Finding the Gift in a Situation, by Tracy Friend


Finding the gift in a situation“Hear blessings dropping their blossoms all around you.” Rumi

Out of any moments in which things aren’t exactly as we want them to be, through the Law of Attraction what is wanted is created. This ‘what is wanted’ that is created could be referred to as a gift/(s).

Similarly the proverb ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is a truth from a Law of Attraction understanding as the cloud or the unwanted creates more of what is wanted.

Therefore when thinking about finding the gift/(s) in a situation if they are not immediately apparent it is not because they don’t exist but rather because we haven’t yet shifted our thinking to match them energetically.

What the gift/(s) from experiences might be

The sorts of gifts that can come from experiencing anything unwanted include:

• What is wanted becoming more clarified
• Becoming more deliberately focused
• Having an opportunity to increase my faith/ come into greater alignment
• What is wanted being created

How to align with the gift/(s)

Quieting the mind through meditation is one method which allows the gift to be revealed.

In addition to gifts being revealed through relaxing the mind, appreciation also aligns us with the gift. The quote “Bless a thing and it will bless you” by Emmet Fox explains how when we look for the best in even a challenging situation that it then has to positively transform.

By having a regular spiritual practice there can be the experience of having solutions or ‘the gifts’ at the same time or even before any challenges are experienced.

Finally, we don’t have to know what the gift or the silver lining might be, we simply have to do our best to quiet the mind or to think thoughts that feel better and it will be revealed.


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