Life is always in motion


Although we can sometimes feel stuck, the universe is actually responding to the thoughts that we are thinking in every single moment and all that is happening when we feel that things aren’t changing is that we are thinking the same thoughts. The good news is that by incrementally changing our thoughts to match what we want, our life begins to change to reflect the changes in our thinking. Our life experience really is just a mirror image reflection of what we are thinking,

When we first start to change our thoughts on a particular subject, we do not always see the changes straightaway as there may be a momentum of thinking in a particular direction. For instance if you have a large wheel spinning in one direction, in order to get it to spin in another direction it is necessary to first slow it down and whilst it is slowing down no change in direction is visible. With a little persistence and sticking with practicing thoughts that feel good, your life will shift to match the new better feeling thoughts, it has to, it is law.

Tracy teaches online and in-person across Europe, the US and Asia sharing profound yet practical techniques that positively improve people’s lives. She has created visualisations, online courses, a free daily online meditation and offers one-to-one Law of Attraction coaching. She is the founder of Liberating the Heart with teachings for creating your reality and awakening more deeply to your true nature. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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