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Law of Attraction Success Stories: Situations Resolved

Situations Resolved“I love how the Universe is always on our side and can surprise us in such comical and practical ways: I noticed that it was time for a new landline telephone- My phone had been playing up for a long time and finally stopped working altogether. I just casually wrote down “Bring me a new phone” on the Universe List and later that week, I was walking down my road and there outside a bin was a box of unwanted phones. I picked up the box and they seemed brand new. I went into a local restaurant that I know well and asked the guy who owns it if he would like a phone. I told him the story and he cynically assumed they must be broken, but when he put batteries in and tried it out, it worked as-new (as did mine). Another gift from the Universe! People say that it’s easier to manifest little things such as this and I think I know why- when something is ‘little’ we normally don’t hold onto it so much and obsess about it. We really don’t care- and this is a good thing, as I feel it gives the Universe room to work its magic!”

“We were on holiday- and there was an invasion of giant wasps in our accommodation block. They were over an inch long and big too. There must have been about forty or even more. Everything about them was more extreme compared to the normal wasps I have seen before- even their buzzing sounded like aeroplanes rather than insects! They were found in someone’s room and were infiltrating the block, cleverly coming under closed doors and even through keyholes! Everyone was scared- it reminded me of the film, Aliens, actually- though we all agreed it was kind of funny as well, because these creatures were still so much smaller than us, yet managing to take over the place and drive us out. We all congregated in the relative safety of the communal lounge and someone, who had an interest in Shamanism, wondered what the message they were bringing to us was. And I too, knowing about Law of Attraction, wondered about this also. Then I suggested that we try to appreciate the wasps- because I’d read years ago about a woman who said to rats and mice and unwanted insects in her house ‘I love you very much, now please leave’- and they did. She got to a place of seeing their positive aspects. This woman explained that most people are afraid or angry towards them and so they stay- ‘What you resist, persists’. When I told everyone this, a few people found it ridiculous. But we agreed to give it a go and spoke out loud: The wasp’s nice yellow and black stripes (that didn’t work, we laughed, as we didn’t really like that)… Their intelligence to make a buzzing sound… Their wanting to feel good and their right to exist… The fact that God had created them. Soon we got going and thought of many things, and started to genuinely find the wasps OK- even to like them. When we all came back that evening after a day out, all the wasps were gone. Every single one of them.”

“We were in the car, in an area we didn’t know and almost out of petrol. We were driving around aimlessly for miles, searching for a petrol station. It was a semi-rural area and it seemed there wouldn’t be one and I could tell all three of us were in a kind of desperate vibration. Then I remembered to ask the Universe- Archangel Michael, actually. I closed my eyes (I wasn’t the driver!) and I said to myself “Archangel Michael, bring us to a petrol station, now”. I opened my eyes and felt a calm, relaxing feeling. Within thirty seconds I saw a pub to the right of us called “The Angel Inn” and seconds after that a petrol station on the left. I love these little examples of how loved and guided we always are.”

“After a long and hard hike I decided to get an Uber cab back into town. As I was leaving the car the driver very distinctly said ‘please check you haven’t left anything’, so I did, and all was good. A few hours later it became apparent that I’d lost my brand new, uninsured, iPhone 6, but there was an inner calm when I realised, because deep down I knew all was fine and that I hadn’t lost it at all, I just couldn’t see it right now. I half expected to discover it in my bag later that evening – even though my friend and I had searched my bag thoroughly, many times. I decided to email Uber just in case, and then I stopped thinking about it and carried on shopping and lunching with my friend. Later that evening the Uber driver had found my phone in his car and delivered it straight to my door. Most would say that I just hadn’t seen it when I checked the backseat, but I’m not so sure… Due to your fantastic work, I took the loss of a £700 phone as a compliment from the universe. It was saying to me, ‘you’re wealthy enough to lose this very expensive phone’, and by accepting the loss in the moment and not panicking, I was saved from any unnecessary stress.”

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