Seminar Experiences

Here I am from the bottom of my heart genuinely feeling grateful for having attended a workshop, at last, that has brought me home!

For how I am feeling today I would never have thought possible and it’s through your loving guidance and support that I feel connected to authenticity.

Usually after one of these weekends I feel sort of ok, but then that old black cloud begins to hover over me again.

I have been on loads of courses in my lifetime journey and had one to ones with endless psychics and therapists to find that inner joy and peace,  which may have done it for others, but not for me..until yesterday . I am so happy to honestly feel I can say that this course has done it for me!

Yours is a workshop that easily and effortlessly shows you a simplistic way to remain in that place of totality ..the real self.. a course that allows you to embrace the cloud and turn life around ..

All I have to do is maintain and sustain it regularly and I know you have made it such that there are follow on meet ups should I need any support.

So this morning I woke up with that familiar dread and dark feeling in my stomach ..within a few minutes of focusing on the tools given, and just reading through my notes, I turned it around…and I haven’t even done the 15 minute meditation yet because I had to write this.

I am feeling inspired to ..dare I say.. write a book about my journey ..something I would never have expected.

This stuff really works!

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