Whether you are wanting to allow a partner into your life or to positively transform your current relationship in this three part instant access online training guided by Tracy Friend you will learn how to apply the Law of Attraction to awaken to new possibilities and to live more consistently in a state of love. You will be empowered with simple and powerful exercises to help you tune yourself to the frequency of love, which will begin to draw more love into your life. Included in the training are nine powerful ‘Tuning to Love Tools’ provided in PDF format for you to keep. Tracy shares what she has learnt and pioneered through facilitating hundreds of events across the UK and US over the last decade, about what works when applying the Law of Attraction in the area of love relationships.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn to utilize the Law of Attraction to align with your ideal relationship
  • Discover how to allow more love into your life
  • Learn how to tune yourself to the frequency of love
  • Let go of any thought habits that have been blocking your ideal relationship

What’s included in the training:

Instant access self-paced training to help you learn at your own pace

Three 30 Minute recorded classes to help you apply the Law of Attraction in your life

Ability to repeat classes as many times as you want

Detailed explanation of how to do key Law of Attraction techniques with time for you to do them live on the course

Nine Law of Attraction written practical tools provided in PDF format

Training outline:

  • Stage 1: My Ideal Relationship
  • Stage 2: Tuning to Love – Part I
  • Stage 3: Tuning to Love – Part II

What you’ll need to participate:

  • Access to a printer, to print off the PDF templates before starting the training.
  • A pen and something to lean on for writing.
  • Please note that the course files come in a .zip file which can be downloaded to a computer but can’t be downloaded to an iPad or phone.
  • Please note that the course videos are in Windows Media File (WMV) format.
  • WMV files can be opened with Windows Media Player.
  • If you are using a Mac, the course should be able to be played with Apple’s Media Player ‘QuickTime’ or the open-source media player ‘VLC’.
  • If you are using the Media Player QuickTime on a Mac you may need to download the Windows Media Components for QuickTime to enable you to play the WMV file. This is available at the following web-link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-media-components-quicktime
  • To get the maximum benefit from the training, it is recommended to do one of each of the three stages, once a week for three weeks as this will give the opportunity to do the suggested practices in-between the stages.
  • Speakers or headphones for your computer.
  • Internet access to download the course.
  • After registering for the course, you will be sent an email containing a download link from which you can download all of the course content. The subject of the email will be “Your order from the Law of Attraction Centre”. Please note the email is usually sent instantly but can take up to about fifteen minutes to arrive.


Tracy Friend

Tracy teaches online and in-person across Europe, the US and Asia sharing profound yet practical techniques that positively improve people’s lives. She has created visualisations, online courses, a free daily online meditation and offers one-to-one Law of Attraction coaching. She is the founder of Liberating the Heart with teachings for creating your reality and awakening more deeply to your true nature. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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