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Telling a new story (part 2), by Michael James


Telling a New Story II

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life.” Abraham

Once you achieve a vibrational shift on a subject (i.e. a sustained feeling of relief) you have created a thought that is next time easier to find and return to. And on it goes. In other words- the more often you tell the new story of your life the easier it becomes to tell the new story. So keep on going!

You might think you can’t do it, and that every time you try, you revert back to the old story. But that is a story. You are finding it easier and easier to change. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve being in your old way of thinking- with consistent practice you can shift a lifetime habit in a relatively short time. I know- because I have changed my story on subject after subject.

“I can’t change- I’ve been telling this same old story for as long as I can remember” becomes I am willing to change. I know there must be people who have been where I am: Universe- bring me evidence of people who were once where I am, who have told a new story and have absolutely transformed their lives. They did it and I know I can do it.

It may shock you when you discover some of the negative stories you have been telling; when you see areas of your life that ‘aren’t working’ you will instantly know why. It is always the same- your life reflects the story you are telling. Change your story and your life will change to mirror your new story. Yes, it really is this simple.

When you are deep into an old pattern of thought and feeling the negative emotion that accompanies it, it may be too difficult to suddenly start telling an incredible-feeling story. For example, when you are depressed about money issues it may be too much of a jump to talk about your amazing wealth. You will know by how this new thought feels. If you can’t quite make the leap, go for something else: That successful guy was once where I am and look at him now… She was once single and now she’s with her dream partner etc… Keep going until you feel relief and keep going whether it’s self-talk, talk out-loud or writing.

In more uncomfortable moments, attempting the good-feeling story may put you into a battle with the old story and you won’t feel good. Feelings are your guidance to how you are doing. In these moments, it may feel better to do something else- go out with friends, exercise, watch uplifting television programmes, go to sleep… anything to distract yourself. When you are feeling better, begin to tell the new story.

The longer you continue with telling the new story the more you will establish this habit. So stay in the good feeling place and keep going. Don’t just try this process for one day and then give up. Just as a river creates a path of easiest flow down a mountain (carving out a canyon), your new thoughts will carve a path of easiest flow to more easily return to. The solution to addiction to old thoughts is to create new thought habits that feel good and before long this will be your new habit, on all subjects. The physical evidence to match your story will show up and it will become easier to believe, and on the cycle goes.

And there’s more good news: with the flow of this ‘river’ of thoughts on your side (there is only a stream of well-being)- you will create this new thought habit quickly.

Yes, it takes a consistent effort but it is enjoyable to tell the new story. When you have spare moments, rather than letting your mind idly wonder over ‘what is’ you can be visualising amazing things happening to you; a luxury holiday, you in an amazing outfit etc, having a great time with your soulmate.

Everything always works out for me

You can do it. Others have done it and are doing it and I know you can do it too.


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Michael James

Michael James

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