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Law of Attraction Success Stories: Wellbeing

Law of Attraction Wellbeing

“Thank you for the clarity of your workshops – my mind has been clearer, and problems (some of which I’d had for ages) seem to be working themselves out without my doing anything! When you realise that the true baseline of our lives is total love, support and encouragement – you can fully relax and enjoy life. That’s what I found from doing the regular meditations and the other techniques. And a success story which is significant for me: For much of my adult life I used to be scared of flying, but after hearing you saying about asking the Universe/angels to surround the plane with love, I now can relax – and even find the experience a pleasant and magical one. And it’s a great place to meditate and do my appreciation lists. Now I am able to enjoy the experience, I can happily look out of the window and see the beauty of the Earth from above whereas before I either had the shutter closed or didn’t look at all.”

“What I learnt at your last workshop was surrender and trust. I also realised on a very deep level that nothing ‘out there’ needs to change for me to feel good in this moment. This was huge for me – who has been on a quest to ‘manifest’ things to be different and totally ignoring the gifts right now in the process. Thank you for explaining this so well.”

“Only last week someone told me how she wished she had my confidence- and how I must have been ‘the confident one’ at school. It was very funny to hear but also very validating about what I have learnt from you. How things change! Although this sounds dramatic, I remember feeling so self-conscious of my looks I considered plastic surgery at 25. I was terribly shy at school and every day was hard going. Looking back, it seems like a different person’s life. What helped? It was committing to your group and workshops and following through with it, no exceptions. It was meditating more and making long lists of the good things in my life… I have moments of insecurity- and I guess most people do- but these are fleeting. I am also quick to remind myself that it is these moments which are pre-paving my future successes, so I can actually appreciate them, too. I am exactly as my new friend described me: unbelievably sure of myself and as a result, my life is great.”

“These past four weeks have been the happiest of my life so far- all since I went to a workshop and put what I learnt into practice regularly. I have more energy, I feel good and I get a lot of compliments on the way I look.”

“Since coming to my first workshop a year ago and then attending weekly groups, my whole way of living and thinking has changed. I understand the universal laws and I am able to direct my thoughts to create my own world, not anyone else’s. Experiencing joy has undoubtedly been the best benefit, but I have manifested plenty of things I was wanting. One example would be doing positive aspects of a very difficult work colleague. I was really struggling to come to terms with his behaviour, but once I focused on positive aspects of him, my attitude began to shift. Plus I realised it didn’t matter what was going on for him – I had control over my feelings about him and that’s what I would attract. Once I got to that peaceful place, he resigned and left my experience – exactly what Abraham said would happen. Another manifestation would be doing the Universe List, and asking the Universe to bring me a certain amount of profit on the sale of my flat. It was quite an ‘unrealistic’ goal in this ‘realistic’ world, but I believed regardless. I ended up receiving more than I expected and now live in a beautiful cottage in the countryside. I could literally go on and on – job changes, inspirational people, opportunities, abundance. Mostly, it has shifted how I feel about myself and that’s all I could ever have asked for. I feel appreciative, powerful and loved- like anything is possible.”

“Thank you for showing me what self-love is- and giving me my life back. I had very little memory of liking myself. I got bullied at school and as a result started to develop a self-loathing that lasted pretty much my whole life. A friend brought me to your groups and I wasn’t sure at first but I was impressed with some of the things people were saying and more importantly the way I felt afterwards. I felt accepted exactly as I am without any kind of pressure to be different. If I’m honest I thought I was ‘too far gone’ to feel good again, but someone who was sitting next to me said something about her life which I resonated with and I thought ‘perhaps this may just work’. I had nothing to lose- so I began with the Universe List, moving onto the other things you suggested… I now feel like I’m living a totally different life- and I am a lot closer with my family and have more friends, too.”

“I was feeling really terrible. I tried to stop thinking about what was on my mind and of course this just made me think of it more-  I tried doing a list of appreciation but I just wasn’t feeling it- and I couldn’t concentrate. So reading what you wrote on the handouts about which process to do in which mood, I turned my phone off, got myself a cup of fennel tea, sat down and put on your meditation CD, Soundscape. I concentrated on my breathing and the sounds and stayed with it. Although I wanted to give up almost immediately- I carried on, reminding myself that I had been here before and come through it and will do again, reassuring myself that meditation was a powerful way to connect with my higher power. Then I went back to my breathing. It took a while- the entire CD repeated- but then I felt myself surrender and finally let go. Now, on the other side of it I’m feeling great and can hardly remember what the problem was! It’s really good to have these tools.”

“The Law of Attraction Centre feels to me like a home-from-home and it has really made me understand and apply these principles. To put it simply: I like me and my life more than I ever have before. What I wanted to share with everybody is, the thing with the Law of Attraction is that when you’re not feeling the best, it can seem hopeless- even in terms of the thoughts you have access to. It is knowing that, as the worksheet reminded me, ‘this too shall pass’. Because the storm always passes and leads on to something even more wonderful than before the ‘storm’ happened. In other words- I am learning to really ‘get’ the idea of loving the contrast. Now I remind myself if I ever feel out of sorts that I am expanding- and the negative feeling is good news, telling me that I’m expanding. And I find, sooner than ever, I am able to relax and flow back into well-being. I feel better, I look forward to enjoying the Summer- money, better relationships are beginning to manifest for me. It’s getting better and easier to feel consistently good.”

“Thank you so much for suggesting that we put ‘Help me be easier on myself when I’m not feeling so good’ on our Universe Lists. This one line is changing my life. Where I used to criticise myself with thoughts like ‘You’ve read so many books- why aren’t you living it?- why are you feeling bad again’? etc. It was also a great relief when I spoke to other people at the group- and realised that our journeys are actually very similar. It kind of brings humour into the ‘dark times’ to know we’re not alone- and certainly brings a comfort. Finally, thank you for the line ‘I have felt this way before and came through it- and know I will come through this too.’ It’s amazing how one little new thought or belief can turn your world on its axis.”

“Before I came to The Law of Attraction Centre, trying to create my own reality was really stressful! Since then I’ve created my ideal body, career and relationship. I began to be happy regardless of what was going on, instead of focusing obsessively on what was missing; I began to enjoy my everyday life rather than waiting for those ‘big manifestations’ to get here. And- from what I now understand- that is probably why those ‘big manifestations’ ended up happening for me.”

“I was depressed and felt I had tried everything- books, courses, talks, medication. Nothing worked and my life swung between ‘bland’ and unbearable. The workshops have given me my life back. Attending as much as I can, taking on board what I learnt and applying it, I have seen more significant change than I have in over ten years. Thank you.”

“Although nothing has really changed as far as manifestations in the last month – I feel happier, more relaxed than I can remember feeling -which I guess is the main thing, isn’t it?! Your weekly groups keep me feeling on a high all week long- they’re an essential start to the week – and I have a feeling from listening to everyone else, that ‘good things’ follow when you’re in this state of mind – so I’ll keep on going.”

“Recently I spoke to a school friend and it got me remembering just how badly I used to feel, all the time, up until a few years ago before I had discovered your work. It is nothing short of a miracle how I have changed my life. I got into self-help some time ago but nothing seemed to be changing- I just couldn’t seem to get rid of my incredible lows and was finding it all hard to deal with. I went from therapist to therapist- but nothing was working- I would get brief releases and then plunge back into feeling terrible again. Then a mentor of mine- who is a very well-known teacher of personal development- recommended you and your work: After a series of workshops I booked a coaching package. In the last year and a half, I’ve encountered those really low moments only briefly, maybe a couple of times. And they didn’t feel like they did before; I knew what to do to release them and find my connection again. Now I have the tools so I know what to do, if they do happen again. Best wishes for the holiday season and keep doing what you do!”

“I had had a great morning due to relaxing with your techniques – I was on the bus, having just meditated, and I went downstairs to get off at my stop. There was quite a way to get down as I was right at the back at the top, and I got to the door just as it was closing – the bus had still stopped so I rang the bell several times- the driver saw me, but started moving anyway! There were a few ‘sympathetic’ sighs and a guy next to me said: ‘that’s funny, at this point the person that happens to normally starts shouting at the driver’. I smiled, so happy that I didn’t do this (I would have normally done that!) I said to him ’He must have known the next stop was best for me’. Several people smiled on the bus and a woman even said ‘wow’… there was a really calm and happy atmosphere. I got off at the next stop and of course it was better- and I felt so great for just allowing and going with the flow, and how amazing it feels to do that. It’s funny how we mess up our moments with our tempers (I can only speak for me) – which never change anything anyway. A small success story perhaps but somehow really big for me as I used to be such an irritable person and would have flipped and messed up my afternoon in such a circumstance, so thank you for your work!”

“I had spent a long time ‘dipping my toes’ into spirituality and the Law of Attraction before I found the Centre and your coaching. Great to find two people walking their talk and teaching a fresh and new approach… Which really does work. I know you hear this time and time again but you have changed my life and I encourage anyone who has been considering your coaching to stop considering and book right away; coaching pushed me into transformation rather than just thinking about it. From an overweight and unattractive person who had given up on her life, I have established myself in one of the most competitive careers, met someone special and feel attractive in my body- through no cosmetic work (I once had thought this was my only hope). It didn’t happen overnight but by following your ideas it happened nevertheless almost without me even realising: Once I began to put some serious effort into filling my mind with thoughts that felt good, my life changed. Your techniques work and your approach is incredible. Thank you!”

“Peace and a greater sense of self-worth and more meaning and purpose in my life is the gift your work gave me. My company is making twice as much income as it was before I discovered these spiritual teachings – but that’s not the point. I feel happier – and I feel more ok about life when ‘things go wrong’. A little thing that happened last week was I lost some important files on my computer but rather than stress, I immediately went into the thought that ‘perhaps this is all for a reason – perhaps I needed a ‘clear out’ on the clutter of my files.’ I relaxed, and when I checked again the files had reappeared!”

“Thank you for the continuous stream of insights you give in the weekly groups… I get more from these gatherings than anything else I have been to, and best of all I feel totally blissful and relaxed both when I’m there and for the whole week afterwards. I feel better looking and younger as time passes which I feel is how it ‘should’ be – and that’s totally thanks to your processes. I’ve booking my mum and sister appointments with you and I’m telling everyone I know about the Law of Attraction Centre!”

“More fun in life is what I’ve got from your work. Less thinking and more feeling good. Like a lot of your success stories say – it’s about knowing no matter how life looks, you keep on going and all will be ok. I started a new fitness regime thanks to the kick-start of your work (meditation and appreciation lists were a great beginning) and I look and feel great because of it. Plus I met my partner at a gym class, so it’s all good. Thank you for creating an authentic space of genuine transformation – it’s unique to London.”

“Thank you for the many opportunities you provide for us to ‘do’ meditation- online and in-person. It has been life-changing for me. Meditation always helps me hear what it is that I need to do and your encouragement has been great, too. My path has been moving from a very frightened woman who was scared of virtually everything about life to someone who lives in a totally different world. Like so many of your members say- I look and feel more attractive, more relaxed and things seem to ‘go my way’ a lot more often. And like Michael says, it’s all about practice, practice, practice.”

“There was a voice in my mind telling me how these techniques were not going to work- ‘Others haven’t, so why should they? They only work for other people?’ On and on it went, but I continued the techniques anyway filled with trust in your organisation. I am so grateful that I continued despite this self-criticism, even when it looked (many times) like nothing was changing. I realised I had been totally confused about how to apply the Law of Attraction until I found you and your work. Thank you for helping me create inner peace; which is what I’ve been looking for for a life time.”

“Forgiveness had been on my mind. I used your techniques and got into a place when I had moved beyond the anger I was feeling. Later on, I knew that there was a page about forgiveness in one of my favourite books- I picked up the book, opened it ‘at random’, and there was the page, ‘The healing path of forgiveness’. I love little signs like this that show me I’m never alone. The Universe List has really been helping me on this subject too and I look forward to learning more about your work at Tracy’s next workshop.”

“Your Centre has changed my life. Whereas before I used to ‘overthink’ with the Law of Attraction now I find myself lightly skipping through life- such a totally different experience, like a totally new life! When I go to my favourite cafe, the music always reflects my mood. And what’s more, I find when I get a ‘shift’ from your processes, the music shifts to happier and more optimistic lyrics… Another thing I am finding that shop names and words on lorries or billboards often guide my way. It’s amazing when you realise the world ‘out there’ is so connected to our inner world; it truly is a mirror. Thank you for being there when I needed you most- because I wasn’t always this consistently happy- but now I am, more and more so.”

“My life hasn’t drastically changed- but then again the problem I had wasn’t that my life was bad. In fact to everyone else it looked like I ‘had it all’ in my life – I just couldn’t seem to appreciate it, always wanting to better myself in every area, never satisfied. What I realised after seeing you was that I had fallen into a trap of ‘trying to attract’ a better life in the future- and of course this just made my present-moment unsatisfying and ‘not good enough’. Thank you for helping me bring in a peace I don’t remember feeling since I was a child.”

“I love how I can walk out on my roof terrace and lie down on my sun lounger at the exact moment the sun comes out- and how I get signs wherever I go: feathers on the pathway which mean to me ‘I’m on track’.

I have also let go of some painful situations that had bothered me for years; thought habits I couldn’t let loose of that I once thought were ‘permanent’ – and it was thanks to a regular practice of your techniques that shifted it.

Best of all, I’m not afraid of life like I used to be. Your workshops and particularly your coaching were just what I needed to create a focus and a discipline- and it has been priceless. Most ‘self-help’ stuff I was doing before had got me into a state of overthinking- and I was trying so hard to manifest my dreams- but nothing was happening and I was miserable. But that’s because I wasn’t doing anything to shift my mood. Thank you for coming into my life… I’m sharing your Centre with all my friends and family as a gift :)”

“There was a friend who I had been close to in the past but we had gone our separate ways due to our differences. When she came into my mind I wondered what would happen if we happened to see each other and I didn’t feel calm. I started doing lists of her positive qualities regularly knowing that this didn’t mean that I would have to get back in touch with her. I find it amazing that when I now think about her, I feel complete peace of mind.”

“I love the consistency of your work and want to share how it has helped me: I had been feeling ‘out of sorts’; really bleak about life for a long time. Nothing was working. And then a good friend recommended your centre. Your teachings helped me get that it wasn’t so much what was or wasn’t going on in my life but my attitude- and hearing this from you I felt a distant excitement believing that your techniques could help me. So I booked a coaching package- one of the best decisions I ever made and this is why: Knowing you were there, week-in and week-out for the weekly sessions was something I could rely on and provided a real foundation for me to ‘do the work’. Your guidance was word perfect and really shunted me back on my path again. After real disappointments and confusion, I feel like I’ve rediscovered life again and it’s great.”

“Thank you for the gift of peace you have given me. I had almost given up on the self-help movement, noticing my friends not into self-help seemed to be having better results than me! Following encouragement by a friend to attend- I have found myself loving people a lot more which is making me feel peaceful and happy. I’ve found myself automatically looking for the good in people I see around me, strangers on the streets, right up to my friends and family. My pessimism has left me. I feel great a lot more of the time… I won something (small) on the lottery- I’m wondering if this is a sign of what’s to come?! Nevertheless it’s a great start to the year.”

“When I signed up for coaching with you my life was going well in terms of what I was achieving: I had a good job, big house, loving family- I had it all- but I felt so empty. You’re approach has given me peace of mind. My intuitive abilities are opening up too, and I see a potential career in this area, with friends often asking me to give them readings. But it’s the quality of life that has gone up a level that I appreciate the most- my world has moved from a blandness into ‘full colour’ and I feel very grateful for that every day- with lots of magical things happening. For example, the other day I was on my way to a restaurant to meet a big group of friends and I was ‘in the flow’, but had a slight, fleeting thought about wanting more money. Suddenly a woman moved past me very close and she deliberately dropped something that actually brushed past me as it fell to the pavement. When I looked down, it was a 20% off voucher for the very restaurant I was going to. We ate an amazing meal and the voucher got us a big discount off the bill. What’s more, I found out from staff that the voucher was from a magazine- so it wasn’t like someone was giving out flyers on the street. It was like the Universe had given me this gift directly.”

“Despite owning almost every self-help book on the planet- I never ‘got it’ until I found the Law of Attraction Centre. Maybe it was in the books I read and I kept missing it but all I know is despite all of the affirmations I kept saying, my mind was a battle ground and I was living life in a state of varying degrees of confusion.

I loved what you said in the group the other day about the differences between the lower mind and the higher mind- and how to tune into the higher mind and follow it’s wisdom (which is always accurate, as you explained). I’ve been using your techniques to access this guidance- and the results have been amazing: I feel better, much of the day. I’ve been arriving at bus stops just a few moments before my bus arrives (before I used to ‘plan’ my journey yet still be waiting ages for buses). I’ve allowed my higher self to shop at the supermarket for me and I’ve discovered offers easily- and then not bought certain things, only to find them cheaper elsewhere. An incredible holiday bargain also came to me.

I would never have known life could be so easy… It’s great!”

“After searching through personal development for years, I have finally found what I’ve been looking for through your work- and I’m so thankful of myself for manifesting it, and you for the work you do. I had been attending your groups on and off for about a year. In the beginning, I was still ‘on my search’ and looking at other methods- and I was unsure of your approach- it seemed simple, almost too simple. So I went in and out of applying it- a lot of resistance came up. In the last few months though, I hit a real ‘low’ again and a friend told me to contact you. This ‘low’ proved to be amazing- as it ‘nudged’ me to find what works: I went along to your group again and had some sessions- and am now ‘back on track’. In one of our appointments together, you challenged me on the fact that I hadn’t given it a proper go- And I agreed with you; I got what you were saying. People have said that I’m ‘looking great’, and my body has really come into fitness (months at the gym previously had done nothing but now I am ‘in sync’ as you say, I’m getting results fast). I feel a real effortless about my days and look forward to living this amazing life (which is a totally different attitude to the one I had before). I love your approach that runs so counter to what I’d read on this subject about thoughts and thinking- but feels ‘right’ and the results show it. My predominant mood feels like certainty rather than being in a temporary ‘good mood’; like a real shift has happened; a new life!”

“I love the realness of your work. After visiting groups and reading books that told me to ‘just think happy thoughts’ I wondered why I wasn’t getting it. Then I realised, other people weren’t getting it either. Finding you was like a last piece in the puzzle- and I have finally been able to really connect with that ‘Real Self’ space you talk about. ‘Authentic, welcoming and amazing!’ That’s how I described you to my friend. And as a result my life has totally transformed. I feel calm in chaos no matter what is going on- I feel reassured that I have tools that work, no matter what’s going on. I have found a peace of mind which was actually the thing I most wanted that travels with me and feels like I’m being ‘looked out for’ by Life. It wasn’t always easy but something you said really woke me up to the fact that I just had to ‘get on and do it’ when it came to meditation- and your coaching particularly helped encourage me. Then I realised, it’s not that I didn’t get guidance- I just wasn’t following it. Thanks to your work- I can clearly hear my guidance over the ‘mind chatter’ and am learning more and more to trust it. Another little thing that’s actually amazing is about my health: I had suffered with a skin condition they call psoriasis for years- and after following your ‘focusing process’ and also the meditations, it’s cleared up.”

“Since doing your work, I am so much happier with my life. I’ve had some difficulties come up but they’ve become mostly an ‘exciting challenge’ rather than flooring me- which is a huge triumph for me. After moving to a new country with my husband (newly married, we met as a direct response to participating in your work I believe), I came back for a holiday and saw you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and was filled with appreciation for you, the Law of Attraction Centre- and for myself for manifesting this message.”

“You’re coaching has changed my life. I have found my ‘Real Self’ as you call it for the first time in years- It’s a feeling I remember having as a child but totally lost how it felt along the way. As I’d read in other books, first comes the feeling- but I was never able to sustain this feeling until I found your work. I feel like I’m back in my twenties- I’m actually in my forties- and what’s more several people recently have even said they thought I was in my twenties! One of the best things of all is my anxiety has stopped. After waking up at 4am with an anxious gut feeling and fear thoughts for a long time, I now sleep well and know what to do to release this feeling.”

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