Prioritising Happiness, by Tracy Friend


Prioritising Happiness“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Dalai Lama

According to the Law of Attraction the reason why we want certain things is because we believe that we will feel happier when we receive them or experience them. The Law of Attraction techniques can be used to prioritise feeling happy now even before those things that are wanted have come into our lives.

Prioritising happiness sets us up for a significantly more enjoyable and happy life as whilst we will very likely still have certain desires, we will be cultivating perhaps the most important skill that anyone could develop, being able to feel happy irrespective of conditions. We are therefore in less of a perpetual state of one thing manifesting and then wanting the next thing to manifest in order to feel happy, without enjoying all of the good that has already manifested and that is currently in our lives.

Focusing on being happy irrespective of conditions may sound paradoxical to creating your ideal life but actually being on a ‘happy frequency’ makes the journey to what you want more enjoyable and increases the speed at which wanted things can come into your life.

Whilst it might seem that your happiness is dependent upon what has or hasn’t yet manifested in your life, the Law of Attraction explains that by far the most significant factor that influences how you feel is whatever you are currently focused upon. Therefore if there are things in your life that are pleasing whilst it can make it easier to focus positively, it is possible to focus irrespective of the conditions.

A lot has been said about the power of the present moment and being in the now, from a Law of Attraction understanding however what is important is doing your best to be happy now whether you are focusing on the past, present or future to do so.

One question that you can ask to help shift your focus onto happiness is “What does happiness mean to me?” and to then write down whatever comes into your mind.

Another question, that can assist you in changing your thinking to enhance happiness is “What is good in my current life?”

Finally, it can be powerful to list all of the peak experiences of happiness that you have had throughout your life and to then write “Why did I feel happy at those times?”

Tips For Prioritising Happiness:

  • If possible devote some time to meditation and the Law of Attraction processes first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day

  • When you are already feeling happy, it is easier to ‘milk’ your good feeling mood to make this more permanent. However, that’s not to say that if you’re not feeling good that it can’t be shifted – it can

  • Following your own inner guidance makes it easier to be happy

  • If you notice any not good feeling thoughts coming up, try and identify what the opposite thoughts and beliefs may be and do your best to practice those


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