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Law of Attraction Travel

“I’ve been going to the process groups for a while because they always seem to get me back on track and remind me that if I just let go of the constant planning in the head and just trust the universe with what I want, it usually appears. This was very true of a recent desire. I needed a break from work, not only was I feeling a little overwhelmed by it, I have a writing project that I know in my heart needs to get written. So I booked two weeks off. The only thing was, I write for a living so writing on my break seemed important but it wasn’t going to fulfil my body’s desire for sun, sea and a swimming pool. I looked into combining the two but after much ‘Do I? Don’t I?’ decided that I would save my money, write now, and hopefully holiday in the sun later in the year. I guess this was the right choice because on my last day of work before my break, a colleague came into my office and told me that I would need to go to Spain for a week – flying out on the last day of my writing break. So I get everything I want – a break to write followed by a week of sun, sea and swimming pools.”

“I heard someone in one of the workshops saying how they don’t try anymore, ever. So, when I saw my bus coming in the distance I gave it a go. I walked to the bus stop without exhausting myself in the process. Of course I missed the bus I saw, but 30 seconds behind it was an ‘express’ version of that bus. I casually walked on-board and arrived home twenty minutes earlier than I would have done if I’d caught the first bus.”

“I was doing the processes and getting into the zone before a long flight back home. On the crowded plane I had a free aisle seat next to me, I was offered a free alcoholic drink, two extra brownies. When I got talking to the air steward, he was fascinated with the Law of Attraction and said he would be coming to the Law of Attraction Centre when he was in London.”

“I needed a holiday and wondered where. The other morning, I walked out of my home and was met with magazines everywhere- and I mean magazines everywhere, about a hundred spread and thrown across the street and pavement. Rather than be shocked (and admittedly I did know that the wonderful street sweepers would clear it a little later on), I immediately looked for the positive aspects. I went up to some magazines and realised they were all the same- catalogues about Austria. I looked around me and said out loud ‘thank you- I hear you’. I know where I’m going this year.”

“I was on a long distance train from Scotland to London and in a great mood, even though it was very cold because the heating had broken. One of my favourite affirmations, which Louise Hay shared with me, is: ‘I am a beloved child of the Universe and the Universe loving takes care of me emotionally, mentally, physically, materially and spiritually before I even ask,’ so I repeated it to myself over and over as I snuggled into my seat and imagined I was snuggled up in my bed. I felt wonderful and totally forgot about the cold. Suddenly I was interrupted by an announcement that everyone on board was going to get a complimentary cabin and bed to compensate for the lack of heating! And within ten minutes I was snuggled up in bed, just as I’d imagined.”

“I was on a group holiday and everyone had brought such an abundance of supplies and food. I didn’t want to complain- but the one thing that was missing was tea and sugar. We went into our kitchen to unpack- it was empty apart from two full boxes which said simply ‘Tea’ and ‘Sugar’. Gifts from the Universe!”

“I was on an aeroplane and the meal arrived- and it was a meat dish. I only eat vegetarian or fish. I was a little irritated as I had booked a non-meat meal- And so I asked the hostess what was going on. She bluntly told me there were no vegetarian meals available. I argued back, but then realised that I needed to relax and get into a different vibration if I wanted a solution. So I cut the conversation short, and spent a few moments breathing deeply. The next thing I knew, a friendly hostess tapped me on the shoulder and asked me where my meal was. I explained and within moments this angelic woman brought me an exquisite seafood platter from business class- served on china plates and with silver cutlery! Another reminder to always get out of the way and distract myself when what looks like a problem comes up.”

“I had arrived at the flight desk in the airport and was nonchalantly told the ticket I had booked had been sold to someone else. ‘This is outrageous! How on earth could this happen?!’ I thought. I had to be in LA for an important meeting and had a very small window of time- So I felt I had to be on that flight. After a short time of complaining and explaining how angry I was to the staff, who apologised but said there was nothing they could do, I suddenly remembered to embrace what was going on and try to relax and ‘get myself out of the way’ for the Universe to deal with everything. Within a very short time, I was told that the airline had found me a space on the same flight in business class- and I was upgraded, free of charge. As you can imagine, my flight was incredibly luxurious- and the situation reminded me to hand everything over to the Universe when things seem like a problem, as it all so often works out even better than before ‘the problem’ happened!”

“I was in a foreign country at the airport waiting at baggage collection for my own luggage plus a very important suitcase full of film reels, which was for a festival later that evening. In all of the rush and excitement, I suddenly realised I couldn’t remember what the ‘film reel’ suitcase looked like, which belonged to an associate of mine. I knew it was black and medium-sized. The problem was, there was dozens of black and medium-sized suitcases coming out onto the carousel! I felt panic as I searched the bags. Then, another flight was called and the existing bags got piled up, with another stockload of bags coming out on the conveyer belt- many of them, again, black and medium-sized. Crowds of people were grabbing bags and wheeling them away and I felt nervous and the negative inner chatter started: “What if someone had taken the film reels? This movie was opening the event- what if it had been taken? How could I be so stupid?” Then I realised I was not on the right wavelength to find the bag. I needed to get into the Vortex. So I walked away to distract myself, and strolled around the airport. I took some deep breaths and felt some relief, appreciating shops and people around me. Suddenly, I was guided to walk in a certain direction towards a far corner, back at the baggage carousel. I looked down at a bag I didn’t recognise at all, checked it… And there it was, my bag full of film reels! I don’t believe I would have found it if I had stayed with my logical, worrying mind.”

“I decided to ‘test out’ the Universe List whilst running for the tube- the first leg of my journey. I was rushing for my overground train; I had about 19 minutes to make what was at least a twenty minute journey. Rather than give in and change my arrangements- or even run- I mentally asked the angels to make it so I could get my train (perhaps they could delay it?) When I reached the tube platform, a train pulled up immediately (the doors were even in the perfect place- opposite me). The train seemed to be going particularly fast- and barely waiting at the stops along the way. When I arrived at my stop, only four minutes had gone by! I calmly walked up to the station to get my tickets. I was even waiting before I could board. Of course, when I did board, I was guided to an empty carriage with my very own ‘table’ seat and had another wonderful journey to my destination… I remember reading that ‘time is an illusion’ which is a great theory- but truly magical to witness in my own life.”

“As I was checking in at the airport knowing I had two overweight bags, I stood in line realizing that the check-in staff for my line was someone I had encountered on a few occasions. On one occasion, his good mood prevailed and he waived the extra baggage fee for my friend. On another, he was not in such a pleasant mood and charged me several hundred dollars for my extra luggage – just doing his job (an interesting side note is that I checked-in in the midst of sobbing tears and very negative energy). So now I am presented with him again, which immediately sent me into resistance and a foul mood – until I started observing his behaviour with other passengers – he was in a good mood! I decided that I was going to make the most of this, and got myself connected to a good-feeling place, envisioned a happy outcome, and approached him as if the overweight luggage fees were already going to be waived. As I smiled and told him I had two heavy bags, but “I’m hoping that you’re in a really good mood”, he smiled and said, “Actually, I am!” He waived the fees and as the hour waiting to board unfolded, I was upgraded to Business/Club for free, had extremely accommodating cabin crew who let me take my guitar on to the plane and store it with their belongings instead of making me check it in (on a fully sold-out flight!), was given champagne upon arriving at my seat, and to top it off, I was able to lie flat in the very comfy Business seats and have a good solid sleep on an overnight ocean crossing. The cherry on top of the cake was an uplifting conversation with my 70-yr old cabbie from the airport who shared his life values and joy of his family with me. I don’t often ask for material things, and have been concentrating on asking for abundance of positivity, joy, happiness, love and peace. Have to say, I felt pretty darn abundant! And I was certain to express my gratitude and appreciation for it all!”

“I have the pleasure of enjoying many ‘in the zone’ moments when travelling by bus and here is one to share. I set off on a long journey to visit a friend and the bus arrived as I approached the stop. Indeed there was once a time when that would have been my complete testimonial, however, buses arriving immediately is a now a normal occurrence for me. Anyway, I could see that it was busy, with an abundance of passengers already standing and while I’m not usually deterred by a full bus, I felt inspired to let it drive away without me. Knowing that I was at the beginning of the route and that this service is scheduled every 15 minutes, I set about looking for things to appreciate right where I was standing. My thoughts were interrupted by a gentleman at the stop who began chatting to me. As strangers talk to me often I was not bothered. He had seen me decide not to board and took this as his cue to give me his opinion of the state of the London bus network, his perception of delays, frequency and management. He seemed happy to talk and required little response so I smiled as I listened and enjoyed his surprise when within moments another bus arrived, practically empty. I sat upstairs in my favourite seat, in full appreciation and enjoying my good fortune when a few minutes later the bus just ahead, which I’d decided against, suddenly stopped, the lights went out, the passengers got off and boarded my bus. I was delighted that my gut reaction had worked in my favour yet again and tried not to think about the many negative emotions that may have been my experience had I taken the first bus.  This event may seem simply about a bus or two but awareness of my feelings and following my instincts were the reason I waited. These days I don’t question them and wellbeing flows- I love how the Universe works.”

“I recently booked a mini-break for my family giving my credit card number to guarantee the hotel booking. As it was a luxury hotel it turned out to be quite expensive but I wanted to go there nonetheless and was prepared to pay for the whole bill however I asked the Universe for a discount without thinking too much about it. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that for maintenance reasons the rooms I had originally booked were no longer available and they had to accommodate us in a separate smaller building. For this reason the management decided not to take any money off of my card. None of us really minded the change as we were allowed to use all of the facilities for free, even a couple of non-guest friends accompanied us on a trip to visit a village. We were also offered free drinks and snacks. I will definitely apply this technique for my next holiday!!”

“I wasn’t finding accommodation up to my standard. I knew exactly the area and the kind of place I wanted to stay and it seemed to be sold-out; with all kinds of non-5* hotels and apartments being sold for 5* prices. I intuitively knew that my slight ‘looking for’ was not a match to ‘finding’- so I took a different approach. I relaxed in the trust that the perfect place would find me: I described the kind of accommodation I wanted on my Universe List and I was also guided to fall asleep at night ‘in’ my holiday apartment. I was surprised to discover that the place that appeared in my vision was much larger than I had been looking for; like a whole suite with an office to work from and a separate living room. I felt fulfilled in this vision, relaxing into my moment, like it was done. After two nights of doing this, simply for the enjoyment of it, I was inspired to email a certain beachfront luxury complex, more than expensive than I had initially wanted to pay. I followed my guidance and e-mailed anyway. Almost immediately, I received a very friendly email which sounded like it was from someone who ‘gets this stuff,’ suggesting the only room they had available was a premiere suite- complete with a separate office and living room- and they would sell this to me at the same price as a standard room- plus give me a significant discount.”

“I had just come off of a meditation retreat abroad and was feeling particularly good. I got a taxi to the hotel that I had booked in advance. When I arrived at the hotel there had been some confusion with my booking and there wasn’t a room available for me. I thought I can’t be feeling this good and everything not working out for me. The hotel manager said that they would be able to accommodate me at their sister hotel. Not knowing what other options I had and also because I seemed to remember that I had seen that this hotel also had good reviews I said that should be fine. When I arrived at the other hotel the room was even better than the room that I was supposed to be in at the original hotel. It was a larger room and quieter. Also, there was more choice on the breakfast menu and the choices were better a match to what I like to eat. In addition before going on the trip I had written down places that I would like to visit and this hotel was significantly closer to them! I love knowing that we live in a loving universe where source energy is taking care of us.”

“I had booked a trip that I didn’t really want to go on, but I made peace with that, as it was non-refundable. When I called the hotel to confirm a few things, they had no reference of my booking. I checked and money hadn’t been taken. It was like it had never happened. Life had refunded me, just as I had wanted – and I have no idea how this happened as I had had a confirmation message. That same day, totally unexpectedly, a friend gifted me a voucher for another trip which I could only use on the very same weekend that had just been ‘refunded’ – and this was one I really did want to go on. Plus it was at a huge discount. Every time this kind of little ‘miracle’ happens I get a renewed sense of trust in life.”

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