Reflections and Intentions, by Tracy Friend


Reflections and Intentions“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Whilst we could take time to reflect at any time, at the start of the new year is often a time when it feels more natural to do so.

In Bali at the start of the Balinese New Year they have a day called Nyepi which means ‘Day of Silence’ and it is a day for self-reflection and meditation. I found it inspiring that the day is taken very seriously with businesses shutting and people staying inside their home so that they can go within without any distractions.

Even giving yourself a short amount of time to reflect on the previous year and your intentions for the new year can be very valuable to create a space to tune in rather than feeling that you’re being swept along by past momentum.

Reflection through Meditation

Reflection is often defined as ‘serious thought’, however it might be considered as thinking with the source part of ourselves which enables us to see the bigger picture.

One of the best ways to reflect is to meditate as this connects us more with our true self and therefore allows us to reflect from our broader perspective. This reflection from our true self can give us clarity about what it is that will bring us the most joy and greater access to our guidance and intuition.

Reflection through Appreciation

As the source part of ourselves is always in a state of love and appreciation, if there are any situations in which we’re harbouring negative thoughts our mind won’t be at rest. A very effective way to release any emotional residues is to focus on things we genuinely like about a subject or good things that have happened. By focusing on everything we appreciate about the last year will assist in releasing us from anything unwanted and put us more in a mode of allowing good to flow.

As we are always having new ideas and inspirations, appreciation can also help to bring us more into a state of enjoying our current life. This balances the thoughts about our new wishes with an appreciation of our current life so that we’re not in a perpeptual cycle of feeling like our current experience is lacking in some way.

Questions to assist with Reflecting:

What do I appreciate about last year?

Any special memories from last year:

Times when I felt particularly connected/ aligned to my true self last year:

What inspired me last year?

What felt particularly meaningful to me last year?

Any insights that I had last year:


Reflecting through meditation and appreciation often naturally influences setting our intentions as the appreciation highlights what it is that brought the most joy and meaning to our lives and the meditation gives us greater clarity.

When thinking about intentions for the new year in addition to thinking about any aspects of life experience we might like to transform it can also be beneficial to think about any changes we might like in terms of how we would like to feel.

Questions to assist with Setting Intentions:

What matters most to me/ is most important to me?

What do I want to create in my life this year?

What do I want to spend my time doing this year?

How do I want to feel this year?

Why do I want what I want for the New Year?

From a Law of Attraction perspective whilst it is helpful to set intentions, it is then valuable to do some of the different Law of Attraction techniques regularly to align your mind with them.


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