

Meditation is helpful in increasing presence as it connects us more with our true self by distracting us from any not good feeling thoughts.

As the Law of Attraction explains that our true self is constantly expanding and becoming more as a result of living life, focusing on how we want to feel or what we would like to experience in the future brings us into greater alignment with the presence of our true self. Presence can also be increased by transforming any contradictory beliefs that we might have as in the absence of any contradictory beliefs we would naturally have the presence of our real self.

Wherever you place your foot, there rests a blessing.” Rumi

Finally, focusing on anything that we appreciate in our current life will increase our presence as this tunes us to the frequency of our true self which is in a state of appreciation and sees the best in everyone and everything.

By regularly applying the Law of Attraction techniques overtime we will continue to experience more of the presence of our real self.


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