Michael James

Michael James is the bestselling author of Emotional First Aid – How to Feel Better in Times of Crisis and Feel Better, No Matter What – both published by Watkins Publishing.

Michael has studied many different approaches and his early training included Integrative Counselling, although he doesn’t describe his current work as therapy. He has written articles which have been featured in leading publications (including The Huffington Post) and he regularly facilitates events across the country, invited by organisations as diverse as the Yes! Group, London’s iconic Mind Body Spirit Festival, The Law of Attraction Centre, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and some of the leading yoga studios in London (including a weekly residency at SYC Yoga). He has become particularly sought-after in his work around dealing with anxiety, overthinking and emotional soothing – and simplifying self-development jargon. Having facilitated over 800 groups and workshops to-date, including the popular and pioneering Processes Group which met in London’s Covent Garden for over ten years – Michael continues to research new paradigms of personal development, stress management and ideas for successful living. 

“Michael James empowers us with straight-forward techniques to manage our emotions.” Science of Mind Magazine

“A teacher of teachers” Esther Hicks

“Michael is the best coach I’ve worked with and his work is the most original and practical exposition of New Thought and what’s known as the ‘Law of Attraction’ I’ve ever come across.” S Williams

Visit his website: www.michaeljames.be

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