The Benefits of a Law of Attraction Daily Practice, by Tracy Friend


The Benefits of a Law of Attraction Daily Practice“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

The Law of Attraction explains that in the moment you desire or ask for something that it is given in an energetic format. Therefore as you live life and new preferences arise within you, you continuously expand. A regular spiritual practice is extremely beneficial to assist you in keeping up with that expansion.

When beginning a spiritual practice it is not necessary to get all the way in the direction of what is wanted straightaway, it is just necessary to embark on the journey. As you are thinking all day every day in order to change the momentum of your thinking it is usually beneficial to practice the Law of Attraction techniques consistently. Somebody at a recent workshop shared a great analogy of a ships direction being adjusted by one degree, which does not seem like a large adjustment, however it would lead to it ending up in a completely different location. A lot of small, regular movements in the direction of what you want, over time leads to great progress.

It may take several weeks or a few months to begin to reap the cumulative benefits of your practice but it doesn’t take years. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and in most instances people will start to see many positive changes from doing the Law of Attraction techniques within this time frame.

The benefits of meditating on a daily basis have long been recognised. However, as an optimum life experience according to the Law of Attraction perspective is being relaxed, happy with your current reality and moving in the direction of your dreams, it is extremely beneficial to also regularly practice appreciation and to do techniques that help you to focus on what you want to experience in the future in your life.

Through doing these three types of Law of Attraction practices your mind will begin to quiet, there will be a greater contentment with your current life experience and you will be consistently moving in the direction of what you want through shifting your point of attraction. Also, the benefits will extend far beyond the time you actually spend doing the techniques.

In addition, through consistent spiritual practice, people begin to have more of an inner knowing of who they really are and their power as a creator which differs to the intellectual understanding that can be achieved without practice.

Another benefit of having a regular spiritual practice is that you develop an improved ability to stay focused and centred irrespective of what is going on in your life. You will have cultivated greater resilience and resources to draw on in any times that you require them. You will also get more in touch with your inner guidance and develop an increased ability to see things from a higher perspective. A further interesting aspect of a consistent practice is that it puts you in a receptive mode where solutions can often appear at the same as any challenges- which makes for a far more enjoyable life experience.

If inspired, it can be helpful to put a regular practice to the test for yourself. Some people decide to commit to a daily practice for around 30 days as an experiment to see how their emotions and life experience change as a result of it.


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