Aligning With Your Ideal Year, by Tracy Friend


Aligning With Your Ideal Year“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

I spent a few months in Bali a couple of years ago and I was there for the Balinese New Year’s celebration. Whilst New Year in Bali is celebrated at a different time as they celebrate it on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox, I felt that many of the traditions that they have were very beneficial and made sense from a Law of Attraction understanding.

New Year’s Day in Bali is known as ‘Nyepi’ which means a day of silence. I loved how spirituality seemed to come first in Bali and this was indeed the case with Nyepi as on this day all transport stops including the airport closing, all shops shut and no one goes outside with everyone staying at home. The Nyepi day is dedicated to silence and meditation in order to come into greater alignment and to self-reflection to decide on qualities such as love and kindness that are to be cultivated.

Reflection/ Silence

Inspired by the Balinese New Year’s celebrations, it would be very beneficial to spend some time meditating over the New Year period to allow your mind to quieten. Quieting the mind assists us in connecting more fully with who we really are and helps us to determine what is important to us.


The Law of Attraction explains that the fastest way to get from where we are to where we want to be is to make the best of where we are and that as we make the best of where we are we also feel happier. Therefore thinking about everything that we appreciate about the previous year and all of the good things that are already in our lives puts us in the best vibrational point of attraction to move into the new year.

You might like to make a written list under the following sub-headings:

– Good things that happened in 2014:

– Positive things that are already in my life:


Following on from reflecting and appreciating, it would be beneficial to think about what you would like to focus on this year in order to align with it. This could be changes in particular areas of your life, qualities you would like to develop as is the focus of Nyepi in Bali or anything that you might like to focus on for other people (provided you know that it is something that they would like). It is also helpful to think about what techniques you could do to shift your thinking to align with your intentions.

You might like to make a written list under each of the following sub-headings:

– Qualities I would like to develop this year:

– Things I would like to happen this year:

– Any requests/ things I would like to focus on for other people this year:

– Practices I would like to do this year:

If you would like further assistance in aligning with your ideal year, the Law of Attraction Centre offers coaching packages designed to do the more progressive work of going deeper with the Law of Attraction. For further information please see:


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