What is The Law of Attraction?

The word is out about The Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?The phrase The Law of Attraction was first coined by philosophers in the late 1800s. The phrase, however, is a general description of cause and effect that goes back to the very start of human existence and has been written about at the heart of many religions and philosophies. There is no dogma, no judgement and it embraces all people. The Law of Attraction speaks to focus- and how when we are in certain moods we tend to attract thoughts which reflect this mood. We then begin to experience life in this way, according to our beliefs. For example: we believe that people always judge us, and everywhere we go people judge us. We believe the world is frightening, and encounter a frightening world. Or, we feel successful at business- and so we experience success in our career. In all cases our beliefs are ‘proven’.

To simplify it even more:

The Law of Attraction, as taught by The Law of Attraction Centre, is about enjoying your life. Or enjoying your life even more. Yes, it’s about creating a good physical or material life experience for yourself- but without happiness, all the stuff in the world is rendered useless.

Our groups and workshops teach proven tools and techniques to move beyond stress and fear, and allow you to relax and rediscover the happiness in life and reach your potential.

With vast experience facilitating hundreds of groups and workshops and helping thousands of people improve the quality of their lives, The Law of Attraction Centre is the first choice for those who want to experience long-lasting transformation and fulfilment in their lives.