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Law of Attraction moving home

“I was looking for two more house mates to live with and didn’t know where to start. I wanted people who I would get on well with and who would get on well with one another. And I needed this fast… Like in a week! Feeling completely overwhelmed, I surrendered it all to the Universe. On the Saturday I had arranged to see a lot of people and it seemed really intense to conduct so many viewings. And just as I had that thought, someone phoned to cancel. And then, more people began cancelling, which I thought was strange. In the end, just two people came to view the flat. I got on with them so well and they both got on well with one another. Thank you, Universe.”

“Since writing requests for my new home, appreciating where I was living at the time – I wanted to tell you that I’ve moved into my ‘dream’ apartment in an area I never thought I could have afforded. I didn’t buy it the usual way, a friend-of-a-friend let me know about it before it was on the market, I ‘clicked’ with the owner and she let me have it at a really good price as she ‘didn’t need the money’ and liked me – that’s a whole success story in itself. And since moving in, I wanted to furnish my home in a beautiful way that would fit the area, but wondered how: And so I put it on the Universe List. Discovering a love for auctions and even car boot sales and a skill with finding the best items, I have turned my place into a show home at a bargain price.”

“I went to a Law of Attraction Centre workshop several months ago. I did a Focus Wheel on the subject of selling my house- which had been on the market for well over six months. The following Monday I had an offer from a viewing I had weeks before, and had heard nothing. We accepted- and now the house is sold.”

“I recently moved to Australia. When I arrived, I hadn’t yet found a place to live and so was staying at a friend’s apartment. I saw a beautiful harbour-side apartment block and thought how perfect this would be for me. I put it straight on the Universe List. The very next day, I was introduced to a friend-of-a-friend who ‘just happened’ to be an Estate Agent. She showed me some properties- one of which was in the very same block I had admired! I moved in a few days later and it was perfect- fully furnished and at a good price- just as I’d requested on my Universe List. The only minor thing was, I noticed, there was no toilet roll. I was in a rush to go out and so I put on the Universe List “Bring me some toilet roll”. I went to the pub where I was meeting a friend and there was a quiz on. I won the ‘joke prize’ which just happened to be… a twelve-pack of toilet rolls.”

“I was searching and searching for almost 3 months looking for a flat or house share with likeminded people and within my budget with not much success. I focused on the area that I was living in and where I felt at home with but couldn’t find anything and anything that I did see was either too expensive or if I did like it was rejected. I had no choice but to look in other areas that were less desirable locations and would mean I would have further to travel. After a gruelling 3 months of endless searching on the internet, sending out emails, visiting houses, meeting random people etc., I eventually then gave and surrendered. I decided to stop punishing myself and to stop putting my life on hold. I went to my favourite place in London and treated myself to an hour of reflexology. I told the therapist exactly what was going on, my head was full of indecision and anxious thoughts. She told me not to think for the full hour and just totally relax, and then when I came out of the session my head would be clearer. That night I went on the internet typed in the exact post code where I wanted to live, a place came up that was within my budget. I then rang the woman and spoke with her went to see the room that night, it was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted!”

“When I finally had to flat hunt, every day I’d write down ‘Bring me the perfect living space’.  Two weeks after I’d started flat hunting I found the perfect place to live. An amazingly cute little mews house in Holland Park at a price that I could afford. Finding the place and moving in was so very smooth and stress free. I think because I thanked each and every thing about my current life so much and genuinely felt happy to be where I was, this brought me into better alignment. I just believed and felt good about where I was and then forgot about it. Seemed to work!”

“I love how the Law of Attraction works. I had a week to find a new place to live and was panicking. I was having dinner with a friend, and he told me to describe it, refusing to let me complain. So I did, in detail. I really got into the feeling, imagining the colours of the rooms, views from the window and comfortable, beautiful furniture. When I got in, I had an email from the friend I had dined with. He had got home and discovered an email from another friend looking for someone to rent her flat, as she was leaving the country for a few years- and it fitted my exact ‘visualisation’ description! It seemed to have come in at the same time we were talking about what I wanted, too It’s now three years on and I’m just about to leave this ‘dream flat’ (and it really has been perfect). I will be using the same process to find my next home- and feel a lot more relaxed this time.”

“On my Universe List I was running out of ideas of what else I wanted. I thought about the state of our rental flat and decided it would be rather nice if the landlord did something to improve it, I wrote down a couple of suggestions and included the words ‘paint and improve the outside of the building’. To be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope. About 2 weeks later we received an email from the letting agent, imagine my surprise when it was to inform us that the outside of the property will be painted! This work has not been done in at least 3-5 years!! Amazing.”

“I wanted to really recommend the Universe List. I had already moved once and didn’t want to move again so soon as I loved the area I was in. But this time it was to a home with my soul mate (who I definitely manifested meeting through the Law of Attraction) – and so there was a lot to look forward to. So I put ‘Bring me a beautiful, ideal home at a wonderful, affordable price.” And “Make my move easy and effortless.” Within days the perfect home (at a wonderful price) came to us- and it was right across the road making moving easy and effortless.”

“I had been getting signs to move to another home- but I was very comfortable where I was. After writing on my Universe List ‘Bring me a wonderful new home at a price I can easily afford’, and ‘Guide me to the perfect place for me’, an easy and clear opportunity came up as I got an offer to move to a wonderful new home. Now I had to tell the landlord of where I was already staying- and I didn’t want to leave him in an uncomfortable place with short notice. A few days later, he contacted me to see if we could speak and then said that circumstances had changed and he needed to let out my apartment to his daughter fairly soon. He seemed nervous telling me this, also wanting me to be OK too- but he was amazed (as was I) when we realised the synchronicity in this- my chosen ‘move out’ date and his daughter’s ‘move in’ date were in days of one another! And I certainly took this as a sign that the move was the right thing for me.”

“I was finding it challenging to relax at home as I could frequently hear my neighbour having arguments. Knowing about the Law of Attraction technique of practising appreciation of particular people I decided to do my best to appreciate my neighbour. To begin with I found it hard to think of more than about two things. As I did it more frequently it became easier and after a meditation I suddenly felt relief as the thought came to me that “she’s doing the best that she can”. Following that meditation in a dream I saw myself saying goodbye to her as she was moving house. After the dream I never saw the neighbour again as she actually did move house. I love how when we do our best to appreciate people the universe will improve things and I also believe that our positive focus benefits them.”

“I was searching to find a property and nothing suitable was coming up. I realised I was overthinking things and trying too hard so I pulled back from looking. A few days later I did my morning practices and when I was doing my appreciation list I then found myself spontaneously going into a script describing my ideal home. The script seemed to be writing itself as I got images of a very specific house. I was guided to go online- and a house which resembled the one I had imagined had just gone on the market, that very day. I’m viewing it next week and know it’s going to be something special… Another reminder that when I relax and step back from my mind chatter, things happen as if by magic.”

“I had been hoping to buy a home of my own for a while. I visualised what I wanted which was a four bed house, with a garden, in a safe location and close to my family. I also focused on what decor I would like and what I would use my rooms for- a mediation space was high on the priority list! The exact house I wanted on the exact road I love came to me so easily! People sometimes say moving is stressful, but I found the whole process ran smoothly and easily- due to the Law of Attraction!”

“I was wondering how I was going to get on the property ladder in London, with the prices being what they are. I knew what kind of place I wanted, right near the centre of London (Zone 1), with some outside space- I’d ‘seen’ it clearly in my imagination. Estate agents were trying to talk me out of this however and get me to move further out of the area as they thought it was impossible to get that for my budget- which part of me understood, but I just had a feeling that something would come up. Plus, I knew about your processes. I committed to a daily routine of meditation, appreciation with some of the visualising techniques too. I relaxed about the whole thing. Not long after, as I was going about my day, I found out that someone in my yoga class was selling a property in central London and wanted a quick sale. My guidance said ‘yes’ and I approached her. I went round the next day for a viewing and a tea- It was just as I had felt my home would be, with a private outside terrace- and better still it had a really spiritual vibe due to its previous owner (who has since become a friend- so two manifestations in one!). We closed the deal and it was within my budget. I’m looking forward to moving in soon and now know exactly the processes required to manifest in the future.”

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