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The ‘Creating a Wonderful Life’ CD has been designed as a tool to assist you in using the power of guided visualisation to bring all of your dreams and desires into fruition. ‘Creating a Wonderful Day’ is an uplifting visualisation featuring enlivening music by accomplished musician Max Highstein, which allows you to begin your day energised and with a positive focus. On ‘Creating a Wonderful Life’, you are taken on a journey to bring forth the ideal life that you want. This track is accompanied by the evocative music of the internationally acclaimed composer Nigel Shaw.

Track listing:

  1. Introduction [3:20]
  2. Creating a Wonderful Day [13:06]
  3. Creating a Wonderful Life [10:08]
“Thank you Tracy, I have never been able to visualise previously but with your uplifting, soothing voice I was able to see myself living my ideal life.” SJ, London, UK
“Listening to these visualisations has allowed me to completely let go and relax whilst also giving me a new renewed zest for life.” MH, Edinburgh, UK
“One of the most powerful visualisations I’ve heard.” LA, New York, US
“I have incorporated the Creating a Wonderful Day visualisation as part of my morning routine and I now start my day feeling happier, calmer and more excited about life.” JS, Bristol, UK

For track 2 ‘Creating a Wonderful Day’ background music is used by permission: Full Circle from the album, Touch The Sky by Max Highstein,
For track 3 ‘Creating a Wonderful Life’ background music is used by permission: Bird Spirit Land from the Album, The Lone Tree by Nigel Shaw,

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