For Business

Law of Attraction BusinessWhether it’s aligning with increased financial success, company visions, team building, enhanced company morale or personal one-to-one appointments- the Law of Attraction Centre’s pioneering business courses empower and inspire organisations allowing each individual to move into their best self of productivity, creativity and abundance.

Organisations are often very focused on designing winning strategies and whilst this is key, in order for these strategies to be effective, it is crucial that the organisations are in alignment with them. The Law Attraction Centre utilises proven facilitation and practical techniques that enable individuals to change their thoughts to match the vision of what is desired. This subsequently ensures upliftment, transformation and success- with results continuing far beyond the initial sessions into all areas of life experience. The Law of Attraction Centre courses are suitable for many different employees including company directors, human resources specialists and executives.

What the Law of Attraction Centre provides:

  • Half day seminars and 3-12 month coaching programmes
  • All programmes are facilitated by Tracy Friend and/or Michael James
  • An environment that allows people to be themselves and feel comfortable
  • A space which enables employees to glimpse the possibilities and potential in their lives
  • Practical techniques with a proven track record of success that enable people to align with business and/or personal goals
  • Comprehensive course material to take away
  • Training on-site at your company office or off-site at a location close to you

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