Soundscape: Meditation CD and Booklet, Nikki Slade (with Michael James)

Soundscape Nikki Slade

Are you looking to deepen your practice of meditation? Or perhaps you find it difficult to meditate? Are you wanting to calm your mind and feel more relaxed? Or enjoy a better night’s sleep? This groundbreaking CD from pioneering voice facilitator Nikki Slade provides the answers to these questions and so much more.


Soundscape is also ideal for relaxation and visualisation, yoga savasana practice- and the perfect accompaniment to the Law of Attraction teachings. It is for anyone who wants to make meditation an easier experience- or those who want to anchor-in a daily practice.


This Law of Attraction Special Edition features an inspiring booklet by Michael James, which offers insights on spiritual philosophy and techniques to meditate.


Track listing:
  1. New Beginnings (Morning meditation)
  2. Ananda (Blissful meditation)
  3. Deep Meditation
  4. Sadhana/Retreat (Evening meditation)
“This has transformed my experience with the Law of Attraction” Paul W, London
“I have been trying to meditate for 22 years and finally can thanks to Soundscape” Fiona T, Oxford
“Blissful and relaxing” Simona, Santa Fe


Soundscape is available on Nikki Slade’s website at the following web-page: