Becoming Spiritually Strong, by Tracy Friend


Fortitude definition: “Strength and firmness of mind; resolute endurance.”

Being spiritually strong is not about putting up with negative situations but rather having the mental strength to be able to focus to be in alignment with our True Self irrespective of conditions.

As our True Self is always strong, when our thoughts are matching that part of ourselves we naturally have a spiritual strength which broadens our consciousness so that more of our True Self influences and guides our lives. With spiritual strength as we increasingly remain positively focused even in adverse conditions any unwanted conditions can then start to transform.

Spiritual Strength and Will Power

Sometimes will power is thought of as being in opposition to spiritual power however will power can be used to increase spiritual strength. Like a fruit being given conducive conditions to ripen, we can use our will power to maintain our spiritual practice and things will come into fruition at the right time.

Benefits and Qualities of Spiritual Strength

When we are spiritually strong we are less influenced by conditions, we naturally think more positive thoughts and there’s a sense of things that don’t feel good bouncing off of us and not affecting us.

There is also flexibleness and an allowing nature as there is knowing that life is working out for us and that conditions do not need to be micro managed in order for that to be.

Also, less of life is spent trying to figure things out or sort out issues, as many of them no longer arise or if they do they are usually less challenging. This can lead to a sense of ‘this is how life is supposed to feel’ and it frees up significant time and energy to receive ideas and inspirations and to focus on things that feel meaningful to us.

Perhaps most importantly, when we’re spiritually strong we have the ability to feel and the strength to follow the guidance from our higher mind.

Building Spiritual Strength

Everyone has the capacity to become spiritually strong and for most people, developing spiritual strength requires cultivating it through having a regular spiritual practice.

With a regular practice we can get into an upward spiral as our practice increases our spiritual strength and our spiritual strength increases our ability to maintain our practice and to do it effectively.

Having a regular spiritual practice might feel like effort but usually the effort is much less than the suffering that might be there when not in alignment.

As we become spiritually stronger we have clearer access to our guidance about which techniques will be of most benefit to us and how long to spend doing different focusing techniques and meditation. What I’ve seen in my work is that when people start doing the amount of practice that they’re guided to is that there is a sense of the mind coming to rest. There is no longer a feeling of just coping with life and there is more of an inner contentment and feeling of purpose.


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