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Cultivating Peace of Mind

Cultivating Peace of Mind, by Tracy Friend

“How do I become still? By flowing with the stream.” Lao Tzu Peace of mind is often considered to be a state in which we are thinking less or not thinking; however, from a Law of Attraction understanding it isn’t so much about how much we are thinking but rather what we are thinking. We […]

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Letting the Universe Take Care of the How

Letting the Universe Take Care of the How, by Tracy Friend

“There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.” Mahatma Gandhi Before I learned about the Law of Attraction I remember hearing spiritual principles about the importance of relaxing and letting go. However, it didn’t always feel that comfortable to think about doing that as […]

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Enjoying the journey, by Michael James

There can be a tendency to get frustrated with where you are whilst waiting for what you want to manifest. You can also begin to wonder if you’re doing something wrong- or negatively compare where you are to where other people are. This is self-criticism and keeps you feeling stuck. Where you are is temporary- […]

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Relax, release and let go part 2

Relax, release and let go (part 2). By Michael James

For us to truly let go and begin relinquishing our control, we must have trust in a power beyond ourselves. This is not to deny our own power- for this power is part of us; it is our higher self. Some call this energy guardian angel- others speak of spirit guides. Some trust in the […]

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Relax, release and let go

Relax, release and let go. By Michael James

I used to constantly use the analytical part of my mind in my career as a journalist; finding statistics and other information, collating this, sorting that and offering my opinions. When I discovered the Law of Attraction teachings, I took this over-thinking into the realm of spiritual practice. My new questions were “Which technique do […]

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