Everyone on their Own Unique Journey, by Tracy Friend


Everyone on their own unique journey“It is the void, that is the spiritual existence, the incorporeal unity, revealing itself in thousands of forms.” Shinto Gobusho

Every single person is unique as everyone has unique intentions, dreams, desires and has had different life experiences which have caused them to expand in a unique way. Everyone is also unique in how they respond to life.

Your Unique Journey and the Law of Attraction

Whilst everyone is individual and on their own personal journey, the Law of Attraction explains that there are certain consistent laws at work which operate in the same way for everyone. Indeed, for everyone what they are experiencing is dependent on the thoughts that they are thinking. Another consistency is that who everyone really is, the source energy part of them, is in a constant state of love and appreciation.

The Value of Following Your Unique Path

When we are following our unique path we receive universal assistance as it is what we really want that is given in the moment that we have a desire.

We also feel greater happiness and life feels more meaningful when we are embracing our uniqueness and being true to ourselves.

Another benefit is that it seems that it is when we are fully being who we are that we have the deepest connection with others. This is expressed in the following quote by Carl Rogers: “I have almost invariably found that the very feeling which has seemed to me most private, most personal, and hence most incomprehensible by others, has turned out to be an expression for which there is a resonance in many other people.”

A further interesting principle appears to be that by doing our best to appreciate that everyone is on their own unique journey, in our acceptance of their uniqueness, we tend to also feel that our own uniqueness is accepted by them.

Being Guided by Your Feelings

“During all those years there was a feeling of direction, of going straight toward something concrete. It is, of course, very hard to express that feeling in words, but it was decidedly the case, and clearly to be distinguished from later considerations about the rational form of the solution.” Einstein discussing the creation of the theory of relativity.

The Law of Attraction explains that everyone has access to personal, unique to them guidance from within in the form of feelings.

Aligning with Your Uniqueness

Every unique dream that we have, is created instantly in an energetic or non-physical format, and to allow our dreams to manifest into physical form it is necessary to think thoughts that feel good.

Meditation is beneficial as it clears the mind which gives greater access to guidance in the form of feelings. It also raises our frequency which allows more of what is wanted to flow into our life experience.

In addition thinking about ‘why’ we like certain things can assist in more of the details and specifics of our own unique journey being revealed to us.

If you would like further assistance in aligning with your own unique journey Michael James has released the recording ‘Envision: Relax Into your Ideal Life’ that consists of a spoken word full-body relaxation which leads into a guided visualisation.


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