Staying Focused on the Spiritual Path, by Tracy Friend


“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa

There can be what could be called ‘dry patches’ on the spiritual path when we’re following our intuition, doing regular spiritual practice, feeling fairly content and yet it can seem that things aren’t moving forward in terms of the manifestations in our life.

Abraham Hicks have shared that 99.99% of all creation is finished before we see any physical evidence. When there are these times when things don’t seem to be changing in our outer lives and maybe things feel slightly stuck, if inspired it can be a good time to deepen our faith and resolve to practice in order to go deeper on our spiritual journey.

The most important way to know that we’re on track even when things don’t seem to be changing in our lives is by how we feel. If we’re feeling positive emotion that is an indicator that we’re going in the right direction and that in time we will see things evolve and transform in a positive way. During these sorts of times as well as maintaining our spiritual practice, we could also ask the Universe to bring us any teachings that will be for our highest good. In addition, appreciating what is good about our current life can help to keep us in a mode of flowing and more at peace with our current life.

As we maintain our spiritual practice and focus on good feeling thoughts, every thought that is in alignment with our true nature becomes increasingly denser and solidifies and then it reaches a point when it manifests into physical form. Therefore all of the spiritual practice that we’re doing will be bearing fruit even if there are not yet any manifestations indicating this.

As the quote at the beginning of the article states, we can have strength by having faith in small things, which could be interpreted as saying that even small manifestations, signs or synchronicities can help us to have faith. However, it is important to emphasise that this is not a blind faith, rather developing this sort of faith is based on our actual personal experience and seeing for ourselves how our beliefs and spiritual practice positively influence our life.

Later on we’re often able to see in hindsight how different pieces of the puzzle were fitting together and how things were evolving for our highest good.


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