Conditional and Unconditional Happiness, by Tracy Friend

Different spiritual practices could be categorised into those that develop circumstances that lead to happiness based on harmonious conditions or life experiences and those that develop happiness due to coming into greater alignment with our true nature in which there can be increased contentment […]

Reflections on Presence, by Tracy Friend

“What we are looking for is what is looking.” St Francis of Assisi Presence may be defined as ‘being present with the source part of the mind’. It is widely discussed about how mindfulness meditation develops presence by developing the ability to mindfully observe […]

Going Deeper with Meditation, by Tracy Friend

“Meditativeness is simply a deep receptivity, a readiness, an open door.” Osho Meditation is a progressive practice that changes and evolves over time. It is a unique state of relaxation and focus which is different to the states of being asleep or engaged in […]

Meditation Tips

• Try to meditate every day as the benefits are cumulative and it gets easier the more you do it. • Find a way that feels easy and natural to you- some people like to focus on their breathing or on relaxing music. • […]