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Om magazine December 2012

– Generous in spirit

Many critics of the Law of Attraction have suggested that this approach to life is about being selfish or ‘getting stuff’ at the expense of all else, but this is a misunderstanding. Michael James explains that it is true that this philosophy – and indeed all authentic spiritual paths – tell you to firstly get connected yourself; plug in to God; love yourself – whatever you want to call it. And then you help others. Read The Full Article…


Soul & Spirit Magazine January 2012

– Feeling good about your physical body

You may already love and appreciate your physical body- and that’s wonderful. But there may be areas you feel ‘less-than’ about or, worse, your body image might be a constant source of misery. Law of Attraction expert and life coach Michael James shares what he has learnt, successfully working with many people on the subject. Read The Full Article…


Om magazine October 2011

– Demystifying meditation

Like many aspects of spirituality, meditation is something that has become overly-complicated. Spiritual teacher Michael James explains his way of approaching this ancient practice. Read The Full Article…


Soul & Spirit Magazine April 2011

– A law unto yourself

Practise, practise, practise – weren’t you always taught that as a child? It turns out this is one of the core principles of getting the law of attraction to work for you, according to author and spiritual teacher Michael James
People often talk about the Law of Attraction as if it’s the latest ‘get-rich-quick’ fad, and yet this philosophy is simply ancient spiritual wisdom in modern disguise. Like all authentic spiritual and religious paths, the law of attraction is ultimately about the quest for inner peace and happiness. And, like applying anything, it requires practice.  Read The Full Article…


Om magazine March 2011

– The law of attraction

Whilst the film The Secret was a wonderful vehicle for introducing millions of people to a spiritual truth- the truth that we have a choice in responding to life- it brought with it a huge misinterpretation. Many people got the message that life was all about accumulating as much stuff as possible in the quest to be ‘better’ than who you are (implying you are not good enough right now). This suggestion that more material wealth is the answer is obviously not true, as we all know of materially rich people who are miserable. Plus, of course, there are many people who have watched The Secret (or read similar ‘self-help’ books) and wondering why they are no happier, no healthier and have not ‘manifested’ their stuff. Read The Full Article…