Tracy Friend

Tracy Friend Law of Attraction“One who loves will always be loved.” Tracy Friend

Tracy Friend is a world-leading authority on the Law of Attraction. Her pioneering approach has touched thousands of people’s lives across the UK, Europe, US and Asia. In addition to hosting regular groups, Tracy maintains a rigorous events schedule of workshops, seminars and retreats. As well as working with individuals, Tracy works with organisations to assist employees with maintaining a positive mental state and with realising their business and personal visions.

Tracy’s ventures also include the creation of Meditation 101 Live, a free online meditation experience with webinars every day, it provides a space for people to meditate with other’s from across the world. Tracy’s Creating a Wonderful Life, Living in Love, Love Relationships, Opening to Abundance and Happy Body visualisations have been designed as tools to assist you in using the power of guided visualisation to bring all of your dreams and desires into fruition. Tracy has also produced the on-demand online training courses: Living the Law of Attraction, the Law of Attraction & Love Relationships and Opening to Abundance. Tracy is currently writing her forthcoming book ‘Living in Love’. Tracy’s guidance in her one to one coaching practice is sought after by leading figures in the fields of business and mind, body & spirit.

Tracy holds a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol with her theoretical knowledge of Psychology taking on a whole new perspective when she embarked on her life’s purpose of living and teaching spiritual upliftment.

When Tracy is not running Law of Attraction events and coaching, she loves to travel, and to continue her life’s study of human potential and well-being.