Living Your Life’s Passion, by Tracy Friend


Living Your Life’s Passion

“When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors’ and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” Joseph Campbell

The Law of Attraction explains that being in a state of passion is your natural state. A state of passion refers to a state of non-resisted, free-flowing energy in which there is a recognition of your own unique power to create whatever it is that you desire. In a state of passion there can be a strong flow of energy but because you are in a mode of allowing, that energy feels effortless and exciting. An analogy is a surfer catching a big wave and although the water is very powerful it feels natural and exhilarating as they are ‘up to speed’ with it.

According to the Law of Attraction your life’s passion already exists energetically. Through the living of life you automatically have preferences whereby you know what you don’t want and therefore what you do want and these preferences could also be referred to as ‘passions’. The moment that you identify something that you prefer, it is created in an energetic or non-physical format. This happens from the first moment that you are born so there are very likely numerous things that you don’t even remember preferring, that already exist energetically. Therefore every single person has what can be conceptualised as their own unique individual holding account full of everything that they love.

In order to experience more of the things that you are passionate about (that already exist energetically) it is necessary to align your thoughts with what it is that you want so that you begin to increasingly believe that you can experience more of what you love. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you can believe, you can experience.

Even if there are some things that you want that you don’t currently feel are possible, by changing your thinking you will begin to feel passionate in those areas too. You can change your thinking more in the direction of your life’s passion by focusing on things in your current life and things from your past that you are passionate about/ have felt passionate about. You can also change your point of attraction by thinking about things that you would like to experience in the future. It can be very beneficial to temporarily suspend your current beliefs and to ask yourself ‘how would it feel if I was living my life’s passion?’ It has been said that the universe doesn’t know the difference between what you are focusing on because you are actually experiencing and what you are focusing on in your imagination and it responds in the same way, drawing more of what you focus on into your experience.

As your pattern of thinking begins to shift to increasingly match what you are wanting in your life, you will experience more emotions of positive anticipation and passion. You will also receive more guidance in the form of feelings and inspired action. It is very beneficial to pay attention to this guidance as this is the broader part of you leading you to where you want to go. In addition, more and more avenues will open up to allow the fulfilment of what you are wanting and you will begin to see more evidence of things coming into alignment.

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