The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life, by Tracy Friend


The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life“One can make a day of any size, and regulate the rising and setting of his own sun and the brightness of its shining.” John Muir

The Law of Attraction explains that everyone has the ability to change any aspect of their life or how they feel provided that they have desired a change.

Whilst we do have the ability to positively transform our lives, as we are thinking thoughts all day every day when we are awake, there often does need to be a consistency of practice in order for the new thoughts to take hold and to become new beliefs which will then be reflected in our lives.

How to Apply it Everyday

It can be helpful to prepave your day in the morning by setting aside some time to do some of the Law of Attraction exercises.

One such exercise includes focusing our mind on asking for universal assistance for the upcoming day by making a written list. The sorts of requests that people might write include ‘please guide me perfectly today’ or ‘please allow my meeting to go well’.

In addition, making a list of the positive things that are already in your current day to day life is beneficial as it helps you to feel happier with your current experience whilst simultaneously opening the door for more good to come to you.

Pausing to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate any good things as they happen during the day assists us in remembering that there is a universal energy that is always aware of us and wanting to help us to realise our dreams, provided we are fulfilling our part in the creative process of focusing on what is wanted.

Finally, if we identify anything that comes up that doesn’t feel so good that can be used to determine what the opposite feeling or experience would be and it is then helpful to do your best to focus on that.

Seeing it Working in Everyday Life

As people become more deliberate in their application of the Law of Attraction they start to see more and more evidence of it at work, in both things that seem maybe more trivial and those that are more significant. They also usually start to feel more optimistic with an increased sense of knowing that things are unfolding positively even if they have no idea as to ‘how’ things could happen.

With a consistency of practice the new patterns of thinking begin to solidify and permeate into our lives which results in things physically manifesting. These manifestations come in two main ways, firstly more of what is wanted comes to us and secondly what often happens is that what is already in our life positively transforms.


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Tracy teaches online and in-person across Europe, the US and Asia sharing profound yet practical techniques that positively improve people’s lives. She has created visualisations, online courses, a free daily online meditation and offers one-to-one Law of Attraction coaching. She is the founder of Liberating the Heart with teachings for creating your reality and awakening more deeply to your true nature. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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