Taking Inspired Action, by Tracy Friend


Taking Inspired Action“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

Taking action that is inspired from our soul could be thought of in terms of doing things that are inspired from our true essence.

In order to take inspired action we need to be in alignment with our true essence which according to the Law of Attraction is on the frequency of love and appreciation. By doing the Law of Attraction techniques that help us to feel more positive we will align with who we really are which knows what to do.

When we are taking inspired action, it may be described as feeling like a river moving as when we’re in alignment with our true self, we’re moving or flowing with the largest part of who we really are and we receive the benefit of that momentum.

When we’re following what could be called our intuition or our soul, we don’t always know what it’s leading us to but the fact that it feels good from a Law of Attraction understanding, is the indicator that it’s leading us in the direction of what will bring us the most joy.

There may be times when we might not be inspired to take any action and things manifest without any physical action being required. It doesn’t seem to be better or worse whether action is required or isn’t required, rather it seems to be that if we’re in alignment we’ll know whether any action is necessary or not.

Whilst inspired action usually has an effortless quality there may be occasions where a lot of action is inspired but in those instances it would feel like action that we want to do.

How to take Inspired Action

Regularly focusing on our end goal or dream in as much detail as we’ve so far clarified, helps us to match the feeling place of what is wanted and then any action that is necessary in order for it to manifest will be inspired. If you don’t know exactly what you want, by focusing on how you want to feel, through the Law of Attraction you will then gain greater clarity about what will bring you the most joy and any action that is required for that to manifest.

Thinking about all of the reasons why you want what you want in addition to thinking about what you want can also assist in bringing your mind into greater alignment with your true self which knows how to get you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

“In the lake of intuition, free from the waves of thought, the yogi can see the unruffled reflection of the moon of the soul.” Yogananda As meditation quiets our mind and gradually releases us from any contradictory thoughts, it allows us to be more aware of our intuition which often comes in the form of subtle promptings.

Finally, by remembering previous times when we’ve felt guided or when we’ve felt our intuition assists with putting us into a state in which we can receive further inspiration.

It may be helpful to note that sometimes there might be the feeling that something feels intuitively right to do but that now isn’t the right time to take action in which case it can be good to continue with the Law of Attraction exercises and to wait until an action feels completely inspired.

Depending on what your beliefs currently are on a particular subject it may sometimes take doing the Law of Attraction techniques for a little while to gather momentum to align your thinking with what you want and to have access to your intuition. However, when your thinking is in alignment with what you want it doesn’t take that much focus to then keep your thinking in alignment with what you want.

Some traditions view the soul as fixed and not changing however from a Law of Attraction perspective, the broader part of us is constantly evolving and becoming more as a result of our living life. Therefore having a regular Law of Attraction practice helps us to transform our thinking to match this expansion and to continue to receive guidance.


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