Retreat Experiences

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for the last two days- everything you guys said really resonated with me one way or another and now I feel I have the tools to tackle any situation that comes my way. Secondly, I would like to share with you what I experienced last night: When I went to bed I actually felt this intense excitement about my future (which had gained even more momentum from talking to my mum about the weekend and her getting excited about it too) that I couldn’t sleep. Kind of like a little child at Christmas. The longer I couldn’t sleep the more I started reflecting on everything that was said and discussed over the weekend and started looking back on my own life and how it relates to me specifically. All of a sudden it all made complete sense and I could see this red thread going throughout my past. I realised that there is lots of evidence in the last few years that show that the Universe has created a very particular path for me and that I’ve been creating and visualising my ideal life from a very young age without even realising what I was doing. And almost like a light being switched on, I gained this utter clarity and I had this belief and absolute knowing that everything I ever wanted will come true. It has to. I know you were saying that all weekend and now probably think “told you so” but it didn’t really sink in deeply until looking at my own life in more detail. It was like all the clouds were just moved out of the way and I could see the beautifully shining sun/my true self right there in front of me. It was so overwhelming that I ended up crying for at least 10 minutes (and I haven’t cried in a long long time!). I know it’s a long journey to enlightenment but I think I saw a glimpse of it last night. It was an incredible feeling and I feel really lucky to have experienced it.

It has been a weekend of shift for me, I loved the exercises we were given and I intend to go back over them and expand on them as I have lots more to add to my “Appreciation List” for one. I treated myself to a piece of jewellery that I had fallen in love with from one of my favourite shops in Glastonbury, this was prior to getting to the workshop. I had visualised extra work coming in so that I could treat myself, lo and behold I got home to find a message from a developer with six new projects for me and another enquiry from a lady (all of them recommended by the same person). Even though I haven’t met them yet I can clearly see me stood with these clients admiring the end result and of course I can also see a nice dividend coming my way to the value of my necklace!! On a serious note I arrived on this course a lost soul, trying to work out what it was I needed in my life and I left knowing that I have everything that is important to me right here in the NOW, it can’t be bought, it can’t be seen, only felt in my heart. The next step is to visualise my perfect partner to share this wonderful journey with and I am going to make sure I take time to think this one through, he is one very special person.

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